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Tooth Bleaching Hazards

With today’s appearance obsessed culture, it is not so weird that we are looking for ways to have our teeth whitened. Nobody likes to smile and reveal a dark, yellow, stained set of teeth. The practice of tooth bleaching has gained much popularity and it is here to stay. There are plenty of products available to bleach teeth.

The first whitening services started appearing over a decade ago. Since then, cheaper alternatives have entered the scene. Using an over the counter whitening kit, you can bleach your teeth the same way the dentist would’ve done it. There are also whitening toothpastes. But in all honesty, those are cheap and don’t deliver any results.

You can’t get significant whitening results unless you decide to go with something a little more impressive than a toothpaste or a mouthwash. You must use a product whose working is based on hydrogen peroxide to perform the bleaching. Anything less simply won’t get you results. But you can also develop the following side effects from hydrogen peroxide based products.

1. Tingling soft tissues. The tissues in the mouth and the throat are soft and sensitive. When they get in contact with any of the hydrogen peroxide that you may have swallowed, there is the risk that they will get irritated. You can also develop headaches and a sore throat.

2. Allergic swelling. When you are one of the unfortunate few to have an allergic reaction to any of the compounds in the whitening solution, you can expect to experience swelling of the soft tissues that have come in contact with the bleaching gel. This can be painful as well.

3. Irritation of the gums. When your gums get irritated, it’s because too much of the hydrogen peroxide got on the gums instead of on the teeth. Gums are sensitive, soft tissues. Keep the bleaching gel away from the gums. If they are irritated for long, they might also become painful.

4. Sensitivity of the teeth. If you use too much hydrogen peroxide or you use it for too long, you can permanently damage your tooth enamel. The enamel is the protection of the teeth and when it’s gone, it’s gone. The result will be permanently more painful and sensitive teeth.

Although the chances of you developing any of these side effects are small, there is still a chance that it will happen to you. The chances are greater that it will happen with an at home whitening kit, than when a professional whitening dentist is treating you.

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