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Eye Irritation Now, Many people are suffering from eye irritation problems. This is one of the common complaint The eyes are very sensitive and any sort of irritant can cause the eyes to become irritated very quickly.If your eyes are red and irritated, Eyes red and painful, Big heat boil under eyelids.
The truth is, eye irritation can occur for several reasons.
* High body heat.
* Sleeplessness.
* Long driving at night.
* Eye Allergies.
* Vision problems
* Sensitivity to light
* Poor nighttime vision
* Medicine Allergies

Are you having severe eye irritation problems ? Do not worry, because it is actually easier than you think to cure your eye irritation problems. The simple info revealed here can go a long way in helping you out of your present trouble.

First you are Avoid long time watching TV / video games, Clean your eyes with pure water and Take good sleeping and enough rest for your eyes.Now, I will give a good idea To relief your Eye-Irritating-problem

“**If you Take some crape jasmine, clean it and stick and remove on your eyes.
Turmeric water has the capacity to reduce the eye pain, so if you take 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it with 1 glass of water, then you clean your eyes by this water**”.

“** Castor oil has the capacity to clear the eye vision , so if you take a teaspoon of castor oil and apply it on your eyelashes ,while you are going to bed.**”

 # Turmeric is an excellent source of iron and manganese and it is also rich in vitamin B6, dietary fibre and potassium. The turmeric oil is a significant anti-inflammatory but something even more potent than this oil is a compound called curcumi Turmeric, with its antibacterial action, prevents bacterial infections on wounds.

# Castor oil is very high in ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid is an Omega 9 essential fatty acid and is very good at drawing and keeping moisture in the area it’s applied. This causes castor oil to be a great moisturizer. Ricinoleic acid also has the interesting function of being antifungal and antimicrobial.


It is understandable to deem tinnitus a affliction of the hearing system, but it is not any variety of disease condition. What is happening is something occurred that had an effect on the processes involved with hearing. An incident has taken place, either a one-time event or repeated exposure to loud noise. The most important explanation for a lot of people is they have been in the vicinity of high noise at their jobs. Then for others, but a smaller percent, other existing physical problems induced the tinnitus. A bunch of people may not instantly grasp they have this and therefore have no idea whre it originated. You might find it advantageous to chat to your doctor to get a professional and informed opinion.

Your inner ear consists of your cochlea, and that is typically what is injured by something external. It is quite possible to get sudden and enduring damage in the case of a sudden loud noise. Penetrating noise level of a specific frequency, that is high, can certainly cause it. Whereas tinnitus is not wholly understood, some suggest it is the brain producing the ringing. The reason for the brain to do this is because it senses a deficiency of common hearing signals and compensates on its own. Therefore of course you can also surmise they simply do not have it all worked out.

Once you acquire tinnitus, then there is always a possibility for it to become more pronounced. For illustration, a lot of individuals have excessive production of ear wax, and that will contribute to increased tinnitus. An added recognized cause can be a simple ear infection which will result in temporary ear ringing. Tinnitus is also seen in older individuals for the reason that the cochlea is affected by the aging process. Consequently what can frequently materialize is hearing loss and associated ringing in the ears. Age related hearing loss is quite common, and that is related to general deterioration of the cochlea.

Various prescription medicines are notorious to cause ear ringing, too. There are many risks with consuming too much aspirin, and surprisingly this very same condition can occur. Regrettably there are some classes of above average strength antibiotics which may produce this condition. A different medication, quinine, is acknowledged to create tinnitus in certain people who are susceptible. So there are varied conditions and reasons for a human being to start hearing ringing in their ears.

Folks normally do not perceive tinnitus during the day because normal sounds mask it. You will notice this, then again, as soon as you go to bed and it’s silent. The still bedroom is when the majority individuals notice much louder ear noises such as ringing. Folks do report varying degrees of the ringing in their ears. If this presents a real disturbance for you, then it could help to seek the advice of your family physician about it. A appointment to a medical doctor who specializes in this area could prove to be a good idea.


Are you fats in areas you desire that you simply were not? Would you want to be aware of the safe and sound method to shed excess weight speedy? I’ve been a certified aerobics instructor for sixteen several years and also a personal coach for your quick time at the same time, and I’ve got seen every one of the tricks, the many gimmicks and all the trials. Here are 5 tips on tips on how to reduce fat speedily and safely. Start that has a mental attitude of “choose no prisoners” to the healthy tendency is for us to excuse ourselves. This is not the time for you to pamper by yourself. This suggests struggle, versus negative, aged habits of indulging your self. When you don’t like the way that appears to be, go appear from the mirror. When you don’t like what you see, hold looking through.

Examine why you set that everything into your mouth

A psychological attitude could be the beginning action here. Why have you been eating almost everything in sight? Is it because you’re hungry or could it be understandably that you’re by using food stuff like a consoler, to pamper yourself, to consolation you? If so, it’s only a non permanent fix and can wind up on your own backside iin about 3 to four days. Ask oneself, is it price it? Is it well worth developing diabetes or sacrificing my self-esteem every single time I go to my closet to dress? The response to that is no! Be type to oneself and explain on your own that there’s no food that tastes so very good or that appears better than a scaled-down sizing pants/gown size or bathing suit once the warm weather conditions rolls round. Be challenging, but be clever and consume nutritious. Some feel that it really is intelligent to eliminate weight pounds by starving. This can be dead wrong. The one thing you reduce by starving by yourself is muscle, especially if you will be not exercising. It is possible to threat really serious health and fitness troubles and also you won’t appear beneficial or nutritious. Thin, saggy muscles are usually not your goal. Eat nutritious, consume frequently, and eat minor quantities through the day. This may be the key. This may be the solution. Eat tiny, be modest but eat raw, wholesome vegetables and fruits as well as a excellent portion of protein from chicken, fish and a few beef.

Study anything you put within your mouth

Initial, buy a low-cost calendar at the greenback keep or opt for a steno pad and write decrease every little thing, And that I indicate every and just about every item of food stuff and drink that you simply consume each day for a minimum of eight weeks. You will likely be amazed, no, in all probability dismayed in the level of food items/calories that you are consuming, even if you don’t know the best way to depend calories! Snacking, particularly, helps make one neglect just how much that you are getting inside type of a “swift fix” when that you are mindlessly eating that bag of chips or sweet. Even too numerous dry pretzels are empty calories and full of starch and carbohydrates which will pack about the pounds on the hips, thighs and buttocks. So, very first, remember of what that you are executing and how much. I believe this very first move might be an eye-opener.

Look at after you put that every thing into your mouth

Now, that you just know what that you are consuming, then look at when you’re consuming. You have to consume a breakfast, lunch and early dinner, preferably ahead of 7:00 p.m .Following that time, most of everything you consume will go straight into storage and that storage bin is called “body fat” and that’s not what you are searching for. In case your spouse and children eats after, have an understanding that if Mommy or Daddy are planning to are living longer and think more like doing all those enjoyable issues on the weekend, that is a part of that approach. You can do this in a type way and when the household eats late, you’ll be able to sit and sip h2o with lemon/lemon juice with them being sociable. Most authorities agree that a nutritious snack in among meals is very good in addition, specifically at first, until your stomach “shrinks” and also you now not have such a raging appetite 24/7. Snacks ought to incorporate refreshing or dried fruit, yogurt, or maybe a lower-excess fat nut. Very low-body fat would be the essential. Watch the labels of anything you invest in earlier than you invest in along with your calories will begin to minimize as a full with these minor subtle adjustments.

Get shifting

You ought to exercising at least 3 instances a week just to take care of your fitness ranges, so if you will be genuinely severe about seeing people pounds drop off, training five days every week. Don’t go all out and overdo. Get started gradually to walk for 20 – 30 minutes each day. Don’t start jogging, or you are going to most certainly encounter shin splints. Once your legs are accustomed to walking, start off jogging somewhat at first and then gradually enhance the time and distance. Right after the first couple of weeks of soreness, you will likely be amazed at how your whole body adapts. Go to a gym and do the job out to the machines at the least twice a week, inquire somebody within the fitness center to present you what to try and do. Don’t enable people devices to intimidate you!

Stop dishonest

Come across a strategy to reward yourself once you meet up with your shorter-time period objectives all through this eight 1 week time period. In the event you adore ice lotion, the moment you might have misplaced ten pounds, reward by yourself. I observe the 80/20 rule. Most of the time I consume what I must and then you’ll find all those rare occasions where I deal with myself. In any other case, you could possibly wind up sensation so sorry for oneself that you gorge. So, do all of this in moderation and be persistent. Around time, you is going to be profitable, guaranteed.


Manuka Honey has long been considered by many as one of nature’s most readily available superfoods. During winter, the numerous health benefits of active Manuka Honey are especially apparent by its ability to challenge some of winter’s most common and persevering ailments.

It doesn’t just taste good. It can actively improve health and immunity at the same time. The antimicrobial properties of active Manuka Honey can be stronger than other honeys, so in the winter, its positive effects are most appreciated.

Herbal Elixirs with UMF®Manuka Honey are natural all-in-one herbal formulas specifically designed to support winter wellness and to soothe dry throats. Laboratory studies have shown that it is effective against a wide range of bacteria which can be beneficial for winter wellness.

New Zealand Manuka has long been valued for its health-maintaining effects and Manuka Honey is also gaining worldwide recognition for its unique properties and for supporting respiratory health. Look for Winter Wellness Elixirs containing this natural resource combined with Mullein, White Horehound and Thyme to support a chesty chill. Traditionally, these herbs have been used to help keep the airways clear in the head and chest and to loosen mucous. A natural expectorant all-in-one formula with Manuka honey can be soothing and can do the trick. Manuka honey Elixirs can also be a natural soothing formulation for dry throats. Dry formulations often include Marshmallow, Grindelia and Thyme and contain 10% UMF® 10+ Manuka Honey to soothe dry raspy throats. Elixirs with Blackcurrant are all-in-one formulas designed to support the immune system and wellness. Blackcurrants contain high levels of anthocyanins, an excellent source of healthy fruit flavonoids. Anthocyanins support the immune system and help maintain health and well being.

Children’s natural winter wellness products are specially formulated with this natural resource for the temporary relief from the symptoms of throat irritations. They support winter wellness and are free from artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives. Children’s Elixirs in a choice of natural flavours and Lemon and honey lollipops are also available.

Hot drinks can be revitalising and soothing when you’re feeling under the weather. Manuka honey and Olive Leaf is a great combination for winter wellness as it supports respiratory health. Natural formulations of hot drinks can help to support your natural defences whilst being free from paracetamol. Included in lots of formulations and a choice of winter wellness products, Manuka Honey continues to offer the health benefits that many have been enjoying for years.


Many scientists and health researchers have reached the conclusion that the body’s pH level has a massive impact on our health, vitality and well-being. The body’s natural pH should be around 7.3, meaning that the human body should be naturally mildly alkaline. If your pH deviates from this, both up or down, you are susceptible to illness and disease. So what affects our body’s pH? Research has shown that it is what we eat. Certain foods can have a detrimental effect on our pH level, if not eaten as part of a balanced diet. We essentially can become too acidic.

What Are The Effects Of Our Bodies pH When It Increases Or Decreases?

Our pH levels can affect various functions in our body; here are a few examples of how a pH imbalance, (particularly when we are too acidic) can have negative consequences.

The relationship between pH and health can have negative outcomes when we consider its effect on enzymes. Enzymes which are usually useful in the body can become destructive if we are too acidic. This can lead to poor health.

Important organs such as the heart, liver and brain can be damaged if we have a long term pH imbalance. This can lead to serious ill health.

Microbes can mutate and change form; this can lead to a reduced immune system, leaving you prone to disease. The body’s absorbance of valuable nutrients such as minerals can be affected; this can result in poor health.The proper delivery of Oxygen to all of the body’s cells can be affected, causing a reduction of the proper spread of oxygen throughout our system.

The effects of the relationship between body pH and health can be wide ranging. It will have a direct effect in terms of how your feel and your overall health in general. So how can your control your body’s pH effectively? The answer to this is through good diet. Doctors recommend that you should have around 5 portions of ‘green’ vegetables per day. This is because these vegetables have a high Alkaline content and help counter act the effect of eating foods such as breads, dairy products and meats. Most nutritionists recommend that you should have a balance of around 20% Acidic foods to 80% Alkaline based foods. This balance should allow your body to maintain the desired pH of 7.3.


Best Acne Advice

It seems finding acne treatments that work is becoming very difficult. There are some great treatments for acne out there buy unfortunately everyone and their dog seems to claim their solution fits best.

This is one of the reasons I created this website; to sort through all the B.S. and do the necessary research for myself…for my readers.

If you have arrived here after exhausted efforts to cure your acne, then no doubt you have heard the B.S I’m talking about.

Here on natural health remedies we do things differently. We have only one goal in mind from the outset; and that is to sift through all the crap and get down to the facts; “what bloody treatments are best…period”

Okay let’s get started shall we:

First off, I’m not going to give you a rundown of what Acne is, why you have it or blah blah blah. If you have acne then I don’t need to tell you what the bloody hell it is…you know that already, besides, we are just focusing today on acne treatments that work.

The Absolute Best Remedy:

Okay, I know that you may have been looking for a magical solution to your acne problems, but let me tell you something; you can get rid of your acne with many treatments but if you want it to stay away forever, then you MUST change your diet and look after your skin beforehand.

The following list is compulsory on your quest, it is the holy grail of acne cure and anybody that tells you any different are either trying to sell you a product or are not as well informed as they think they are.

  • Eat Healthy
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Watch your stress levels
  • Make sure to get enough sleep
  • Exercise often and wash straight afterwards

Now the above 5 things may not seem like the solution for you for whatever reasons but it is imperative that you follow those steps, after all, you came here looking for acne treatments that work and that is exactly what is provided.

The next step in the process:

Home Remedy:

The very first place you should begin your treatment is at home. Home treatments are as good, and in some cases even better than any remedy you can find on the store shelf or at your local pharmacy. All our writers on this website firmly believe in natural remedies and through experience we have found this to be proven time and again.

Opening and working with your backed up pores:

This is the first step and to do this effectively you can stand in a hot steamy shower for 15 minutes or lay a hot washcloth around the affected area for about 10 minutes.

Next, clean off oil and any dead skin whilst killing any acne bacteria:

There are a couple of ways this can be done effectively. Never use soap at this stage as of the process as this can dry your skin diminishing the overall effect of this process. Instead, use a face wash like

Dove or even plain water will do. Once you have completed this process you want to rinse the affected area with warm water, then cool water to close the open pores. Make sure to pat dry…no scrubbing.

It’s time now to kill off access bacteria:

Go get yourself a cotton ball and some aspirin tablets. Now, crush two tablets into a bowl of water and let them dissolve. Use the cotton ball to apply the dissolved aspirin onto the affected area making sure to only pat, no rubbing.

This process can be repeated once or twice a day and should clear most moderate outbreaks of acne. It is very important to not let your face dry out whilst performing this treatment.

Avoid touching the affected area as much as you can and never burst any pimples as this can lead to further infection. If you follow the above two steps to the letter then you will begin to see dramatic changes…period.


When you get in and out of a chair, you are actually using a fairly large amount of muscles. Just think for a moment about all the actions that you perform to use a chair. You use your ankles and legs to support your weight. Your thighs are used when your knees become bent. As you get closer to the chair your abdominal muscles start to support you, making sure that you don’t fall over. You might well place your arms on to the arms of the chair to make the journey down a little slower.

As you can see, you are really using a quite a lot more of your body’s resources than you might have thought. If any one, or perhaps more than one, of these muscles, or parts of your body are causing you pain then getting in and out of a chair can be difficult and something that you might fear.

Perhaps you need to think about getting a riser recliner chair as a means of alleviating your pain when using a chair. They are beneficial because they do all of the hard work for you, so that you can relax and enjoy sitting down again. You will feel comfortable and in control again.

Buried beneath the fabric of the chair are some complicated pieces of machinery. A remote control is all that you need to raise and lower the chair. By pressing the ‘raise’ button the chair slowly starts to rise off the ground and gets higher. This is not all though! The ‘seat’ of the chair will lean towards you so that it is easy to get in. You just lean your body against it whilst you are standing up. You then press the ‘descend’ button, and the chair will straighten out return to the floor.

Because the chair has done all of the work, your legs and torso and other parts of your body which might cause you pain, are not working hard at all. This means that you greatly reduce the pain and levels of stress that you might feel.

When you are in the chair, you have the option to lower the back of the chair, thus taking the weight off your hips. That’s not all though. Usually these riser recliner chairs have a concealed leg ‘platform’ which can be used with another button to lift your legs off the ground. Now you are in a chair which is just about flat, rather like a bed would be. Unlike a bed though, this riser recliner chair will return you to standing whenever you push the buttons.

With so many options, it is important that you do some research to make sure that the model that you purchase has all of the features that you require.

A major point to think about when buying one of these chairs is whether or not you have a point outlet close to there you want it to be positioned. Mind out for that power cord though, we don’t want to trip over it.


Pre diabetes is often a health state that is regarded as a possible precursor in order to diabetes type 2. Chances are that it will always be only a couple of moment prior to pre all forms of diabetes is actually handled being a condition. People are researching ways to say goodbye involving pre all forms of diabetes.

Diabetes is really a modest charter boat ailment. The increased going around blood sugar appears to “poison” the actual designs associated with modest arteries. These kinds of body vessel’s designs become thick making that more challenging regarding vitamins in order to mix through the blood to the around tissues. As a result, flesh including the eye, coronary heart as well as filtering system go through pathological modifications.

One of these brilliant alterations happens in feet. The tiny charter boat adjustments associated with high sugars quantities increase the risk for nervousness through the system to shed perform. Inside the foot, the particular nervousness assist keep track of modest adjustments to pressure and also other potential accidental injuries to the cells inside toes. As the ft are usually continually impacting the soil, it is possible that the feet might not be capable of discover serious injuries before it is too far gone. Consequently, those with diabetes are near chance with regard to injuries as well as amputation in the arm or if your harm can be extreme sufficient. Furthermore, people with all forms of diabetes possess a more challenging occasion curing.

An organization was not too long ago recommended while developing a indicator that could be donned as a possible undershirt. Linked to the shirt is often a warning in which information your accumulative results of the particular daily actions. Prospect is always that simply by monitoring your allows made during the daily physical exercise along with regular actions, the person could decide while repeated causes attained any limit where installed your toes at risk for malfunction on the skin.

When the skin color breaks down in a person with diabetes mellitus, you will find the distinctive chance how the enter the skin will not seal around. Any kind of ulcer can be more challenging in order to mend and in many cases not possible for you to heal. Consequently, the particular detecting device may inform the patient to be able to improved risk pertaining to skin dysfunction.

The product is actually created by a company known as Sensics. Up to now, the product is only designed for health care professionals who’re in control of tending to individuals with all forms of diabetes. Stay tuned in.

What exactly is interesting is engineering will be used to discover one more patience with regards to type 2 diabetes. Diabetes type 2 may be the number 1 reason for amputations in the us.

Many people are not able to change their diet or even physical exercise degree to the degree that can significantly affect their particular danger with regard to building diabetes type 2. Consequently many individuals have got turned to dietary supplements to present them selves an advantage inside the Sweets Battle that is certainly everywhere.

Omega 3 fat have been shown to reduse the chance for people with pre diabetic issues moving on in order to diabetes. Omega 3 fish oil is recognized for their positive results with a number of health issues including pre diabetic issues.

You may use the particular freshest as well as best omega 3 fish oil resources. Fresh Zealand is renowned for the top omega 3 fish oil. Find what methods Brand-new Zealand will take to get the paramount omega 3 fish oil. All you need to accomplish is select the url and discover more.

Never wait around to fight diabetes. It is not waiting to address anyone. Protect yourself.


What ways can we lose weight fast? I have a list of things that can definitely be on your personal checklist of things to do to help you start the weight loss. There is no particular order, so I recommend that you take just a few of these at a time and begin to work them into your daily schedule. When it is habit, add a few more, you probably don’t have to do more than a handful of these things to see your weight really start lowering. If you don’t see it go down quick enough, add more of these pointers to your schedule, until the weight is dropping at a safe pace that you are satisfied with. Pick from this list and begin, come back for more when you have those few mastered.

  • Drink Mainly Water Zero calories and no carbs, little to no sodium, yet it fills you up, then you eliminate those 100 calorie to 300 calorie juices or drinks that don’t have nearly as much satisfaction as 100 to 300 calories of food will. Drinking more water also flushes out excess water weight as well as jump-starting your metabolism. You can add the lemon or mint flavor if needed, or Crystal Light is ok. Average Americans consume almost 250 calories daily just from their soft drink fetishes. Seems small, but if you add that in every single day for the year, that is 90,000 calories which is the same as 25 pounds of weight!
  • Carry a Small Notebook or your smart phone or iPod with you during the day, and take an inventory of everything you eat. Just doing this with nothing else will bring down the average persons calorie count by 15%, just because they are thinking about it. That could be even more than 25 pounds of weight per year! Two steps followed to a tee and you may lose 50 pounds in 1 year? That is fantastic!
  • When Grocery Shopping avoid the middle of the stores. If you ever take the time to look at how they lay out grocery stores, they do it so you have to walk through the middle to get to the very back for your milk and eggs we all need. The edges of the store are more your friends in losing weight than the middle areas. The edges have the fresh produce, whole grains, dairy and other good stuff. The middle of the store has more of that processed garbage. The next time you shop at your grocery store, do it right after a HUGE meal, when you are FULL, then study the whole outlay of the store you always shop at, take note of what isles to JUST STAY AWAY from and which rows are walls have the essentials, keep it with you when you shop.
  • During the Meal a great way to take a meal that you might have put down 1300 calories to under 1000 is as simple as keeping your water-glass full and constantly sipping at it. Think about the actual size of a stomach, not much bigger than your fist, you can squish a lot of food into it, but how much water? If you are sipping a FULL glass of water during a meal, you are filling in that space much more than without it.
  • When Eating Out with a spouse or date, or whatever. Realize that most restaurants give you portions that are 2 to 3 times the size of a good portion size for health purposes. It would be a great idea on the wallet and the body to get an appetizer you like and then just get one meal and share it, doing this is much less expensive and BETTER for your body. Also, stick to that drinking water rule while eating this meal, the wines and the beers and sodas are just costing you that extra 25 pounds of FREE weight loss when you are drinking them.
  • Eat More Often smaller portions eaten in much shorter spreads of time. It’s likely you’ll consume up to 30% less calories at the next meal when the previous meal was spread over hours. Plus, even if you did eat just as much calories, the body is releasing less insulin, keeping hunger under better control.
  • Do Cardio 30 Minutes if you did this daily with eating write, you ENSURE weight losses as a noticeable pace. You’ll lose more calories if you pick routines that engage multiple muscles at the same time, like spin classes, cardio kickboxing, or tough boot-camp workouts. 30 minutes gives you another 250 calories, give or take, towards your goals.
  • Getting Your Protein this is huge. My personal trainer explained to me that although in an average 2500 calorie meal plan, especially if you eat out once a day, you only get like half your body weight in protein and to BUILD MUSCLE you need your body weight PLUS 25-50% more protein. So I weight 200lbs and I was getting about 100 or so grams of protein, he wanted me at 200 to 300 grams to show muscle gains at a good pace. The only way I’ve seen this being achievable is through additional pure whey protein intake in between meals, ESPECIALLY within an hour after each weight training session.
  • Forget the Fruit Juice It’s not any better than just drinking soda or something. Eat your fruits fresh and stick to water. Fruit juices are sweetened and processed in a way that they are just wasting your calories you have per day. You also lose all the fiber you get from the fresh fruits which the body uses to your advantage.
  • Eat Salad With Healthy Dressings no more ranch or bleu cheese, they ruin the idea of green leaf salads, instead try it with a little vinegar, olive oil or lemon juice. It will take a few times to get the taste buds tamed, but you will learn to like it that way and it will be your friend in losing weight.
  • Eat Your Meals Off Your Plate no seconds. You serve the right portion onto your dinner plates and you eat it till it’s gone and you don’t take seconds, keeps the calories in check and you are good to go.


  • Plan Your Workouts for the Week You need to put together a calendar at the beginning of your week on where you are going to squeeze in those 3 to 5 workouts and the WORST thing you can do is allow yourself to skip that time and date, if you start skipping one, you end up at the end of the week having skipped all of them.
  • Burn Calories Above Your Daily Limit by the end of the week, you should find time to do the cardio necessary to catch up and burn off whatever calories you were over on any days for your goal to lose weight. So if you should be under 2200 calories a day and one do you were at 2600 calories, make sure by the end of the week you did something to make up that 400 extra calories in cardio.
  • Do Your cardio Before Breakfast even if it’s a shorter amount, such as 15 minutes, or a full 40 minutes a day, in the mornings before you eat breakfast to burn fat faster. It won’t take much, just getting your heart rate to go up to 120-130 beats per minute to burn this fat, for me that is a brisk walk. Then make sure you eat a healthy breakfast afterwards, drink some protein within the hour too.
  • State the Positive self affirmations constantly going through your mind will help you. Telling yourself you are going to lose this weight or gain this muscle or whatever, over and over again for a few weeks or months leads to your own self-fulfilling prophecy. What you say is what you think, is what you do, is what you are!
  • Go On A Detox Diet like the juice detox or the lemonade diet or whatever one you’ve heard about for 1 to 3 weeks. These produce crazy short-term results to pump you up and motivate you, but if you don’t follow it up by keeping many of these other rules, you will just put back on what you lost. Only do this once ever FEW months, so you don’t hurt your body or create false results.
  • Chew Up Your Food chew it up well, because it’s your saliva that allows that sugar to digest. Give saliva a chance to ACT.

So here is the list. Pick 1 or 2, add them into your day, master them over a period of time, come back, grab a few more and so on and so forth until you see positive results when you are weighing in weekly and then decide if you are content with the speed things are progressing at or if you want to continue to speed it up, pick some more and add them into your daily schedules.

Avoid shortcuts that lead you to believe you can go from obese to ripped in the next 3 months, it’s not possible without HURTING you. The concept of a pill, or some shortcut device may not hurt you directly, but the problem is that weight loss is all about consistency or it doesn’t last. So if you rely on the shortcut and lose 10 or 20 pounds, then you get off it, and still have all the same bad habits, you gain all of that back and maybe even more. WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME.


Let’s face it; the subject of heart disease should terrify anyone. What most people don’t know is that heart disease can affect individuals at a young age. For most people who reach forty this is a subject to consider in order to maintain good health.

There are two ways to understand this problem that affects millions of people in the world. First is how is the disease treated, and the second part and even more important point, is prevention of the disease from the start!

How do doctors treat me if I’ve already developed heart disease?

This is by far the more scary of the two subjects; treatment versus prevention. As treatment implies, you already have the disease. How is heart disease treated becomes the main focus.

Today, doctors have several ways of analyzing the situation and determining the course of treatment. A blood lipid panel is the most basic starting point. The next step can include a stress test to determine the degree of coronary blockage and how the heart is working.

The stress test is only accurate in determining blockage somewhere in the sixty percent range. As a backup to the stress test, often a cardiologist will recommend doing a test that involves what is called nuclear medicine.

In this procedure, a tiny amount of isotope in injected into the blood stream. What this does is determine how heart disease is treated by revealing in great detail the degree of coronary blockage from inside the heart. This test while sounding scary is actually very accurate. I can attest to this from personal experience!

What other measures are available for treatment of heart disease?
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Assuming the tests have determined that you are indeed suffering from heart disease, another treatment option is to insert a stent into one or more arteries to effectively re-inflate the artery in order to increase blood flow. Obviously this is more intensive and is usually in lieu of a complete surgery to repair damage.

The drawback to this option is that over time the stent wears out and the procedure needs to be repeated again. This can be emotionally as well as physically draining.

Are there options to reverse heart disease?

Depending on the degree and type of heart disease, there are options available to help reverse early stage heart disease. In order to reverse damage to your heart, your doctor may recommend a regimen of statin drugs that reduce cholesterol which is the main cause of coronary blockage.

Your medical team also has clot buster drugs at their disposal. These meds are given through the veins and referred to as thrombolytic therapy to break up blood clots in the coronary artery. These are effective steps to reverse heart disease assuming that reversal is still a possibility.

Aspirin therapy is also another option in a whole range of measures to reverse heart disease. Nobody should think that simply popping an aspirin at home is going to reverse heart disease by itself; but there are many benefits to taking a low dose aspirin on a daily basis.

Prevention of heart disease

We have saved prevention for last to illustrate the entire trauma that can be avoided by simply making a few lifestyle changes. Better to avoid the problem completely by getting moderate exercise on a daily basis, and eating a healthy diet including the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids!

By avoiding saturated fat in animal fat products like too much red meat and dairy products, and eating more Omega 3 rich foods like vegetables and fruit, you can lower your cholesterol. Remember, cholesterol is the number one contributor to heart disease!

The fatty acids contained in Omega 3 fish oil include DHA and EPA. These fatty acids fight bad cholesterol by promoting HDL cholesterol or the good cholesterol at the expense of the bad cholesterol known as LDL.

So powerful is the efficacy of treatment with Omega 3 fish oil in combating bad cholesterol, that in Rome, at the San Filippo Neri Hospital, heart attack patients are given fish oil rich with DHA and EPA Omega 3 fatty acids as a standard regimen to reverse bad heart health.

Diets rich with Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the primary ways to avoid heart disease from ever developing in the first place. Remember we are what we eat.


Now that you know the facts, doesn’t it make sense to avoid poor heart health by taking preventative measures starting from today onward? The single best way to take care of your heart is to eat a healthy diet and watch your weight while making sure to consume healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. What are you waiting for?