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Cholesterol is nothing but a chemical compound that is produced in the human body, and is a combination of fats and steroids. People are increasingly looking for information on cholesterol these days because a good number of people in the present developed world have high cholesterol levels.

The developments in science and technology have opened several new job opportunities, but most of the modern day jobs do not require extensive physical movement. The human body is designed to have a lot of movement and when we cannot ensure sufficient physical activities in our life, we are exposing ourselves to serious health hazards.

Cholesterol is produced by the human liver and this consists of 80% of the total cholesterol production, the rest coming from our diet. The main sources of dietary cholesterol include poultry, fish, meat and dairy products. Organ meats contain a high percentage of cholesterol while plants usually do not contain any cholesterol at tall. Cholesterol is absorbed by the intestine and is stored in your liver for future usage. Now this can be a little bit confusing because if cholesterol is needed by our body, why is it considered as a problem?

LDL and HDL Cholesterol

  • Cholesterol levels are considered bad when LDL cholesterol is high in your body. This is because excessive LDL cholesterol will be deposited on the artery walls and the formation becomes a thick layer called cholesterol plaque. The excessive buildup of cholesterol plaque narrows the arteries and this condition is called atherosclerosis.
  • HDL cholesterol is considered good cholesterol because of its ability to fight atherosclerosis by breaking down the cholesterol plaque from the artery walls and disposing them through the liver. It should now be clearer how a high level of LDL and a low level of HDL can pose serious health hazards.

Both heredity and diet can influence your LDL and HDL ratio.

Why reduce LDL?

Even if you have an excessive amount of LDL in your blood because of hereditary reasons, the good news is that you can still significantly reduce your blood cholesterol level. Here are the reasons why you should:

  • If you reduce your LDL cholesterol, you can stop or reduce the plaque formation on your artery walls.
  • By preventing the buildup of cholesterol plaques or breaking down cholesterol plaques, there are less chances of blood clotting and the blockage of blood vessels.
  • Widening arteries result in a lower risk of heart diseases.
  • Similarly, the chances of a heart attack or a stroke are decreased.

Following a low cholesterol diet plan and including cardiovascular workouts into your regular routine are some techniques that can help you fight your cholesterol issues. It is very important to maintain lower cholesterol levels because the consequences of high cholesterol are really dangerous and are often overlooked. By reducing your cholesterol levels, you can make sure you have one less thing to worry about. There is no better way for you to bring peace of mind for you and your family than to have a healthy living. So make sure you consider adapting a healthy diet plan today and do not take it lightly.


So, you know the old saying, you have to play the hand you’re dealt? Well in the case of high cholesterol that is certainly true. The fact is that no matter what we live like, if you come from a family with a history of high cholesterol, you are going to have to confront it.

Hereditary and the genes we are born with will play a significant role in whether we develop health problems associated with bad cholesterol. The good news is there is a natural remedy for hereditary high cholesterol.

What is cholesterol and why is it important?

Cholesterol is simply a part of who we are. Cholesterol, good and bad alike is caused by two sources. First and most common is the level of cholesterol based on what we eat. For every meal we consume, our digestive system works to break down and metabolize the meal.

As the body breaks down these sources of energy, the different byproducts are sent to areas of the body where they are needed. The liver is the second source of cholesterol. The liver makes cholesterol while we sleep. Unfortunately, aside from hereditary factors, stress, alcohol consumption, smoking and diets two high in saturated fats also elevate the level of LDL.

What can a person do to combat hereditary cholesterol?

The first step is to maintain an active life style. If you are looking for a natural remedy for hereditary high cholesterol, there is nothing more natural than keeping active with a daily exercise program.

I know, you are thinking that you don’t have time with your busy schedule to exercise daily. Well there is evidence that shows that as little as twenty to thirty minutes a day will work wonders in reducing levels of high density lipoprotein or HDL.
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Look at it in a practical sense; you can’t afford not to take up some form of exercise to reduce bad cholesterol especially if it is a hereditary problem. This means that your body produces excess levels of LDL even if you eat a very health conscious diet.

What are the dietary supplements that can help?

According to several prominent organizations like the Mayo Clinic, diets that contain Omega 3 fatty acids have proven effective in reducing serum cholesterol . Omega 3 fatty acids can be readily found in foods like nuts, seeds and whole grains. In addition, fruit and green vegetables have Omega 3 fatty acids in a plentiful supply.

A totally natural remedy for hereditary high cholesterol is the Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil. Populations that have a heavy consumption of sea food and the Omega 3 fatty acids that are in the fish oil have shown a remarkable absence of heart disease caused from high cholesterol.

If sea food isn’t your thing, you can still benefit from the Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil by taking quality Omega 3 soft gel caps. This is a workable solution that guarantees the benefits of EPA and DHA fatty acids in your diet.

If family genes have predetermined that you face the heath issues associated with bad cholesterol, your heart deserves a natural remedy for hereditary high cholesterol.


Now that you know the facts, it’s time to get moving with a natural remedy for hereditary high cholesterol. A daily exercise schedule of light exercise that elevates the heart rate for thirty minutes along with less saturated fat in the diet combined with more Omega 3 fatty acids and your cholesterol will not be an impediment to good health!


If you are looking for a natural treatment for diabetes, then here is an interesting bit of information. Chromium Polynicotinate, which first made its debut in the American Aging Association conference in 1992, is now known to possess properties that can help lower blood sugar levels. If you are wondering what the link between chromate and diabetes is, read on.

The American diet is lacking in chromium

Do you know that almost 90% of Americans do no consume enough chromium? The diet that you usually consume provides your body with just 25-33 mcg of chromium, which is about 50% of what our body needs. Research suggests that if patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes increase their chromium intake to 500-1000 mcg, then they can see a significant reduction in not just their blood sugar levels, but also in their cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Connection between Chromium Polynicotinate and diabetes

The US Medical Department states that chromium is an essential ingredient of the Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) molecule that our body requires for the proper functioning of all metabolic processes. The GTF molecule is also an important component of the insulin secreted by our pancreas.

Experts suggest that if you consume enough chromium, your insulin is better equipped to process sugar and control blood sugar levels. With ample chromium in your blood stream, you have lesser chances of developing insulin resistance. In a controlled study carried out recently on 60 patients suffering from Type 2 form of this disease, it was found that a daily intake of 1000mcg of chromium boosts glucose tolerance, creates a dip in fasting glucose levels, and decreases triglyceride levels.

Chromium Polynicotinate is one of the most active parts of GTF that is responsible for linking insulin to the cell membrane. In the absence of GTF, insulin will not be of much use. Chromate supplements the biological activities of insulin, which in turn accelerates carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. Chromates also act as hunger suppressants and reduce carbohydrate and sugar cravings, thereby increasing the levels of glycogen in the liver.

There is another interesting angle to Chromium Polynicotinate and diabetes. Our bodies do not readily absorb chromium like other essential minerals such as iron and selenium. As you grow old, there is a decline in your body’s ability to absorb and convert this mineral to an active form. Moreover, your body loses this mineral when you are experiencing stress and anxiety or are suffering from diabetes.

This is where Chromium Polynicotinate comes into picture, as our body easily absorbs this supplement and provides it with all the benefits of this mineral. Armed with this useful information about chromate and diabetes, you can use this natural supplement to control your rising sugar levels.


Acupuncture is the conventional type of Chinese medicine which involves inserting needles into the skin at particular points, in an effort to battle serious pain and illness. The Chinese have been using this form of remedy for many thousands of years but it is just lately been gaining interest in the Western Cultures. A number of studies have at present been accomplished into the practice, without any definite findings being drawn. However, regretfully, the studies haven’t constantly been straightforward. A number of times individuals have been given such things as anesthetics which have nullified the outcomes.

The obvious questions of ‘Is Acupuncture Useful?’ and ‘Does Acupuncture Do The Job?’ are impossible to reply to with an easy yes or no. The studies that have been done have not confirmed whether or not a ‘placebo effect’ or the acupuncture did the healing. Those who question whether or not it works have not be influenced by the clinical tests, to put it mildly.So no one will inform you it truly does work there’s just the endorsed view that there’s a possibility it can help neurological conditions and serious pain.

It is also good to be aware that this kind of treatments is not 100% safe and sound. You’ll find regulations in position to protect you for example the practitioner or healthcare provider must either utilize brand new needles or sterilized ones it is easy to nevertheless get an infection. There have even been deaths following the insertion of needles into the body, so this treatment is not one to be tried without doing serious investigation into what is involved, and then determining your own viability for the treatment method.

Whilst numerous individuals believe acupuncture would be controlled, in most nations around the world it is not. There’s nobody to manage the practice or ensure you’ll find regulations which are followed. You’ll find no registers of certified professionals, which would make potential sufferers feel more comfortable going to an acupuncturist. The law really does state that the needles have to be brand-new or sterilized but enforcing that is a complete other matter.

There are additional methods that are considerably much like acupuncture, like acupressure which seeks to utilize the identical meridians of the body in a less dangerous way. As the skin isn’t punctured, this is a non-invasive procedure and is therefore naturally less hazardous. Not just does this technique steer clear of the chance of infection from needles, in addition, it eliminates the possibility of nerve damage from pierced skin. More research is required to ascertain whether acupressure is really effective.


The history of visceral manipulation can be traced back to the early centuries used by the people of Tibet and China. The therapy back then was used as a part of their alternative and traditional medical care. Although there were many different types of therapeutic massage present in China in the early centuries, this technique was being used due to its unique benefits to the client. It was also used in Europe as a part of their early methods in medical care during the earlier years. The manual manipulation of the internal organs was popular in the earlier periods especially in the Oriental countries due to the significant improvement in the overall health of the patient after each session.

The method was later on adopted by Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral who improved the whole therapy into something much better and more effective although most of its principles remained intact. Dr. Barral was an osteopath who became interested in biomechanics during his work in France. He was working in a lung disease hospital when he met Dr. Anaua who was known at that time as a famous lung specialist as well as a renowned master in cadaver dissection practice. His time with Dr. Anaua made him well educated in the human anatomy and made him familiar with the visceral system which he will later use in the visceral manipulation therapy.

In 1974, Dr. Barral began treating a patient who was suffering from a spinal condition with his articular and structural manipulation. However, the treatment was not very successful as he was expecting. However, his medical perception in natural treatment was changed after his preliminary examination on his patient who confirmed he was treated by an old man. The patient said that the old man did push something on his abdomen which gave his body great relief from his current condition.

That event poked his interest and belief in the connection of the spine and the abdomen. After many research, studies and practices on his newly found technique, he was able to develop the visceral manipulation therapy. This began the era of his treatment services as well as his teaching of the technique to other individuals who are interested with his method. He began teaching in the other parts of the world including in the United States in 1985. Eventually he was able to form his own teach of teachers who also began to train other enthusiasts of the visceral manipulation technique all over the world.


Have you experienced tension headache symptoms that constantly affect your activities every day? Maybe you suspect it as migraine and you are trying to find any means or treatment just to ease the pain. It is necessary to ask help from a medical specialist on how to stop it but identifying the source of pain is the first thing you have to do. The following paragraphs will give you information about the causes of headaches and the most effective remedies that you can apply.

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The most common symptoms of the tension headache include dull aching head, pressure or tightness in various parts of your head, tenderness of the scalp and neck, TMJ pain and rare cases of loss of appetite. Most specialists claims that the pain varies from one patient to another. Stress related headache is a chronic problem because it can occur occasionally or frequently many times in a month and can last from thirty minutes to several days.

You can deal with stress related headache through different treatments other than the migraine headache treatment because their symptoms also are different. The symptoms of migraines are nausea, achy joints, and visual problems. These symptoms cannot be applied in stress linked headaches. on the other hand, sensitivity to light can cause a tension headache.

It is advised that you take headache medicine more than twice a week but you must consult your doctor to know the causes of your headaches first and foremost. There are some serious causes such as brain tumor or aneurysm of a blood vessel that can also show similar symptoms. You have to seek emergency care in case you experience abrupt and severe headache accompanied with a fever, stiff neck, and confusion in your mind, seizures, double vision, weakness, numbness or difficulty in speaking, worse headache after a head injury, and progressive headache with coughing, exertion, straining or a sudden movement among others.

You can have many options in dealing with your headaches, from drinking a soft drink to the last option the surgery. Most people who are finding treatments with their common tension headache find pain relievers, sleep, drinking more liquids, stress management by doing their hobbies and performing some exercises, lowering blood pressure, and wearing TMJ mouth guards that prevent TMJ symptoms and teeth grinding at night. All the things mentioned above can give you solutions on how to stop headaches. Therefore, if you think you are having this kind of symptoms, you can follow some of the remedies written in this page or make sure you make an appointment with a TMJ dentist as soon as possible.


Aloe vera gel has for centuries been used for medicinal purposes as well as for a variety of other reasons however over the years the many common uses for aloe vera gel have been overlooked to a degree.

Most of us will have heard about aloe vera and one association the general public would be aware of is its use for healing burns and in after sun cream. The cooling aloe gel has a cooling and soothing effect on sunburned skin and most of us will have seen bottles of after sun touting aloe vera on the shelves in our local shops.

While this is one fantastic use of the gel from this amazing plant – there are so many other ways in which using aloe vera can help our general health and well-being but are often not considered.

The aloe gel itself is packed with a variety of ingredients, at least 75 which are known and all of which provide some benefit to the body and the smooth running of the different internal systems.

We’ve mentioned its use in burns but for any skin irritation issues, the gel can help to reduce swelling, relieve stinging or itching and soothe the skin. Use it for insect bites, hives and rashes, bruises and blisters. Apart from its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera gel can penetrate the skin right to the base layer or basal layer and provides nutrition to these cells right from the start.

As the skin renews itself approximately every 28 days, you will soon start to see how your skin can look so much brighter and healthier. Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne can all improve with the use of aloe gel applied topically. It can also delay the signs of aging and the onset of wrinkles in two ways – helps with production of collagen and elastin and contains anti-oxidants, essential for cell protection.

Drinking aloe vera gel is very beneficial in a number of ways. The digestive system can cause many complaints if it is not functioning fully. Aloe vera gel ensures the complete digestive tract stays healthy and when the nutrients from the food we eat finally get to the bowel, the result from drinking the gel allows better absorbsion into the bloodstream.

Waste material will also be processed more efficiently and will be eliminated from the body without difficulty. The benefits on the digestive system alone, can help anyone who has hemorrhoids, stomach problems or ulcers, heartburn as well as bloating and is particularly useful for those suffering with irritable bowel.


Headaches, a common ailment among both children and adults can be a blight on an otherwise bright day. That sinking feeling of the pain getting worse in your head followed by that throbbing or stabbing pain behind the eyes can cause such a discomfort that everyone of us can relate to.

There are many causes of headaches but some are more common than others, like:

a) Sleeping badly can often cause a bad headache
b) Excessive much consumption of alcohol
c) Reading in bad or dim light for prolonged period
d) Dehydration
e) Colds and flu
f) Listening to Loud music for extended period
g) Stress.
h) Menstruation.
i) Screaming kids
j) Migraines and certain food allergies
k) Bad posture

If you suffer headaches frequently, be it for any one reason and having to pop pills to alleviate the pain more than a few times a week then you should seek medical advice as a first step to determine if you have any serious medical condition that is causing headaches. However, the good news is that many simple headaches can be cured naturally and without popping pills by alleviating the muscle contractions in the cranium that causes the headaches in the first place.

Almost all of us would reach for pills the moment we experience headache to get rid of it pronto because it affects our daily lives adversely. But this often can be the wrong approach. Aspirin, paracetemol and ibruprofen can often cause micro lesions in the stomach and long terms are not good for the digestive tract.

So what is the answer?

The answer could be AcuPressure, good for children and adults alike.

‘AcuPressure’ system relies upon an ancient technique for massaging key points on the skull which massages 8 key points in a sequence on the cranial. Like acupuncture but without the pins, this system is non-invasive. Bad neck posture often pulls the neck muscles that pull on the cranium vault that pulls on the brain – but this ancient method will alleviate that cranial pull and the pain.

As soon as you feel that you have a headache, you should think about doing the 8 points which can be done immediately to prevent the pain. And as the method is non-chemical and non-invasive, as long as you have the Acupressure device (a pin with a ball bearing on it that does not penetrate the skin) with you, you can do the 8 point massage as often as you like to alleviate the pain. It may be done several times by relaxing the cranium muscles. The best part of AcuPressure system is that you can heal your own head ache at home, without the need for needles or pills and with ease. So don’t sit at home and suffer, or pop yet more pills you know aren’t good for you. You may want to learn more about how to cure headaches in 2 minutes without any pills.. For all headache sufferers the time is now to eliminate this blight and get back to doing what you love to do uninterrupted.


Chronic sinus infections can cause headaches, nasal congestion, pressure, watery eyes, fever, and a general sense of malaise. These symptoms lead to a decrease in quality of life and can effect the ability to work and perform normal daily activities. Fortunately there are several options for those who suffer from chronic or recurrent sinus infections.

The first step in treating sinus infections is an accurate diagnosis. Consultation with a primary physician or an ear, nose, and throat specialist can make that determination. Initial management is generally done with medications and over the counter treatments. Nasal saline irrigation, such as the Neti-Pot or SinuRinse, self made nasal saline irrigation solutions, and antihistamines are mainstay of over the counter treatment. First line prescription medications include nasal steroid sprays, leukotriene inhibitors, antibiotics, and short courses of oral steroids. If an aggressive course of medical treatment is not successful at alleviating symptoms or the symptoms recur frequently, surgery may be needed to correct an underlying anatomic problem.

If surgery is considered, the first step is to obtain a CT scan of the sinuses to define the underlying nasal anatomy. Septal deviations, sinus ostial obstruction, nasal or sinus polyps, and certain anatomic abnormalities can all contribute to chronic sinusitis and be easily fixed surgically.

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The newest technology in sinus surgery is the balloon sinuplasty. Using technology from the cardiac field, small catheters can be inserted into the natural openings of the maxillary, frontal, and sphenoid sinuses. Once inserted, balloons are threaded over the catheters and inflated to make the natural sinus openings bigger. In select patients, this can be performed using only local anesthesia. This means that there is not the risk or recovery associated with general anesthesia and patients with medical conditions that would not be candidates for general anesthesia can still have surgery. Long term studies of the technology have shown promise that it will lead to a permanent solution for sufferers of chronic sinusitis.

Even with surgery, some patients may require long term allergy treatment including medication or allergy shots. Consultation with an ears, nose, and throat physician is the first step to formulating a treatment plan which can lead to long term results. If you are thinking about surgery, be sure to ask if local anesthesia balloon sinuplasty is an option and if the surgeon performs the procedure. Sometimes a second opinion may be necessary to determine if you are a candidate for the latest advance in sinus surgery.


I think we would all agree that most of us feel better when the sun is shining. That doesn’t mean we don’t like the rain it just means sunshine and warmth make us feel better. Yet people tend to avoid being in the sun, or they take extra care in covering up to limit UV exposure. While it is good to take these precautions and to use sunscreen, let’s not forget the benefits of sunshine too.

Sunshine is the best way for us to get the Vitamin D that we need for optimum health. In the article ‘The Importance of Vitamin D’ by Dr. Mehmet Oz, he states that you don’t need to be out in the sun long to get what your body needs.

In situations like I mentioned above where there has been so much rain, particularly this spring there hasn’t been much sunshine either making it harder to get the Vitamin D you need. The other thing I notice is that I like many of you, work long days and spend a lot of time indoors. It is sometimes hard to get away and this limits the amount of sun as well as Vitamin D that you get. Therefore, you might not be getting enough Vitamin D.

I try to make it a habit to walk at least two miles as much as I can because I enjoy it, it is good exercise and now I have another reason to continue doing it, for the Vitamin D.

So why is Vitamin D so important to our health? I know that daylight and sunshine has a positive effect on mood, how we feel and our well being. When someone does not have enough Vitamin D, this can lead to irritability and depression. Vitamin D also supports your bones, modulates your neuromuscular function and reduces inflammation to name a few.

Studies show that lack of Vitamin D, in some cases can lead to more serious illness including cancer, high blood pressure and immune system weaknesses, again to name only a few.

So if you feel it is possible that your Vitamin D levels might be low or you are suffering from symptoms I mentioned here, please see your doctor.

Try to make it a point to get outside, get some sun and fresh air when you can. Over the weekend is the perfect time to take a break like this. And with the 4th of July long weekend right around the corner this is another perfect time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, for the fun of it and for your health.