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Healthy Breakfasts

Waking up in the morning, we tend to feel hungry, and large breakfasts full of things like eggs, toast and bacon always seem to hit the spot. Of course, as we all know, these traditional breakfast foods are not the healthiest things in the world, especially when consumed on a daily basis: Eggs are high in cholesterol, bacon is high in fat, and bread is full of the types of carbs that can cause you to become sluggish by midmorning. It’s great to have a big breakfast every once in a while, but it’s usually a better idea to start your day with something lighter and more nutrient rich.

To have a healthy breakfast, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Make fruits central: Fruits are far from the typical greasy things that we associate with a full breakfast, but they happen to be the best foods for starting your day in a healthy fashion. They’re full of vitamins that keep you going throughout the day, and they have plenty of those healthy sugars that keep you energetic and help your brain to function at the top of its game at work or school.

Have whole grains: If you must have bread with breakfast, avoid white breads as well as so-called “wheat” breads that are actually not healthy. Instead, have true whole-grain breads made with organic ingredients and featuring real grains and nuts baked right into the bread. Meanwhile, it’s always a good idea to have whole-grain, non-instant oatmeal. Things like this give you good energy, plus plenty of dietary fiber.
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Keep things simple: Breakfast sets the tone for the full day, and when you include too many ingredients in this meal, you’ll end up getting your digestive processes off to a sluggish start, which will slow your metabolism and make you feel languid all day long. To counter these effects, keep your breakfast light and don’t include too many different ingredients. A simple egg, a piece of bread, and some fruit are quite enough.

Exercise first: If you’re trying to be healthy, it’s a good idea to get your daily exercise first thing in the morning, even before you eat. You may feel a little rumbling in your stomach as you’re exercising, but this just means that the calories you burn will have extra impact. Then, by the time you do sit down for breakfast, you’ll be clear-headed and energetic from your workout session, and your body will hungrily devour everything you eat without any negative metabolic effects.

Go organic: Many people are skeptical about whether organic foods are actually beneficial from a health perspective, but there are many studies that have shown that the benefits are real. A Penn State study, for example, found that eggs produced by free-range chickens are higher in vitamins and omega-3 fat content than eggs produced by industrial-farm chickens. The same is true of organic fruits, which tend to have higher nutrient content and lower toxin content than their non-organic counterparts.