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Sleep Medication

Have you ever had one of those nights where you just had a feeling that you weren’t going to get any sleep? This happens to countless numbers of people across the country, and for many of them, the only way to combat it is to use alcohol and/or some sort of sleeping pill in order to assure them that they will indeed get a restful night of sleep; but does this make it right?

Sleeping pills mexico, while being incredibly dangerous if not used as prescribed are also dangerous because they can be highly addictive. It is one thing if you use a sleeping pill or some sort of sleeping aid to help you get to sleep one night once in a while; but to use sleeping pills as a crutch is quite another thing. There comes a point in your life where you have to take a hard look at your life in order to figure out what it is about your day-to-day life that is preventing you from getting an adequate amount of sleep at night. For instance, when I was in the police department, every couple of weeks, our schedules would change up where we would have to work a different shift. So, for two weeks, we would work an AM shift before switching to a modified PM shift and then a Midnight shift. It was tiring and grueling on the body.

Naturally an early morning person, I found it extremely difficult to work the midnight shift because all that my body wanted to do was rest. I didn’t want to succumb as so many of the other officers had done and start consuming energy drinks or coffee because these types of items were not known to be nutritional and are actually attributed with bad health. So, I struggled- sometimes falling asleep on my shift because I literally could not keep my eyes awake- even when I was on calls! When I would get home from a long shift, I would feel tired initially, but then I would have my second wind. Full of energy, I would often make time to meet up with one of my old cross country friends at the end of my shift to go for a run. Shortly after going for my run, I would get back to my house, shower and go to bed.

There were plenty of times when I couldn’t fall asleep though. In retrospect, I think that a large part of my problem with falling asleep was in my mind. I knew that I had to get rest because I also knew that I had to get up for work the next day. I was stressed out thinking about how I would have to sleep when it was bright out so that I would be well rested for whatever the night shift would have in store for me. I missed my academic life and hanging out with my friends. I hated being tired all of the time. I considered sleeping pills at one point but decided against it (mostly because I have a strong aversion to taking any sort of drugs or medication). Eventually, I switched careers and my sleeping improved 95 percent.

While I still, occasionally, have problems getting to sleep, I now realize that a lot of it has to do with relaxing my mind in preparation for rest. I would not advise taking sleeping pills unless you are under the supervision of a doctor. Also, if you are going to work out, make sure that you do it at least several hours before you lay down.