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Gout crystals (uric acid crystals) cause excruciating pain. Here, as well as the causes of gout, you’ll learn how to remove gout crystals naturally using water.


Gout crystals are crystals of uric acid that form in your joints, tendons and surrounding tissue when you have high uric acid levels in your blood.

Your body considers them as ‘foreign’ matter and so sets up its normal inflammatory reaction. It’s your body’s reaction to these crystals that causes your symptoms of gout; swelling, redness, stiffness, inflammation, and, excruciating pain.


Uric acid is actually a byproduct of the breakdown of purines in your body. These are chemical compounds that exist in your body’s cell structure and in the foods you consume.

They are extremely important to you because they help convert genes to protein, food to energy, aid muscle contraction, get rid of excess nitrogen from your cells, and protect them from cancer causing agents.

During their process, purines breakdown completely and uric acid is one of the byproducts.


Normally, your kidneys process the uric acid produced by purines, retain sufficient for your body’s needs and then excrete excess waste out of your body via urine.

High uric acid levels usually occur when your kidneys can’t handle normal acid production levels, or, the purines are producing too much acid for your kidneys to deal with.

With high acid levels there is a much greater chance of gout crystals forming and causing a gout attack.


More and more gout sufferers are turning to natural ways to get rid of gout crystals and their symptoms. They just don’t like the nasty side effects of drug-based medications, e.g. nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, ulcers, bleeding, etc.

Natural home remedies can reduce inflammation, relieve gout pain, and, help neutralize and remove gout crystals from your body.

One of the most effective in removing gout crystals is water! Yes, simple, clean water can be very effective in eliminating your gout crystals…


Crystals find it harder to form when your body is properly hydrated. And most of us just aren’t hydrated enough in our everyday lives.

So by drinking lots of water everyday you are helping to prevent the crystals forming, and, helping your kidneys to flush excess uric acid from your body.

You should drink at the very least, 12 x 8 ounce glasses of water every single day. But don’t binge two or three times a day, drink little and often regularly throughout the day for best effect.


No matter how effective the water remedy is, there are a host of other issues that you need to address. In order to, not only remove your gout attack symptoms, but to prevent recurring gout attacks that can lead to permanent joint damage and potential kidney problems.

You need to investigate and consider things like your weight, diet (purines in food), lifestyle habits, medications, underlying medical conditions, family history, etc.
You’re in luck though. There’s a special gout report available online that has all the information you need in one place. It is what thousands of ex-gout victims worldwide have successfully used to prevent their gout returning. It also contains a special 2 hour gout pain relief program.

And it uses fully-researched, totally natural methods.

So that you benefit two ways:

(1) you get rid of your excruciating pain very fast, and…

(2) you prevent your gout returning, so that you reduce the risk of permanent damage.

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I purposely kept this article back, until we’d learned more about how to combat Anxiety and Panic Attacks. To have written this first could have quite understandably been met with the re-action;

“Well, so what? What now? All this sounds very frightening. What do we do if we suffer one of these attacks?”

By explaining it now, we’ve learned how to handle these horrors and may now sit back and see what used to cause our misery. It isn’t too surprising to learn that Panic Attacks are caused by high Anxiety. Well, that’s fine, but what’s Anxiety?

It’s one of the most basic of human emotions, a most unpleasant sensation, but not dangerous by itself. The last two words are important. ‘By itself.’

There is this awful temptation to try to defeat Anxiety by drinking, or worse still, taking legal or illegal drugs.

It is true that properly prescribed medications can help a lot, in the short term especially, but of course there’s the awful risk of dependency. Alcohol and illegal drugs are a whole different matter. If you’re suffering Anxiety and you awake with a hangover, what you considered to be a problem the day before, is now a monumental event. At worst, thoughts of suicide may well be prevalent, so the caveat to all this is three words; don’t self medicate.

The definition of anxiety is as follows:

A state of apprehension or fear resulting from the anticipation of a real or imagined threat, event or situation.

Unless there’s something pretty exceptional about us, we all become anxious sometime in our lives, whether or not we suffer from a condition of Anxiety. In a perfectly balanced mind, one not affected by the symptoms, the person may receive bad and/or upsetting news and become anxious. This is perfectly normal. With a person of this nature, he or she will experience initial anxiety, then worry to a greater of lesser extent, depending on the trigger.

The person who suffers the condition on a regular basis, probably with occasional Panic Attacks thrown in, will be terrified by the experience and suffer symptoms such as blurred vision, dizziness, tingling and feelings of breathlessness.

When people don’t understand these sensations, hence the timing of this article, they think either that they’re ill or that a serious mental condition has overtaken them. The feeling of loss of control grips them and they become really frightened.

Could one of the root causes of Panic Attacks be the fight or flight response, and is there a connection between this and the sensations you experience during and after an attack?

We’ll answer these questions a bit later.

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As the weather warms and the days lengthen, we see more people outside working in the yard, walking or running on the streets, riding bikes, or even swimming. Spring and early summer often provide us with greater opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, and even many races and competitions are scheduled to push us a little further. As we get more active, it is important that we take special care to do it right.

Let me give you several suggestions to help you enjoy your outdoor activities, stay active and limit injury or other difficulties.

1. Wear Appropriate Clothing. Just as you wouldn’t wear jeans to swim (unless you’re a Boy Scout earning the Swimming merit badge), you should wear appropriate clothing for the activities you are participating in. Exercise clothing are often designed to help wick moisture away from the body and maintain a good body temperature. Running shoes help facilitate the functioning of the foot, while protecting the feet from injury on the asphalt or cement that we commonly run on. Barefoot activities, even around your own yard, should be done with great care to minimize injury from items that may cause cuts, bruises or even fractures. Flip flops are probably less beneficial than the barefoot, because a flip flop provides a false sense of security without the protection.

2. Maintain Proper Fluids. Since the bodies regular functions are based on the fluid content of the cells, it is imperative that dehydration be minimized by proper fluid intake. The best fluids to restore fluids lost include water, and sports drinks (that provide necessary electrolytes). Juices and punches will provide less benefit, whereas soft drinks will often have detrimental effects on fluid levels due to other substances that can add to dehydration. Since it is recommended that on a normal day we drink 6-8 cups of water, significantly more water should be utilized on a warm day to help maintain regular fluid loads. A great indicator of the proper fluid intake is the color of your urine – Clear means a proper level of fluid intake.

3. Avoid Sun Damage To Skin. I recently found myself in the sun without the proper sunscreen. Although not outside for much more than 1 hour, I damaged my skin with a sunburn. Many of us like the tan color of the skin, but fail to consider the possible damage that sun can cause for the skin. Appropriate sunscreen, hats, long sleeved/legged clothing, closed shoes may all be appropriate to limit the burning or damaging of the skin. Although we do get beneficial vitamin D from the sun, we should limit risks of skin diseases or cancers from too much exposure. Proper care can allow us to enjoy the sun without risks of other concerns. Besides, who wants a painful sunburn on your face, nose, arms, legs or even feet. Remember those feet when avoiding burns, because sandals or flip flops don’t preclude skin injury.

4. Prepare Appropriately For Activities. Although we have discussed clothing, fluids and sunscreen for activities, we also shouldn’t forget preparing appropriately for the activities. Exercise should be started slowly, especially as the heat increases. Proper nutrition will also help you function more appropriately in any activity from gardening to waterskiing, swimming to biking. Even a relaxed walk through the neighborhood will be more enjoyable if proper preparation was done beforehand. Appropriate stretching activities are among the necessary preparations for many activities.

5. Make Time For Activities You Enjoy. With the warming weather comes increased responsibilities outside, from mowing lawns to pulling weeds. I strongly recommend making time for the activities you enjoy. Some of my favorite activities for the summer include camping, barbeques, swimming and running. Making time for these activities increases my enjoyment of the warmer weather.

6. Add Exercise To The Activities You Do. One of the most important activities to increased health and greater enjoyment of the warming weather is exercise. Whether an activity you enjoy (I love to run, for example) or just a necessary “evil”, make a plan to participate in 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week. You will be amazed, after you get past the initial soreness, at the increased energy, the ability to accomplish more and the increased alertness of your mind from exercise. The hormones and stimulants released with exercise improve the overall functioning of the body in all other activities. If you need assistance getting started on an exercise program, talk with your physician who can provide this assistance.

7. Spend Time With Those You Love. The last key to enjoying your spring/summer activities is doing them with those you love. Being surrounded by good people is always more enjoyable.

May you enjoy this warming weather and stay safe and injury free!



Cancer itself may not be problematic; in fact many types of cancer can continue to grow in the body without any warning signs at all, until it is quite widespread or starts causing other organs to malfunction. For this reason, it is important that all screening test schedules be adhered to. However, even with proper screening there are times when the cancer can grow without notice. In most cases of cancers that are deemed treatable there are three courses of action which may be taken individually or in some combination with one another. These are: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

The side effects of both chemo and radiation can make a patient miserable and may seem like they are worse than the cancer itself. These include: nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, anemia, hair loss, fatigue, mouth ulcers and sores, yeast infections, depression and anxiety, insomnia and pain. All of these problems by themselves can be hard enough to handle, but they often all come at the same time.

In addition, you get these side effects while you are trying to cope with cancer and recovering from surgery or other treatments as well. The last thing that people who are going through this want to do is to eat, however, solid nutrition will be what gives your body and mind the strength to fight back and get back to better health.

While each patient should follow individual recommendations from their doctor for their own care, it is generally agreed that those who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer care need to have increased nutrition which includes:

  • Whey and other protein supplements for health and caloric boost
  • Glutamine, an amino acid found in proteins
  • Antioxidants
  • Green tea

Whey Protein, Protein Supplements and MCT

The reasons that most cancer patients lose a lot of weight are simple: a lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting as well as diarrhea which are common side-effects and finally, the fact that a large portion of the foods that are eaten will not be absorbed properly by the body because of the chemotherapy. These three factors working together can make the chemo patient weaker and weaker and may leave them susceptible for a number of infections and other problems at their worst moment.

MCT – MCT is a highly absorbable, high calorie oil containing a fat which is a medium chain triglycerides. There are a number of different products which contain MCT, available from your health care professional who can also recommend how much of the product you should use.
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Whey Protein– Whey protein is easily absorbable and boosts the immune system in a number of ways, first by supplying immunoglobulins. Whey protein also helps to boost the optimal intake of other proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals for overall health. Glutathione is increased by whey protein. Glutathione is an antioxidant which is necessary for a healthy immune system. (See the antioxidant section for more information) Glutathione also lowers the risk of some infections and may inhibit the growth of some tumors. (Source: Badger)

Whey protein is an optimal source of amino acids, necessary for a number of the body’s functions. The whey protein isolate has 90% protein but less lactose, especially beneficial for those who are lactose intolerant (Source: Segounis). In addition, whey protein is also important to prevent muscle breakdown which may be a problem in the presence of lowered caloric intake. The body, needing energy will use up the energy reserves and will then turn to the muscles for more energy, breaking them down and leaving the body even weaker.

Protein Supplements — A lack of appetite can be a major problem. If there is a moment when you do feel hungry, you should have a snack that is handy to have when you are ready. Protein snacks and supplements include shakes, bars and liquid protein supplement shots. Protein bars should have a high amount of protein but limited sugars because the sugar, can depress an already stressed immune system.

Supplements like the liquid protein shot, is a good choice because it is portable (it comes in a virtually non-breakable plastic tube) small enough to be carried anywhere, and can be consumed in only a few seconds (it is 2.9 fluid ounces). It gives a full 25 grams of protein per serving as well.

Glutamine — Glutamine is an important amino acid, one of many that is synthesized by the human body on its own. Adding a supplement of this amino acid can protect the cells which line the intestinal tract and can be damaged by chemotherapy or radiation treatments. (Source: Gottlieb, 2000). Before adding any type of supplement however, speak to your doctor who may have other suggestions or may disagree with their use.

Amino acids are important, and are the building blocks that many functions are built upon. The body makes a number of amino acids beyond glutamine, however, it cannot make eight of them. The eight amino acids not made by the body must come from the foods that we eat- both from animal and plant based sources.

Animal proteins are complete, meaning that they have all eight of these amino acids. Plant proteins are not complete because they typically are missing one or more of the amino acids. The only exception to this is soy protein which is complete. The eight essential amino acids are: threonine, isoleucine, leucine, valine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryptophan and lysine. In children, histadine is also needed from food sources.

Antioxidants — Antioxidants are meant to prevent the damage of free radicals in the body. Free radicals also multiply in the body because of sun damage, smoking, poor diet and other factors. Whether antioxidants are good for cancer patients or not is a serious debate. Chemotherapy generates free radicals to destroy the cancerous cells. On one side of this debate are the doctors who believe that since antioxidants seek out and neutralize free radicals, then those who are using chemo should avoid antioxidants or at the very least not add extras to their diet. However, there are doctors who think that antioxidants not only boosts the effectiveness of the chemo or radiation treatment, but also lessens the worrisome side effects! (Source: Gottlieb, 2000)

Your own doctor may be on the opposite side of the antioxidant debate than you yourself are. You may want to present your side of the issue and work out a discussion together. Your best care depends on everyone being on the same page, working as a team.

Green Tea — Green tea, as well as other teas can help people to feel better. It also is beneficial for its anti-cancer properties. You can drink several cups of green tea per day, either hot or cold depending on taste. In addition, you can use green tea supplements as well. Again, before starting any supplements, discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.



Acne Myths

Acne exists all over the world. And at some point of their life, almost everyone gets it. But, for something so common, there are a large number of myths surrounding it.

And there is actually very little known.

Acne, as teenagers we called them “zits“, has been thought of as a “right of passage” into adult hood. As teens, it seems like we all got it. And we all hated it. We blamed chocolate, or our favorite burger joint.

We fretted over it before a date or before photo day at school. We teased our friends about it, if they were unfortunate enough to have it worse than we did.

And then, most of us passed the “stage”. And it just went away. But for 15% of the population, this doesn’t happen. They are stuck with a skin condition, or the effects for the rest of their lives.

Which brings us to the first myth. That it always goes away. For some people, bad skin will stay around forever, without treatment. Or even if the pimples go away, scaring or spots are left over. It’s not a good idea to ignore bad acne as a teenager. If it is bad, get it dealt with.

Another very common misconception is that zits are caused by what you eat. We were always taught, and believed that chocolate or greasy food would cause us to break out. But studies have show that there is little to no link between food and acne. A new study has opened this debate a little. But more from the standpoint that some foods can help prevent it as opposed to certain foods causing it.

Along the same lines, is the myth that acne is caused by dirt. Because acne is formed on the inside, outside dirt has little to any effect. The black color that you see in “black heads” is caused by melanin which goes a black color after exposure to the air.

As a teenager, we were told to relax and not be stressed, or we would break out. There is actually a small amount of truth in this. But, the stress has to be severe. There is no proven link between day to day stress and acne, or making it worse.

We were also told to stay away from friends with zits because it was contagious. Studies have been done where actual pus was extracted from one person and injected into another. There were no new black heads growing in the injected person. It is not contagious. So you don’t need to worry about catching it if your boy or girl friend gets a pimple.

Acne is caused by a bacterial growth under the skin. And once you accept that fact, it is easy to see how the items mentioned are myths. Food, stress, dirt and other factors have limited if any effect on bad skin.

But, not everyone grows out of it either, so it should be dealt with early.

There are more products available now for treatment than there ever has been. These range from natural products to prescriptions and even surgery.

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist if over the counter products aren’t working for you.

Almost everyone experiences acne at some point in their life. There are a lot of myths out there about the cause and treatment of this condition.

The good news is, it can be treated. Don’t delay, start getting rid of your acne today.



Bad breath is an aggravating and awkward problem, and needs to be cured properly. However, some sufferers can’t afford an expensive visit to the dentist for this problem. This article contains all the information you’ll need regarding free bad breath cures for everyone.

This should give you the essential info about how inexpensive homemade techniques can help you deal with the problem of foul breath. The severity of this condition can in fact be so devastating in some cases that it is referred to as halitosis clinically. Halitosis is probably the most common problem and perhaps also the most underestimated one.

The main reason of underestimating this disease is that the patient of halitosis himself may not realize that his breath smells so terribly bad every time he says something. Opportunely, there are some very effectual free bad breath cures to take you out of this stinking mess. The first free step is to brush the teeth for at least 15 minutes and twice a day, before going to sleep and after getting up from sleep. It is very important as after sleeping our mouth gets dried up.

A dry mouth lessens the action of the salivary enzymes on the bacteria and so the bacteria flourish unrestrained. Brush the teeth with a gentle up and down motion instead of brushing in all directions haphazardly. Brushing the teeth for more time simply means giving special individual attention to each tooth. After brushing, work the mouth with dental floss to remove any trapped food between the teeth gaps. It is equally important to clean the tongue thoroughly.

The back side of the tongue is the actual place where the odor producing bacteria accumulates and contributes in nasty breath. To clean out these bacteria use of a good tongue scrapper is another free bad breath cure. Use the scrubber in a gentle scrapping motion to get rid of this filth. To create homemade mouthwashes, add a spoon full of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and a another one of the best free bad breath cures is ready to use.

Avoid using the alcohol containing mouthwash as it can worsen the condition of halitosis. The sugar present, as in soft drinks, and the alcohol makes the mouth area more and more susceptible to bacterial attack. However, in your search for free bad breath cures it is essential to remember the fact that halitosis may also be an indication of some particular physiological ailments such as the bronchial infection, gastric ulcer, or sinus discharges. So, if in doubt – see a dentist if you can.

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When a long time smoker has finally come to the point when they know they must stop smoking, they usually also realize that they will need help to stop smoking. As more and more people are becoming aware of the negative side effects of prescription drugs and even of over-the-counter medications, there has been an increased interest in finding natural ways to kick the habit.
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There is no question that there are prescription drugs and over-the-counter remedies to help smokers quit and they have been a great help to many people over the years. But in addition to the side effects that people report from using them, they can also be quite expensive. There are even some of these drugs that can become addictive in and of themselves. Who wants to trade in one addiction for another even if it does mean that you will stop smoking cigarettes?

The good news is that these days there are more and more natural remedies that people can use to help them with all kinds of health concerns, including some that can help them kick the cigarette habit. These natural methods can provide a great deal of help to stop smoking, but which one is right for each individual smoker will depend on their beliefs and perceptions of what will best help them.
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One of the natural quit smoking methods that most people will come across when they start to do research into the subject is hypnotherapy. You can find quit smoking programs on CDs that take you through several hypnosis sessions to help you overcome your addiction. These sessions typically deal with different aspects of the smoking issue to help you clear all blocks from all angles. In addition, you can also visit a hypnotherapy clinic and get customized sessions to help you with specific problems and issues you might have.

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is another approach that has recently been used to help people give up their cigarette addiction. EFT is a tapping technique that involves light tapping on various meridian points on the body. Tapping these points, similar to stimulating acupuncture points, can help release emotional issues, which are often at the root of a person’s need to continue smoking. When these emotional matters are resolved, often the desire to smoke simply melts away.

Some people find that they want to take some type of supplement that will give them help to stop smoking. The taking of an herbal supplement can in some instances help a person feel that they are replacing the smoking with something else that is beneficial to their body. Taking St. John’s Wort, which is also used as a natural anti-depressant, has proven to be an effective natural way to quit.

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Correction effect, success rate and surgical cost are all the deciding factors on whether a person chooses to have a LASIK eye surgery. If you are rich enough, you can refer to the most famous doctor in your location to do the surgery. While if you are not rich, you must consider your daily expenses, as it is necessary for you to choose the relatively cheap and skilled doctor.

However, the cost of LASIK eye surgery ranges from $300 to $3000 in the market, and we must be confused with the real cost of the eye surgery. If you want to get an appropriate doctor, you should make a careful investigation on the details about LASIK to balance between surgical cost and final effect.


Laser is the key equipment during the corneal reshaping procedure. There are many kinds of lasers applied in the operation, including Excimer laser, Allegretto Wave and intra laser. Excimer laser is widely used in LASIK as its versatility. Allegretto Wave is a new technique approved by FDA, though it is very expensive. Intra laser is the latest type of laser with extremely high price. These are all the commonly used lasers, and you can choose them all with reassurance.


The technique of LASIK eye surgery develops quickly with time going, while there are still some offices using the old surgical techniques. Advanced surgical techniques will surely cost you more, but it must have better guarantee.


Surgeon is the main factor of a successful surgery as it is the soul of the operation. Surgeon with excellent skills is more likely to do a satisfying surgery for you. Of course, the cost will be relatively higher. You can check the history of the surgeries he carried out before and check patient’s evaluation about him to determine if he is the best choice.


Geographic location is also one constitution of the surgical cost. You can make a comparison before the surgery in different zones. Though I do think it is more convenient to do the surgery in your place.


Except for the common cost, there are also some additional expenses on LASIK like the cost of drugs, treatment and monitoring appointments. All of these expenses should under your consideration.

LASIK is a great help to improve people’s eyes without eyeglasses and contact lenses, but the cost is high and not everyone can afford it. If you are eager to do the surgery with low price, you should know all the cost of the surgery, including before surgical eye treatments, common procedures and after surgical eye cares. Only in that way, you can find the best doctor and office to do the LASIK eye surgery for you.



What is the first thing most doctors recommend for treatment of dog allergies? The unthinkable-they want you to give up your best friend. Anyone with a pet can understand just how devastating this could be. Many people love their dog or cat more than almost anyone else. I know I would never consider giving up my fur baby, and I suffer from horrible allergies. There are many other dog allergy remedies you can try so that you never have to consider giving up your beloved pet.

Dog Allergy Symptoms

When people are allergic to their dog or cat, it is their immune system overreacting to pet dander, saliva or urine. When the body comes into contact with one of these allergens, it overreacts causing an immune system response which triggers many unwanted symptoms. Dog allergy symptoms can include red or itchy eyes, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, stuffy nose, posts nasal drip or a skin rash. The severity of the symptoms will depend on the severity of your body’s reaction.

Remedies for Dog Allergies

The best way to treat a dog or cat allergy-aside from giving up your pet-is to make changes in your home environment. Your doctor or allergy specialist may recommend keeping your cat or dog outside as an alternative to giving them up. Another option would be to keep your dog or cat in one room or area of the house. These still may not be options you want to consider. Other changes you could make would include installing an air filter in your house to try and catch as many airborne particles as possible. You could also be sure to frequently wash your dog’s bed or a favorite blanket. Trying cleanup as much dog hair as possible. Basically, the natural allergy treatment would be to clean much more frequently. Better yet, have a family member who does not suffer from dog allergies clean the area for you, as it could stir up any settled dander or allergens which would aggravate your allergies.

Allergy medications are another alternative to having to give up your pet. Allergy OTC (over the counter) options include antihistamines, and decongestants, eye drops, Claritin and nasal sprays. Most of these medications provide symptomatic the allergy relief. Allergy shots are the only allergy remedy option that tries to reduce allergies over the long term. Allergy shots try to build up your body’s tolerance to allergens, making your immune response much smaller in the future.

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Every day in every position we are in, standing, sitting, walking our low backs are supporting the body’s weight. The stress of turning, twisting bending lifting are all transferred to the low back. As a result of these stresses this area of you body is injured most often. Many people who suffer from back problems are experiencing mechanical pain, which means that a specific part of their spine, such as an intervertebral disc, a ligament, or a joint, is damaged and is not working correctly. There are many different disorders that can produce mechanical back pain.

One of the most common causes of low back pain is a strain or sprain. A back that becomes painful after a hard day at work, a sudden movement, or an injury, has often sustained a strain or sprain of the muscles and ligaments of the back. Most of the stress associated with bending, twisting, and lifting heavy objects is concentrated at the bottom of the spinal column, and this part of the back is particularly susceptible to injury, especially in individuals with weak muscles because they lead a sedentary lifestyle. A back strain usually occurs when the muscles surrounding the spine are asked to stretch too far, lift too much weight, or move in such a way that they can not control the movement and they sustain small tears. Since the muscle also protect and support the ligaments and structures in the low back if they fail or are stretched to far then further injury can occur.

One of those injuries is a ligament injury. Ligaments are thick not very elastic structures that connect bone to bone. They are not designed in general to stretch so if the muscle becomes stretched, partially torn, or just deconditioned, then the ligament is under additional stress. This additional stress if it changes the integrity of the ligament is now called a sprain.

There are three classifications of strains

  • Grade I which is the ligament fibers are stretched but there is no tearing,
  • Grade II the some of the ligament fibers have been torn, and
  • Grade III is when there is a complete or almost complete tear of the ligament.

As a result of the stretching or tearing there is usually a microscopic amount of bleeding, which results in swelling and painful spasms. Often the muscles or ligaments that have been injured will be tender to the touch. Pain and spasms are the body’s way of telling you that a muscle or a ligament has been injured and needs to be protected from further use. As a result, you should avoid using the injured muscles during this phase of acute pain, and help them to recover by resting, applying cold packs, and possibly obtaining a gentle massage. In some cases use braces that will support and protect the injured area help to ease the spasms and pain.

Back strains and muscle spasms are very common and unfortunately, there is not an immediate cure for this type of an injury. However, most back strains can be effectively managed by decreasing the inflammation, supporting the injured area, and then a gradually beginning a simple exercise program designed specifically to strengthen the injured or weakened muscles.

When you go to a clinic the doctors and therapist should be specially trained in not only accurately diagnosing your injury, but how to use specific exercises targeted to strengthen the affected musculature. They should understand you do not have time to be slowed by and injury. So they should find a way to get you back to your active lifestyle quickly.