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There are two flows in man. One of them is from the navel upwards and comes into being in the head and the other from the navel downwards. The second flow leads to the centre of the Earth, and the first one – to the centre of the Sun. Finally, there is a third flow, which unites the first two flows. The third flow is called aura of man.

The second flow, i.e. the one, which leads to the centre of the Earth, includes all lower man’s energies, which he has gained in his animal state. By studying the structure of human body, we will see that the first two flows involve two more flows in themselves. All these flows are united in another one. They can be noticed also in man’s thinking and feelings.

Blood moves not only because of heart’s rhythm, but also under the influence of the electricity in Nature. While heart is under the influence of the living electricity, it contracts and relaxes uniformly, by sending blood all over the body. If the heart is not under the influence of the natural electricity, no circulation is possible. Why? It is so, because the resistance, which arteries and veins cause to blood movement, is so big that the heart would not be able to move it. It can receive energy from nowhere. It receives that energy exactly from the natural electricity.

Hence, if you want your heart to be healthy, keep your brain, from where the electrical flows of Nature pass and the solar plexus, from where the magnetic flows pass, in good order. In order your brain to be in good order, you shall avoid controversial thoughts. In order to keep the solar plexus in order, never let negative thoughts into your heart.

The primary light is the one, which moves the blood. Our circulation has a rhythm, an impulse, which is due to that cosmic energy – the electricity. The electricity is a form of light. The light is an impulse of that primary cause of the world. It fills the entire space.

The duties of the heart do not include only sending of the blood all over the body. It is also a knot of the electrical energy, which is delivered to all cells by giving them a chance to participate in the whole organic life. The lungs and the liver are two transformers of energy – the lungs are transformers of man’s mental energy, and that is why it directs the energy of the mind to the brain; the liver – of the sensual energies, by directing them to the sympathetic nervous system. Feelings cannot manifest themselves without a lung. Canadian health care mall online go here canadianhealthcaremalll.com

A special kind of energy is generated by each gland. If man cannot create in himself mental and spiritual energies, this shows that the relevant organs in him are not awake. Man shall work on himself, to come to the state of emanating fine energy, with which to perform a higher work. For example, it is known that love has three poles, connected to three different centres: love to God, this centre is in the top of the head; love to the fellow men, this centre is in the middle of the head; and finally, love to yourselves – this centre is in the cerebellum. The last love is the most rough, because of the energies, which are developed in man. Today people live with that love, as a result of which, they think only of themselves. The centre of the love toward God is the most important one. And if the Bulgarians have suffered so much, this is a result from the the fact that that gland with them, this centre of love toward God is weakly developed. This centre is most developed with the Slavs, they love God in contrast to the Bulgarians. If the Slavs lose that love toward God, they will lose everything, because one’s love is due to that centre – love toward God.