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Let loose to go about its own devices, imagination can play havoc with your life. On the other hand, if you rein it in, you can use it most beneficially and in ways that really do you good. Fear is one thing. It’s natural. You’re fearful of giving a presentation, a speech, starting a new job. Of course you are. And fear likes to couple itself to your imagination. Allow it to by all means, but only in a positive fashion. So I suggest you overcome fear and anxiety with these 4 tips.
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1. Breathe Proper!

Yes, I know, breathing’s always trotted out as the cure-all for anxiety, but please don’t discount it. Quick, shallow breaths will trigger all anxiety symptoms into action. Recognize that your breathing’s shallow, and slow it down by breathing out longer than you breathe in.

Doing this will calm your body right down. Do the 7/11 breathing if you start to feel anxious. Breathe in through your nose to the count of 7, then exhale through your mouth to the count of 11. The numbers are immaterial, just as long as the ‘out’ breath is longer than the ‘in’ breath.

2. Prepare For Peace.

If you become anxious when you start thinking about an upcoming event, your body will start to re-act in a certain way. In other words, you’ll start to feel anxiety creeping up on you. That presentation you’re dreading. The palms of your hands start to become moist, and you find yourself breathing more quickly.

Sit down. Close your eyes. Do the 7/11 breathing, while at the same time imagine yourself giving the presentation with perfect confidence resulting in success. Do this as often as you’re reasonably able. You must retain clarity of thought and this next step should help.

3. Re-arrange The Brainbox!

Extreme anxiety makes it much harder to think clearly. ‘Scale’ your anxiety from 1 to 10. Think to yourself; ‘What number on the scale am I now? About 7.’ The extraordinary part about this is that it fires up the thinking part of the brain, which will automatically dilute the emotional part. This in turn will make you calmer.

4. Control Your Imagination.

When we imagine the worst, fear and anxiety have a high old time. Chronic worriers use their imaginations sometimes in disastrous ways. To them, everything’s catastrophic. One of the proper uses of imagination is the ability to plan ahead, but of course a side effect is to imagine things always going wrong.

Don’t allow your life to be ruined by this sort of thinking. Again, sit down, do your breathing and imagine that speech, presentation, whatever it may be, going fluently and well.

After all, if you have the ability to imagine the worst, you certainly have the ability to imagine the best. Adopt this habit. Remember your breathing and don’t allow your imagination to ‘go negative’ on you for one minute.



Pretty contrary to famous notion, the difficulty of anxiety is attacking the youngsters too. Just take a look around and you will find many teens struggling with anxiety. Right from peer pressure, to academic performance, the causes of stress in youths are aplenty. If you also are a teenager battling stress, don’t fret as the problem could be readily tackled. Here are some stress management points that can help you out to a brilliant extent.

The 1st thing that can support you do away with anxiety from your life would be to comply with a regular workout routine. Exercise is known to be a brilliant stress buster. If you think that you’ll have to enroll in for a gym membership to get your daily dose of exercise, you’re mistaken. Going for a brisk walk of thirty mins everyday could do all the wonders for you.

You need to find immediate treatment in case you are battling from any health difficulties. Left untreated, these health issues can add to your general stress and even exaggerate it further. You may battle usual medical problems such as yeast infection successfully with highly beneficial medical solutions such as the Yeastrol Yeast Infection Treatment.

Another easy way to bring down the stress levels is to watch your diet. Steer clear of the calories packed fast food. Rather, select sensible food items comprising of vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and plenty of more. This will aid enhance your energy levels which are frequently dropped down because of stress.

It’s frequent sight to see teens seek respite in smoking when unable to tackle the increasing anxiety in their life. Never make the mistake of depending on smoking as a stress management measure. Reason being smoking could bring along several fitness issues too. Moreover, smoking could provide only a temporary relief from stress. It is always in your interest to swap to successful alternates to beat stress like acupuncture, aromatherapy, deep breathing and many more.

Learning to manage your thoughts may also go a long way in battling stress. Constantly harping on negative thoughts can up your odds of suffering from the situation. Your perspective to several conditions and folks frequently decides your stress levels. Hence, the perfect method to overcome it is by implementing an positive approach to the majority of things in your life. Focus just on the things which you could control and let go of all others which you cannot.

It is very essential for you to learn to manage stress appropriately. Left unchecked, it could affect you physically and mentally and psychologically. Stress could also result in skin problems and ailments such as acne. However, you can tackle this latter problem with the help of efficient skincare solutions such as the Exposed Anti Acne Treatment that can help you get rid of ugly pimples and zits.

Hence, it is wise to put in a bit of effort to keep stress away. By adhering to the mentioned ideas, you ought to manage to do so easily.


Anxiety is normal. However, too much of it, also called panic anxiety attack, can be devastating not only to you but to the people that surround you as well. In most cases, it intervenes with the patient’s daily life, preventing his or her body from functioning normally.

Thus, it is very important to identify have a better understanding on this disorder and how to prevent and treat it. It does not have to limit one’s capacity. Anxiety disorder patients have to seek help from a medical professional and learn the ways on how to prevent the disorder naturally.

Anxiety Attacks and Depression Treatments

There are several Anxiety and depression treatment recommended by medical professionals for anxiety or panic disorders, depending on the severity of the condition. Among the treatments include cognitive behavior therapy, which focuses on cognition, thoughts, and behaviors; and exposure therapy, a therapy that lets the patient confront his or fears in a controlled and safe environment. Apart from that, there variety of medications is also used to treat or control panic attacks or anxiety disorders. These include antidepressants and benzodiazepines, which can greatly reduce anxiety attack symptom especially when combined with therapies.

Aside from the treatments above, patients of anxiety disorders can also reduce panic attach symptoms through the following natural treatments:

Healthy Diet

Studies show that there are certain food substances that can trigger panic disorders. Diets that include refined sugar can cause mood swings. Other food substances that panic disorder patients need to avoid include alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine.
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Quality Sleep

Psychological and physical ailments can be triggered by lack of sleep. It is for this reason why anxiety disorder patients need to maintain quality sleep as bad sleeping habits can result in mood swings and irritability that can aggravate the condition.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise has long been proven to contribute in attaining optimum health. For panic attack patients, though, it is best to consult a medical professional first about the appropriate types of exercises for the condition as there are some types of exercises that can cause the body to increase production of lactic acid. This acid has been identified to trigger panic attack symptoms.

Panic attack or anxiety disorders do not have to limit one’s capabilities and affect one’s life and affect the lives of the people that surround him or her. With therapies, right medications, healthy lifestyle, and supervision of a professional, getting rid of the condition is always not impossible.

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As one knows life is not a bed of roses, it is full of highs and lows; there is constant change all around us. Most of the time one is faced with difficult situations and decisions. Anxiety is something that has been inbuilt and responds to the causes of stress at any level. There are two kinds of anxiety, one is healthy and the other is not. When I say the other is not it simply means that excessive anxiety leads to a host of problems and anxiety disorders. Stress plays a major role in any anxiety disorder; this is brought about by an individual and his or her lifestyle. Causes of stress is contributed by bad habits which further leads to anxiety disorders; a person’s lifestyle needs to be changed to combat the issue at hand.

You see, attacking anxiety and depression is a conscious decision one needs to make. In this topsy-turvy world, routines and schedules are constantly changing, inadequate sleep and eating habits lead to a downward curve in one’s health. If you are concerned about your stress levels and management you need to take steps in that direction. If you need a stressful life there is no one but herself to blame, it is not advisable to pass the buck on.

Irregular sleep one of the causes of stress that eventually may lead to anxiety attacks and a host of other physical problems as well. It is advisable for you to set a routine for yourself and stick with it regardless of what is happening around you. Symptoms of a high-level stress resemble those off a heart attack, if this is not checked in time; it could lead to serious issues concerning your health in the future.

If you are facing bouts of depression and anxiety it is advisable that you make use of the many anxiety and stress management programs that are available. This could prove to be greatly beneficial to you before things get out of hand. In order to prevent stress from evolving a change of lifestyle is highly recommended, set proper eating and sleeping times. There are a lot of advice available but one can take a horse to the water but cannot make it drink the water, so is the case with the vast majority. Bad habits are the root causes of stress, it all begins there, why do you want to put yourself under the seat? Live right as prevention is better than cure.

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I purposely kept this article back, until we’d learned more about how to combat Anxiety and Panic Attacks. To have written this first could have quite understandably been met with the re-action;

“Well, so what? What now? All this sounds very frightening. What do we do if we suffer one of these attacks?”

By explaining it now, we’ve learned how to handle these horrors and may now sit back and see what used to cause our misery. It isn’t too surprising to learn that Panic Attacks are caused by high Anxiety. Well, that’s fine, but what’s Anxiety?

It’s one of the most basic of human emotions, a most unpleasant sensation, but not dangerous by itself. The last two words are important. ‘By itself.’

There is this awful temptation to try to defeat Anxiety by drinking, or worse still, taking legal or illegal drugs.

It is true that properly prescribed medications can help a lot, in the short term especially, but of course there’s the awful risk of dependency. Alcohol and illegal drugs are a whole different matter. If you’re suffering Anxiety and you awake with a hangover, what you considered to be a problem the day before, is now a monumental event. At worst, thoughts of suicide may well be prevalent, so the caveat to all this is three words; don’t self medicate.

The definition of anxiety is as follows:

A state of apprehension or fear resulting from the anticipation of a real or imagined threat, event or situation.

Unless there’s something pretty exceptional about us, we all become anxious sometime in our lives, whether or not we suffer from a condition of Anxiety. In a perfectly balanced mind, one not affected by the symptoms, the person may receive bad and/or upsetting news and become anxious. This is perfectly normal. With a person of this nature, he or she will experience initial anxiety, then worry to a greater of lesser extent, depending on the trigger.

The person who suffers the condition on a regular basis, probably with occasional Panic Attacks thrown in, will be terrified by the experience and suffer symptoms such as blurred vision, dizziness, tingling and feelings of breathlessness.

When people don’t understand these sensations, hence the timing of this article, they think either that they’re ill or that a serious mental condition has overtaken them. The feeling of loss of control grips them and they become really frightened.

Could one of the root causes of Panic Attacks be the fight or flight response, and is there a connection between this and the sensations you experience during and after an attack?

We’ll answer these questions a bit later.

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