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The popularity of Canadian e-pharmacies among American customers is beyond all doubt. Northern Neighbors offer a wide range of Rx drugs, and US nationals spend a good deal of money to have the medications delivered across the border. Let us examine the most typical questions about online Canadian pharmacies.

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1. How Can I Understand Which Canadian E-Pharmacies Are Swindlers?

“Those pharmacies which obtained authentication with (Certified Canadian International Pharmacy), prove to be a supplier of veritable medicines. Swindlers usually sell drugs without prescriptions, do not disclose their identity and location. Rogue websites make semblance to genuine Canadian drug stores by displaying CIPA. First you should check with CIPA list of accredited pharmacies to by-pass the fraudulent ones. Avoid using websites present in list of swindlers.”

2. Can I Buy with Canadian Online without Prescription?

“Credible Canadian pharmacies can sell by prescription only. The OTC drugs may be sold without physician’s orders.”

3. Does Canada Carry out Verification of Pharmaceutical Products and How?

“A branch of federal government, Health Canada regulates medicines. According to federal law, a regulatory review of new medication must be submitted by pharma enterprises. Around fifteen thousand human and vet medicines have been placed in Drug Product Database of Canada.”

4. What Documentation Is Required to Prove Legitimacy and Reputation of Canadian Pharmacies?

“Reputation of Canadian e-pharmacies should be approved by CIPA via passing its Checker program of pharmacy verification. The legal status of pharmacies is accredited by British Columbian pharmacies and College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. Seals of certificates are available on Canadian pharmacy site.”

5. Are US Prescriptions Accepted by Canadian Online Pharmacies?

“In order to get important prescription, millions of Americans make use of International Pharmacies. This is very helpful to find a way to get more consumer-grade medications.”

6. Can I Get a Valid Drug in Case I Use a Not-Requiring-Prescription Canadian Pharmacy?

“Do not trust in swindling pharmacies for the sake of your safety. There is a high risk of obtaining counterfeit or expired medicines.”

7. How Can I Have My Written Prescriptions Filled for Canadian Online Pharmacy?

“First, you will need to e-mail or fax the original prescription. Look for the important information on any accredited website of Canadian Pharmacy.”

8. How and Which Way Does Canada Carry out Verification of Its Pharmacies?

“From 1998 onwards, Canadian pharma company must have a license for establishment in order to have right to manufacture, import, test, wholesale, pack, brand, distribute a medicine. Both federal and peripheral pharmacy stores take the unified regulatory responsibility. NAPRA is helpful with recommended standards.”

9. Is Tax on Sales Added to My Purchase?

“Canadian online pharmacies do not add taxes on prescriptions they sent to the USA.”

10. Can Canadian Pharma Industry Be Compared in Size with Some Other Countries?

“Being the world’s 14 biggest economy, Canada takes eighth place in the area of pharmaceuticals. In 2014, the USA has acquired around 75% of Canadian medicine exports. Canada is close on the heels of Spain, Chana and America on pharmaceutical market.”

11. Can I Buy Controlled Substance at Canadian Pharmacy Online?

“According to CIPA, its members are not allowed selling controlled substances (including with prescription available). These are addictive controlled drugs, such as BNZ.”

12. Is There a Limit on Prescriptions Quantity in Canadian Pharmacies?

“Your order must coincide completely with your attending doctor’s prescription. CIPA department for patient safety restricts prescription drugs supply up to 90 days per drug. In case a doctor’s order includes 1 year supply, Canadian online pharmacy may ship every 3 months.”

13. Can I Buy a Special-Purpose Medication from Canadian Pharmacy?

“According to the statistics, Canadian pharmacy regulars more often prefer medicines treating chronic diseases. The most popular among them are medications for depression, schizophrenia and psychosis, asthma, enlarged prostate, bipolar disorder, menopause, erectile dysfunction, COPD, blood clots, nasal allergies.”

14. Does Canadian Online Pharmacy Control the Quality of Sold Drugs?

“Before authorization of Canadian prescription, pharmacies have to obtain the review of patient data by a Canadian specialist. Credentialed Canadian pharmacies always have a licensed review of a physician and co-sign it before shipment. Before distribution a medical expert verifies and confirms every single order.”

15. Has Canada contributed to Medicinal Innovations and Scientific Developments?

“Research studies in the area of health care comprise up to thirty thousand of researchers in sixteen schools of medicine, more than hundred affiliated hospitals and research and development establishments. Canadian medical experts acquired universal recognition in the sphere of protein engineering, medical devices, genomics, regenerative medicine, immune therapy, etc. A lot of great discoveries were made in Canada, starting from 1st blood thinner on out to clinical trials of the 1st HIV preventive vaccine.”

16. Do Canadian Online Pharmacies Work Extra-Hours?

“The whole procedure of service, processing of orders and delivery will be different in each pharmacy. But generally, Canadian online pharmacies work twenty-four – seven. Find the information on the appropriate websites.”

17. Can I Order Prescription Refill?

“CIPA department for patient safety restricts prescription drugs supply up to 90 days per drug. In case a doctor’s order includes 1 year supply, Canadian online pharmacy may ship every 3 months until the expiration date of the prescription. From then on, you’ll need a new prescription from your physician. In case a prescription doesn’t provide for refills, contact your physician. Do not forget to visit your selected pharmacy site to make sure you follow the refill instructions correctly.”

18. Can I Rely upon Canadian Online Pharmacies and Quality of the Products Ordered There?

“Certified Canadian International Pharmacy and Canadian International Pharmacy Association check credibility of online pharmacies. Check to make sure that this or that Canadian Pharmacy is trustworthy.”

19. How Can I Compare the Prices for Each Drug Bought from a Canadian Pharmacy with US prices?

“Check individual drug store websites. Some of them show the collation of US and Canadian prices for the most popular medicines. There are pharmacies informing you of possible savings on percentage or dollar terms. This comparison will give you extensive knowledge of how you may save a great deal of money!”

20. May the Canadian Pharmacy Drugs be Shipped from Another Country?

“In order to have fulfillment centers abroad, a CIPA-accredited Canadian pharmacy should get an approval from their controlling entities. These entities source medicines from difference countries, such as the UK, Canada, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, India and the USA. The products may be delivered from these of other diverse locations.”

21. Is It Possible to Compare Prices between Different Canadian Online Pharmacies?

“Check or”

22. Is It Secure to Order from Canadian Online Pharmacies?

“com list of verified e-pharmacies. Each safe online pharmacy should provide all financial operations information via encryption technology to protect your privacy.”

23. Can I Talk to Canadian Online Pharmacy Specialist Instead of Browsing the Website?

“Visit a Contact Us page containing phone numbers in order to contact our representative via phone. Moreover, our specialists are available beyond traditional business hours: 24/7. com always checks if a pharmacy places the telephone numbers on its website.”

24. Is an E-Pharmacy Credible If It Keeps Sending Me Spam Emails?

“CIPA warns you not to apply to swindler sites contacting you via mail and directing to the websites named, Canadian Health, Care Mall, and etc. These websites fall into disrepute among customers.”

25. How Can I order Rx Drugs from a Canadian Online Pharmacy?

“Each site has an explanation and terms of ordering Rx drugs online. In order to provide maximal convenience for their customers, a customer may select among various methods, such as mail, telephone, fax, etc.”

26. Are Drugs Prices in Canada Lower Than in the USA?

“Under governmental control (Patent Medicine Prices Review Board), the cost of Canadian drugs is kept down. Since the living standard is around 25-30% is lower in Canada than in the USA. In comparison with American pharmaceutical companies, Canadian establishments have a decreased liability insurance rate.”

27. Where Can I Find Canadian Online Pharmacies Rating?

“Please, check the following recourses: Canadian Drug Talk, com,,”

28. What Currency Is Used by Canadian Pharmacies: Canadian or U.S. Dollars?

“Americans may purchase drugs from Canadian online pharmacies in U.S. dollars.”

29. What Is the Difference between Canadian Medications Prescriptions and the U.S. ones?

“Licensed Canadian online pharmacies sell the drugs which are therapeutically and chemically analogous to the ones in America. They only differ in price and package. Since the packaging requirements are different in various countries. Canadian manufacturers produce generic drugs according to Canadian strict standard.”

30. After I Order from Canadian Pharmacy, Will It Send Me Spam Mails with Info about Other Unneeded Drugs?

“Credential e-pharmacies never send unwanted e-mails with advertisement, which is prohibited by internal and federal policies of Canada. You may choose whether you opt in or out of marketing mails.”

31. What Are the Benefits for U.S. Nationals from Ordering from Canadian Online Pharmacies?

“Americans receive flawless delivery of authentic medications at a price as 49,5% lower as offered by American pharmacies. Service is available 24/7. Online service allows avoiding long queues in offline drug stores. Plus, the private information is securely protected.”

32. How Can I Check Canadian Online Pharmacies Reviews?

“Please, follow the following links and find there the customer feedback section: com,,”

33. What Kinds of OTC Drugs Can I Buy from Canadian Online Pharmacies?

“Over-the-counter medicines are generally used for treatment of sinuses and allergy, such as pain relief, sleeping pills, sore throat, flu, cold, etc.”

34. How Can I Make Sure I Order Authentic Medications and Not the Fraudulent Ones?

“State policy of medications manufacturing in Canada has strict production requirements absolutely corresponding with American standards. So, you may rest assured you receive the identical drugs to the U.S. ones. Only packages may differ.”

35. Can I Purchase Medicines Which Are Not Listed on Canadian Pharmacy Website?

“In case you haven’t found the required medication on a site of Canadian e-pharmacy, email or call to its customer support service. Its representative will inform you of the availability of the drug.”

36. How Much Money Can I Save from Ordering Via Canadian Online Pharmacy?

“According to, you savings may reach the indicator of 90%.”

37. What Are Best-Sellers Purchased Via Canadian Online Pharmacy?

“Most frequently, Americans tend to order Plavix, Actos, Lipitor, Actonel, Viagra, Cialis, Abilify, Prevacid, and Spiriva.”

38. Why Are the U.S. Medications So High-Priced?

“American pharmaceutical business continues prospering. The prescription medicines from the USA are more expensive than the ones distributed in any other developed country.”

39. Can I Order Pet Medicines from Canadian Online Pharmacies?

“Most accredited Canadian e-pharmacies have a wide range of OPC, generic or branded drugs for pets at affordable prices. Check their availability on your selected Online Canadian Pharmacy.”

40. What Benefit Can I Get from Purchasing Viagra Via Canadian Pharmacy?

“Your saving may be equal to 90%. Viagra is a well-known remedy for erectile dysfunction which may be found on each Canadian Pharmacy website.”

41. Does Viagra Have Any Undesired Effects?

“Generally, a patient may experience blushing, headache, gastric indigestion, blurred vision which will disappear shortly. But in case you feel nauseous, chest pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse or its lasting more than 4 hours, seek immediate medical attendance.”

42. What Are OTC Top-Selling Medications?

“Americans consider the best-seller among OTC drugs to be Nicorette, Zyrtec and Centrum Select vitamins.”

43. What Are Viagra’s Components?

“The active substance of Viagra is sildenafil which is a PDE5 inhibitor. The auxiliary agents of Viagra are: calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, titanium dioxide, hypromellose, triacetin, lactose, and FD and C Blue #2 aluminum lake.”

44. Can I Buy Generic Viagra from Canadian Online Pharmacies?

“Many Canadian e-pharmacies offer generic Viagra in different forms, quantities and price rage.”

45. What Is the Difference between Generic Viagra and Original Viagra?

“Both medications contain the sale ingredients, although their proportion may be different. The overall effect is similar. Moreover, generic Viagra costs much lower than the original variant.”

46. Can I Save More from Ordering Nexium from Canadian Pharmacies Online?

“According to the statistics, the average rate of savings is equal to or over 70% (in comparison with American pharmacies). com indicates the savings rate as high as 90%. Nexium inhibits a proton pump reducing the quantity of acid produced by stomach.”

47. Is It Possible to Order Crestor from Canadian Online Pharmacies?

“Moreover, you may save up to 84% from Crestor or its generic, Rosuvastatin ordering from Canadian e-pharmacies.”

48. Is Cialis Available at Canadian Online Pharmacies?

” You may purchase wither original Cialis or its generic in order to save 93% in comparison with average U.S. prices.”

49. Can I Buy Actonel from Canadian Online Pharmacies?

“You are able not only to buy Actonel, but also to save 85% on this purchase. Moreover, its generic, risedronate is available at Canadian e-pharmacies stocks. Actonel is very efficient in prevention from bone formation and breakdown cycle altering.”

50. Is It Possible to Purchase Spiriva Via Canadian E-Pharmacies?

“Without a doubt. Spiriva and its generic obtained from Canadian online pharmacies will allow you saving around 94% on both Spiriva variants. This drug will help you breathe better.”