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If you are suffering from hemorrhoids you may be tired of dealing with many of the symptoms. While rarely serious they can be uncomfortable and can impact your lifestyle quite a bit. Common symptoms can include itching, pain and pressure around the rectal opening, pain and bleeding any time a bowel movement occurs, and swollen lumps that protrude from the area around the rectal opening. Any of these symptoms can be difficult to deal with on their own but in combination with one another they can really make someone feel uncomfortable and frightening.

You may find that the best approach to dealing with hemorrhoids is to get the symptoms under control. Then, you may find that you have the time you need to get to the root cause and ensure that the symptoms no longer reoccur. This way you may find that you are able to keep the condition under control enough that surgical intervention is not necessary.

Hemorrhoids occur when blood vessels in and around the rectal opening are placed under pressure.

  • Straining to go to the bathroom, constipation, and even improper toilet habits can all cause hemorrhoids.
  • When they are located inside the rectal opening they are known as internal hemorrhoids.
  • Hemorrhoids that occur outside the rectal opening are known as external hemorrhoids.

There are many ways that you can control hemorrhoids. One popular method for easing discomfort is to use a moist wipe after having a bowel movement. This can limit the amount of irritation that the area will experience. You can also use creams and lotions that contain medications that will ease the pain, get rid of the itching and reduce the swelling. Witch hazel is one popular ingredient that works as an astringent and will shrink hemorrhoids very effectively.

Once you are no longer dealing with pain and discomfort you may be willing to take the time to address the underlying causes that make this condition come back time and time again. Reducing the amount of pressure that the blood vessels are under is the only way that you can get rid of hemorrhoids without resorting to surgery.

Because straining can cause pressure on the blood vessels, making it easier to pass stool can really help to control the condition. Adding fiber to the diet can soften stool. Eating more whole fruits and vegetables and taking a fiber supplement can soften stools as can drinking more water. Changing the position you sit on when on the toilet can also get rid of the pressure on the blood vessels and can help to keep hemorrhoids under control.


Orlistat, commercially marketed as Xenical, is a prescription drug used for the treatment of obesity. It is also known as tetrahydrolipstatin. It prevents the absorption of fat from your diet and is known to give the best results when used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet and exercise.

Brief major side effects of Xenical

If you are taking Xenical for obesity, you may experience some side effects, but it is not necessary that all who take this drug will experience problems. Most people do not experience any side effects at all. In case you experience side effects, please contact your doctor at the earliest. Clinical studies have shown that people who were taking Xenical experienced some side effects as compared to people who were not taking it. Xenical takes effect in your digestive system but does not affect the other parts of your body in any way.

Its side effects include:

  • Faecal incontinence
  • Nausea
  • Fatty stool
  • Back pain
  • Headache
  • atigue
  • Uncontrolled bowel movement
  • Pain in the stomach

Many side effects related to the digestive tract can be reduced by decreasing your intake of dietary fat. Avoid taking a meal high is fat content with Xenical.


When excessive amounts of calories or fat is consumed, the body stores it, which causes weight gain. People eat more than they need and they consume foods that are not good for the health. Despite of nationwide campaigns that encourage people to eat a well balanced diet, people continue to eat unhealthy food. This trend not only gives rise to various chronic health conditions, but also leads to obesity and a state of being overweight. Obesity is the condition in which excess accumulation of fat occurs in the body to the extent that it has negative effects on your health. An individual is considered obese if his/her bodyweight is at least 20% higher than it should be. Also, the body mass index (BMI) should be 30 or above in order to be identified as obesity.

The major reasons for obesity:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
    With the advent of televisions and computers, most people have started living a sedentary lifestyle. They have very little physical work to do unlike their parents and grandparents. Earlier, shopping meant walking around but now it means clicking on a product and entering your credit card number on the internet. The less you move, the fewer calories you burn and this leads to accumulation of fat in your body.
  • Sleep deprivation
    Sleep is directly related to obesity. If you do not sleep enough, the risk of obesity rises by 100%. This is true for both, children and adults. Sleep deprivation leads to obesity. If you don’t sleep enough, the level of stress in your body increases. Stress increases your appetite.

Managing weight can be exasperating at times. You may need extra help in weight loss. Xenical aids in reduction of weight. It works best in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Try to hit the gym at least 4 times a week.


Hair loss is one of the common issues that many males face. Younger males experiencing balding are often embarrassed by the experience. To provide solution to the image disturbance problems of several young individuals undergoing balding, a lot of hair loss therapy for males are already available within the market. There are many types of remedies that could be used to provide solution to hair loss.

Some males do not want any treatment on their hair loss. They choose to stick with having one type of hairstyle to conceal their bald head. A total shave haircut is one of the greatest styles to hide hair loss. Some try different styles especially when they only have small bald areas on the head. Hair styles cannot get rid of baldness and it could be tiring to maintain. Therefore, some men still select treatments for their baldness.

Males who want treatment for their bald head undergo surgical procedure. But not all could be a candidate for a surgical procedure because you will find Factors before one can qualify to it. The Factors consist of age, nature of baldness, type of hair, and many more. Two kinds of surgical procedure typical for hair loss are available in the medical field these days. The two typical surgeries are scalp reduction and hair transplantation.

The primary type of surgical treatment is known as hair transplant. It is carried out by extracting healthy hair follicles in an area of the head with abundant hair. It’s then transferred and planted to the region where balding occurs. After a period of time, the follicles will start growing hair and cover the bald region.

The second surgical procedure is known as scalp reduction. For men with some bald areas on their head, this is the best treatment for their issue. The scalp on the area of the head where there is less or no hair growing will probably be surgically eliminated. The remaining scalp will then be pulled and sutured to close the area.

Aside from surgery, there are other hair remedies for hair loss. You will find natural remedies available in the market that one can use. Natural treatments are derived from the environment and examples are herbs and plant extracts.

One natural hair loss therapy is Saw Palmetto extract. The extract helps inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. When this enzyme binds with the male hormone testosterone it creates Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. As the chemical binds into the receptor cells of some hair follicle, it prevents vitamins and minerals in reaching the cells. This may make hair follicles malnourished and later on will probably be the cause of hair fall and hair loss.

An additional type of therapy for baldness is medication therapy. Many medications are manufactured by various businesses with promises to treat hair loss. The correct medications to take are generally prescribed by physicians. The Food and Drug Administration determine which drugs are secure for treatment use. The drug prescription for baldness is given by the proper physicians.

Hair loss among males isn’t a major issue nowadays. It’s because a number of hair loss treatment for men are already out. One will just have to select which treatment is safe and suitable for them. Consultation from an expert on hair loss is the best step to take before selecting any treatment.


If you take the blood pressure of 50 different people, you will get 50 different readings. If you take the blood pressure readings of some people 50 times, you will get 50 different blood pressure readings. Still, it is possible, that in spite of all these different numbers being read, none of these people will actually have hypertension. In this article, we will discuss why this is and just what a correct blood pressure reading is.

A blood pressure reading consists of two parts. One part is the systolic reading and the other part is the diastolic reading. The systolic part is the higher of the two numbers and of course, the diastolic is the lower.

On a traditional BP reading machine, which is called a sphygmomanometer, the air pressure on the cup around your arm is inflated to a pressure that would be higher than your systolic reading. The air is let out of the cup until the person reading your pressure can hear your heartbeat through a stethoscope.

  • The point at which he or she hears your heartbeat is your systolic reading.

The person reading your BP then continues to let more air out of the cup until he or she no longer hears your heartbeat.

  • The point at which the sound of your heartbeat disappears is your diastolic reading.

A very good systolic reading is 120 and a very good diastolic reading is 80. However, the systolic reading is only mildly high when it is slightly over 140 and the diastolic reading is only slightly high when it is around 90. Add the fact you could go several points lower than 120 and 80 on these readings before hypotension, or low blood pressure was an issue, and you can see there is quite a wide range of good BP readings.

This is good because a normal person’s pressure will vary throughout the day. Changes in stress level, exercise and food digestion are all issues which can affect one’s BP. In other words, your BP could be a little higher after you eat a heavy meal, but it could also be a little higher if you were very hungry. Of course, if you were to meet a lion face to face, your blood pressure would be very, very high.

For this reason, it is wise to take time to relax throughout the day and to learn how not to become too worked up over little things. Still, unless you are a very unusual person, your blood pressure may be high or at least on the high side once in a while. Because of this, one is not diagnosed with hypertension until he or she is getting high blood pressure readings consistently.



Autism – to label or not to label, that is the question. Have you been to your doctor about your child and been made to feel as if you were banging your head off a brick wall? Or quite possibly you have been told that a speech delay is common in boys and perhaps mom or dad is just being a bit too neurotic about it? If you have been down this route then you are certainly not alone. In Ireland the consensus now among many in the medical profession is that there is not really an increase in the number of autistic children out there but instead us parents are concocting the symptoms to claim state benefits by unjustly labeling our children.

If you have already been told by a number of people that your child is Autistic and more importantly if you the child’s parent who knows this part of you better than anyone else has an instinctual inner feeling that something is not right then chances are your suspicions are rarely unfounded. Recently a more enlightened member of the medical profession reiterated this fact to me, she said that a concerned mother or father who is ignored by their doctor is doing a great injustice to the child in question. So if you already have an innate belief that your child is different or has issues that need to be addressed then in most cases you are valid in your concerns.

A concerned parent does not want their child to be labeled as Autistic but if their the child does actually have autism then the sooner that this is recognized, faced and addressed the quicker it can be acted on and the better the outcome for everyone in the long run. Any one in the field of psychology, social care or child care will reiterate how important early intervention is for the child on the Autistic Spectrum. But this is practically impossible to access if you are still being told to wait and see, give the child a chance, you are just being neurotic, paranoid and that the child may still talk or perform other social skills when they are ready.

The best course of action on how to proceed in the diagnosis and treatment of Autism is not always easy to figure out. It is undoubtedly an emotionally fraught experience that will leave you drained and confused. However the knowledge on how to best deal with this unpredicted dilemma is best answered by those who are actually on the Autistic Spectrum. The general consensus among people with autism tends to be that if you are autistic then you feel already labeled before any official diagnosis is made or any official autistic title is bestowed upon you. Many children who went through childhood with undiagnosed autism will tell you that they already felt clearly different and were perceived in school and throughout life as being weird, a freak or rather eccentric unless they were told why they behaved the way they did and received the help they needed at a young age.

Experts in the fields of psychology and psychiatry say that ideally Early Intervention for the Autistic child should begin at the age of two. This gives the child the best possible chance of acquiring the skills necessary to interact with the outside world effectively and thus save them from a life time of low self esteem, a lack of confidence in themselves and a myriad of other common complications such as social anxiety issues, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse and anti social behavioral. So consequently being labeled as autistic is a release, a blessing, an awakening and being given an official diagnosis frees the autistic person rather than hindering them.

Any disability is a life altering experience and on interviewing a man in his thirties with ADHD AND dyslexia which remained undiagnosed until recently I asked him, if you had been labeled as having ADHD and dyslexia when you were four or five, would it have devastated you or would it have been a huge relief? He said he would have hugged the bearer of this news and said now I know why I am different and I am going to get the help that I need. A label only appears to really matter to those people who are not on the autistic spectrum. For those people that are autistic then they have already acquired internal labels and scars that have clearly set them apart from the general population whether they have ever been given an official diagnosis or not.

Embrace your autistic child they are no less a person they are just on a different path to you, their mind is wired differently but nevertheless they will always be your child and never let pride, ignorance or bad advice stop you from helping this person from reaching their true potential. We can all achieve our goals in life no matter which path we have to travel on to get there.



Office workers often complain of nagging headaches during office hours. This is because in the modern offices of today, our eyes are most often fixed in the computer visual display units. Almost all office related transaction and correspondences are focused on the small screen and if the office worker is not wearing the proper lenses, a severe headache can occur. The brain processes the images that the eyes see and if it is not healthy, the brain will not be able to function properly. There are different factors that affect our vision and these can be identified by a professional ophthalmologist or optometrist during an eye test.

The medical professional conducting the eye test will be able to prescribe the proper lens that is required to be used when working on your computer. The professional will not only check your visual sharpness, but will also recommend the proper shade of the lens that you have to wear when working on different display units. Most of the display units are bright and strains the eyes. Your position relative to the unit can also be discussed and corrected in order to have a good focus.

An eye test will also determine if there are other problems that are affecting your eyes. Professionals agree that your eyes usually do not hurt although they are not healthy. It is therefore important that the medical professional will be able to check their condition. The blinding disease glaucoma is serious when not immediately identified and treated. The older adults are affected by an eye cataract. This disease obstructs the light from penetrating the eyes and slowly causes loss of vision. The professionals will be able to determine the medically proven procedure to combat the vision impairment.

It is often recommended that a regular eye test be taken at least twice a year. This is to ensure that your sight will remain perfect. A good vision is required in our daily routine. Color blindness is an eye disease that people who are affected are not even aware that they are suffering. They cannot distinguish particular color or colors. An eye test will be able to determine if the person has this eye ailment.

Children at a young age should also see a professional eye examiner on schedule. It is important that their vision is correct as this can affect their reading and learning abilities. Uncorrected vision impairment of child can also lead to other psychological issues as they will not be able to participate in activities like sports or other social events.

Professionals working outdoors in most cases are obligated to have a regular eye examination in order to work. Safety will be sacrificed when the person working on machineries are visually handicapped.



What is hurting? Where it hurts? Why it hurts? Did you ever pause to think about that? It could be you are ignoring the stern look from that “some-body” that made you feel like you were nothing, the harsh work, the undignified gesture that seemed to hush you completely down and make you feel like you are worthless. It hurts. You know it hurts. And sometimes you can’t just explain why. There are those buried hurts from your past, the anger, enfolded within you that never had any outlet, the sense of treachery, of betrayal, of abandon…. the list goes on, and that make you hurt a lot, you can’t even know where the pain came from. You have heard about psycho-therapy and such stuff like hypnosis. They work incredibly great to ensure healing. But here are some elements of truth you may like to consider in dealing with your pain.

One of the greatest emotional pain spring from our sense of being left out, our abandon, our frustrations of not being able to integrate with others. You feel like you are brushed aside, just like a worth-less, use-less thing. That is what i wanna talk about. The feeling might be so imperceptible… you do not understand how it comes about. That is what I want us to talk about, and I’d not love it to be professional at all, I am no professional myself. I am a beating heart reaching yours.

Do you know what hurts? That is the question I asked you in the opening line of this gist. And do not just take it less seriously… Most of us hardly know what hurts us and that makes the pain so cruel and searing. Knowing what causes your pain is a way of naming it. When you name the source of your pain, you become its master. Pain is a kind of “enemy” and knowing it means you start identifying ways to handle it. The immediate reaction we face when we meet with painful and disheartening circumstances is that of denying facts… we think it couldn’t be possible. You may as well stand up, face high and say to yourself, with some gentleness: “never mind, such is life!” And know what, it isn’t easy as that. You would need to acknowledge that things aren’t always the way we want them to be. That is a thought that makes you expect less yet recognizing surprises. You’ll never recognize the miracles that life offers if you can’t admit that things could get so bitterly abnormal.

You ever know this feeling of pity, I mean feeling so dejected you say to yourself: “I pity you?” That could be so mean, sometimes, you know. Pity isn’t a healing feeling, especially when it turns back to yourself… instead there is compassion that you can express towards yourself. Compassion means, holding your own pain with gentleness and and believing that you can start the journey again. Compassion is the welcome you offer your heart thirsting for recognition and love. You can start loving yourself… the journey begins there always. You best know what your pain feels like, realizing that you are hurting is getting ready to treat yourself with much patience and tenderness. Few people love this and few people actually draw the waters from their hidden wounds to make the seeds of their humanity flourish.

No one, no other human being can make you understand what you are worth. That others encourage you could be a sign of grace falling upon your pilgrim path. But only you can measure your worth and it is much of how you feel than what others see of you. Often emotional hurts never well up on their own from within us, they are a result of abuses and hurts we get from those we are directly or indirectly related with. But it falls back to us to determine what to do with those hurts.

Do not whine and rote alone in your pain. let others love you. You know what? There are still people out there who do not understand this: they are famous for lavishing others with affection but they do not even recognize their need for affection. Love is healing energy, wherever it comes from. Open to its call and let others pass through your wounds to cleanse the space that hurts within. Letting others inside isn’t easy. It could be like revealing your fragility, you hidden wounds, your very “nudity” to others. It is worth the pain and it demands a lot of trust. You might be hurting so much because you do not open up to others. The person offering you affection and attention has a rare gift of his/her uniqueness that you will never find within you. Receiving this gift is empowerment…



Food, glorious food! Well, who doesn’t love food, and who doesn’t have their particular favourites. The thing is though, that when it comes to managing your cholesterol levels, you really have to identify the foods for bad cholesterol and the foods for good cholesterol, if you are to give yourself any chance of preventing heart disease, heart attack or stroke.

There are two types of cholesterol, LDL and HDL. LDL is the bad cholesterol and HDL is the good.

When too much LDL cholesterol exists, it will build up in your artery walls, causing plaque and clots to form. This can lead to restricted blood flow, causing you to have a stroke or heart attack.

HDL does its best to prevent this, by removing excessive amounts of LDL from your arteries, taking it to your liver, where eventually it will get removed from your system.

That is why, for perfectly healthy cholesterol levels, you need to achieve and maintain, low LDL cholesterol and high HDL cholesterol.

Foods for bad cholesterol, if eaten consistently, will substantially increase LDL cholesterol, and to serious and dangerous levels, putting your health, and possibly your life, at risk.

The foods for bad cholesterol you want to avoid, or at the very least reduce your intake of, are meat, dairy products, cakes, ice-cream, biscuits, fried foods, junk food, processed foods and pre-packaged foods.

The reason being, these foods are high in saturated fats and trans fats, and play havoc with your LDL cholesterol levels.

Foods for good cholesterol that you should eat more of are nuts, fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and fish, as these foods contain soluble fiber, polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats and omega 3, all of which will lower LDL cholesterol while raising HDL levels.

While controlling the foods for bad cholesterol that you eat, along with consuming more of the foods for good cholesterol, will undoubtedly help you achieve good cholesterol levels, there is a way you can solidify your results.

And the way to do that is through taking a cholesterol supplement, with natural ingredients like policosanol, lecithin oil, rice bran oil, beta sitosterol and D-limonene.

These are pure, natural ingredients, tried and tested, with the ability to lower LDL cholesterol while raising HDL levels.

Remember, achieving the perfect cholesterol ratio of LDL to HDL is what will give you maximum protection against heart disease, heart attack or stroke, and restricting the foods for bad cholesterol, increasing the foods for good cholesterol, in addition to the right supplements, will give you the best results possible.

If you feel ready to take action, and achieve excellent heart healthy cholesterol levels, then visit my website today, where I share what I personally successfully used, and continue to use, for brilliant cholesterol levels and amazing heart health.



Arthritis is one of the diseases that heated gloves are aimed to relieve. You see, according to the United States Center for Disease Control, arthritis is second to heart disease that cause work disability.

Why are these gloves better than other forms of treatments?

Traditional treatments of this disease include application of liniments, lotions and taking pain killers. But what if you are already immune with drugs and your skin is already sore? This is when heated gloves are needed. Powered by batteries, these gloves deliver heat to the hands of people suffering from arthritis instantly giving relief.

What are the noticeable effects of these gloves?

By providing heat ranging from 94 – 105 degrees Fahrenheit, these gloves reduce the inflammation of the hands. This in turn lessens the swelling of the joints in the affected area. Also, the pain is greatly reduced because of the warmth.

What are the benefits of using these gloves?

One noticeable benefit is that unlike other forms of heated apparel, these gloves are handy and can be worn night or day. This means that the patients arthritis can be treated at any time. Also, the need to take strong pain killers is lessened and future damage to the kidney or liver can be prevented.

Things that you should take into consideration

First of all, these heated gloves use batteries. This means that unless you aren’t going very far, it is ideal that you charge this up and keep it full bars most of the time. This is to prevent suddenly losing power when it is really needed. Also, never forget to regulate the temperature. Different people have different tolerance towards heat and pain. So choose the setting that is just right and comfortable for you.

What are some of the feature to look for in gloves?

If you look online, there are literally hundreds of variations of these gloves. All with their own set of features and materials. But, there are still a few things that make others shine better than the rest.

1. Material – The first thing that you should look for is the quality in the material used. Although some manufactures claim that their products are what you really need, you should take a look at what was actually put into the material. For one, some manufacturers use microfibers to make the overall glove sturdy and weather resistant.

2. Technology used – There are various technologies involved in the creation of heated glove. One example of such technology uses hair like alloys to transmit heat through the hands and palms.

Heated gloves are god’s gift to people with arthritis. So if you are one of them, it wouldn’t hurt to try one out.



Your back has some very vital functions. It supports the head and upper body. It allows you to twist, stretch, and bend. Most importantly, it protects your spinal cord. Your back can do all these functions because it is naturally made of a combination of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Unfortunately, all of those are susceptible to pain and injury. You experience pain when your vertebrae are misaligned due to injury, muscle tension, muscle spasms or loose, weak muscles.

Your spine contains 33 vertebral bones. The vertebrae include nerve canals, complex joints and are attached to muscles and ligaments. The vertebrae are made up of three segments which have different functions. The cervical vertebrae in the neck are smaller and more fragile than the others. These allow you to move your head around in different directions. Next, the thoracic vertebrae grant some flexibility and attach with your ribs. Finally, the lumbar vertebrae are those which are located where your lower back curves. These provide support and mobility for our bodies and do heavy lifting. They are frequently at risk to injuries and pain because they are responsible for the bulk weight of the body and for bending at the waist.
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It is possible that you know about ruptured disk and herniated disk. Disks are “shock absorbers” that are fluid-filled sacs between each of the vertebra which hold the vertebrae together and makes it move easier. There are times when these disks slip out of its position or become ruptured. This sends out pain, particularly if it compresses a nerve.

The spinal cord, made up of many nerve fibers, has a significant function of sending impulses to and from the brain and the rest of your body. In some cases, the nerve fibers get irritated from certain conditions such as herniated disk, misaligned disk, and injury or deterioration of the vertebrae. When this occurs, you may experience uncomfortable pain, headache, tingling, and numbness or weakness. A chiropractor knows various manipulation techniques to handle these symptoms.

They say prevention is better than cure. There are seven ways in order to avoid pain in the back. Try to maintain good posture whenever you’re sitting or standing. Watch your weight since excess weight creates more strain for your back. Remember to warm up before exercise or doing any strenuous physical activity. Be active and exercise regularly to keep those muscles and joints flexible. When lifting, make sure to observe body mechanics by bending at your knees, holding the object close to your body, and lift from your legs. Avoid sleeping in prone position; this can strain your neck and back. If your work entails you to sit over long periods of time, talk with your DC about the best ergonomic alternatives.

Unfortunately, if back pain is already present, seek a chiropractor. Chiropractors, such as professionals from Chiropractic Colorado Springs, utilize manual spinal manipulation techniques integrated with other alternative treatments. They theorize that our bodies can heal itself, without needing surgery or medication, as long as our musculoskeletal framework is in proper alignment. They will use manipulation methods to repair mobility of the restricted joints due to tissue injury. The injury can be caused by any traumatic event or by a repetitive stress in certain body areas. Usually, a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) will require some lab tests and diagnostic imaging exams to assess your health condition. Additionally, a chiropractor will ask for your medical history and will do a physical examination. DCs do these to decide whether or not chiropractic care is suitable for your back pain condition.
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Chiropractic care is generally a safe, pain-free, and drug-free efficient treatment for acute low back pain. The acute back pain, as experienced by 31 million Americans, should not exceed more than six weeks and will improve on its own after starting chiropractic therapy.

The chiropractic plan for back pain consists of manipulation techniques utilizing sudden controlled force to enhance range and quality of motion of the joints. In addition, chiropractors may instigate nutritional counseling and helpful fitness exercises. The goals of chiropractic care include prevention of injury, relief from pain, and the restoration of your body functions.