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Unwanted hair has always been a bother to most people, and any type of hairremoval is usually painful and takes time. Permanent results would be the best, but most conventional methods don’t guarantee this. However, recent developments in laser technology have come up with the IPL hairremoval methods, which can take care of the hair problems, as well as greatly improve the texture of skin and solve various skin problems.

How does it work?

Intense pulsed light (IPL), is a technology aimed at producing light of high intensity during a very short period of time. It involves specific lamps together with capacitors whose rapid discharge provides the high energy required. The light is converted to heat energy that subsequently takes care of the unwanted hair. This procedure has been acknowledged as cheap and faster compared to laser hairremoval methods. Though it does not guarantee permanent removal of hair, manufacturers can guarantee permanent reduction of hair. This means that the hair can be removed to a certain significant degree, but not in its entirety.

The procedure may be a little uncomfortable, but not entirely painful. A cooling spray is applied to deal with this, and treatments can be repeated at monthly intervals for better results. In this way after 2 to 7 treatments, most of the hair shafts will be successfully treated. Any new hair growth then is treated as found fit.
Can you use IPL?

The use of IPL hairremoval largely depends on the type of machine used and the individuals skin and hair colour. Also remember that IPL hairremoval treatments do not permanently remove hair, rather it significantly reduces hair follicle growth. That said certain skin types are not suitable for IPL hairremoval; darker skins being the main culprit. This is because this particular skin pigment absorbs too much energy that may cause unwanted damage. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern skin types should also be taken care of, while blonde and light coloured hair may not respond to treatment at all. Generally, individuals with a history of sensitivity to light based treatments are at risk of causing more harm than good. Use of drugs and skin infections are other considerations that should be taken care of.

Before undergoing any IPL hairremoval, it is best you first consult a professional to get the risks and benefits of the procedure. Generally, this form of permanent hair reduction is cheaper than laser technologies, and can treat a larger skin area at a time. The number of treatment sessions will depend on your hair colour and skin type, as well as the equipment used.

IPL hairremoval method is a new form of cosmetic technology, and a good alternative while permanent hairremoval strategies for this method do not yet exist. Consult with a professional first before booking an appointment to ensure safe and secure hairremoval treatment.


Of course, nobody likes the idea of being bald; this is something that affects a lot of men as well as women though. Working to regrow hair is not always easy; this can also cause a substantial amount of stress as you are trying everything under the sun to make hair actually grow back. Fret not, there are several home remedies that have been known to actually work, just finding what will work best for you is extremely time consuming since you need to give each remedy a chance to actually work.

  • How do you feel about onions? Most people are not huge fans of onion, particularly the smell. The benefits to your scalp are potentially huge though. Did you even stop to consider that the same food you put on your hamburger could also help you to regrow a bit of hair? This is a concept that is out of the realm for most people, but it is true. Taking a piece of onion and rubbing it over the bald part of your head until it is slightly red then applying honey for a short period has been known to help improve the circulation of the scalp and in turn improve hair growth.
  • Another popular choice is the usage of coconut milk and also a bit of aloe vera gel. By mixing together equal parts of the gel and coconut milk you will have a nice paste that you can use to spread around on your scalp and help stimulate the hair follicles to regrow hair. It is very important that you leave the treatment on for at least thirty minutes each time and do this a minimum of three times each week. After a couple of weeks, you should begin to notice some very small hairs regrowing.
  • Everyone knows that apple cider vinegar is a truly remarkable remedy. This can also be used to assist in hair growth as well. Adding this to the already long list of remedies that apple cider vinegar is capable of is certainly a shock for some people, but it is a reality. Add equal parts of the apple cider vinegar to a bit of sage tea and use it to rinse out the hair. This will help to also stimulate the hair follicles and help you to find a bit of fuzz regrowing.

If you do not see any immediate improvements try not to give up all of the hopes you have at first. There are several reasons why you might not see immediate results; this can range from a bad diet, to stress, to even problems with your overall health. Instead of looking to purchase any expensive treatments always take a bit of time to see a doctor and ensure that you are not experiencing any serious medical problems that could be impacting your hair growth negatively.

Perhaps the doctor will be able to find a problem, which would allow the remedy to work better. If nothing else, this would allow you to determine for certain that the remedy is not effective for your needs so that you can move onto pick out a new remedy to work with. Never just struggle along trying to force a remedy to work that is not effective. There are far too many choices that can help you to continue struggling for success.


Hair loss is one of the most irritating problems which troubles almost everybody in this world at some point in their life. In this article let us discuss about the causes of hair loss and some of the ways through which one can limit hair loss and even grow new hair with the help of some natural remedies.


Their are many reasons which can lead to hair fall but mainly its causes include aging, hormonal imbalance, side effects of some medication, hereditary baldness, depression and stress. But scientifically speaking it is caused due to excess production of DHT in the body.

Remedial Measures

If you notice your hair falling at more than a normal rate you should take some immediate actions to limit the damage. Let us lay out some of the things you can do to keep your hair healthy and free from hair loss.

1. Massage the head daily for at least two minutes with almond or coconut oil. Oil will provide the hair follicles with vital nutrients and massaging will trigger normal flow of blood making your hair strong and unsusceptible to hair loss.

2. Do not use hard shampoos as they contain chemicals which make the hair thin and over the period of time make them fall off instead use herbal shampoos which not only provide nourishment to the hair but also make them strong and shinning.

3. If you suspect that your hair are falling at a very rapid rate then you can also take the help of herbs like saw palmetto which help in decreasing the DHT levels in the body. Saw palmetto is also helpful in shrinking an enlarged prostate and is one of the most popular herbs used in alternative form of medicine all over the world.

4. Taking appropriate amount of sleep is also very important not only for your overall health but also for your hair. It has been seen that people who do not provide their body with enough rest tend to get bald sooner as well as age faster than people who are happy and free from depression and stress.

So looking at the above remedial measures one thing that comes out clearly is that if one is willing to introduce some healthy changes in his lifestyle than he can certainly preserve his hair for a long period of time as well as improve his overall health condition which is very important in today’s hectic and busy lifestyle.


According to Hair Science, hair normally grows about ? inch to ? inch per month. That means that some people have hair that grows slower than others and some people have hair that grows faster than others, however the growing rate should be normal for you. We also shed about 50-80 hairs per day, give or take. (L’oreal, 2011) That might sound excessive but it is what it is.

In order to maximize hair growth, it is necessary to keep your hair nourished. It is far better to start with a healthy body to ensure healthy hair. According to an article from Web MD, there are ten top foods associated to the secrets to hair growth:

Essential omega-3 fatty acids are needed to support scalp health (if you lack a deficiency in these it can result in a dry scalp and your hair will be dull and lifeless). If you are vegetarian you can add flaxseed oil or ground flaxseed to your daily diet for an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Dark green vegetables such as spinach, kale, collards, and broccoli and fruits like cherries, blueberries, cranberries, pomegranates, raspberries and plums, are rich in vitamin A, C (antioxidants), iron and calcium. These fruits and vegetables help to produce sebum, which is a natural hair conditioner and is secreted by your hair follicles.
  • Beans contain iron, zinc, biotin, and lots of protein which is necessary for hair growth and really should be a part of a healthy hair growth diet.
  • Eggs are full of protein which is an excellent source for hair growth.
  • Whole grain breads, and cereals are an excellent source of zinc, iron, and B vitamins.
  • Beef, lamb and oysters are a good source of zinc.
  • Turkey and chicken are both great sources of protein.
  • Nuts, like walnuts and Brazil nuts another great source of protein.
  • Dairy products that are low in fat such as yogurt and skim milk are high in calcium, another necessity for hair growth.
  • Carrots are not only good for the eyes but also contribute to healthy shiny hair and are an excellent source of vitamin A.

Having healthy hair is a two-part commitment. Now that we have the internal requirements let’s talk about external requirements. Utilizing some simple hair growth home remedies such as keeping your hair moisturized is essential to keeping it well nourished with some of the best oils for hair growth. Using the oil treatment about twice a week will encourage growth. Just mix some olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil in equal amounts and warm it in your microwave (just warm to the touch).

It might be easier to put the oil in a small bottle with a pointed tip to make it easier to apply. Apply the oil to your scalp and massage it in for about 3 minutes to stimulate your scalp. You can use a heat cap for about 20-30 minutes or you can put on a plastic cap and wrap your hair in a turban overnight. Shampoo with proper shampoo. Use warm water if you have oily hair and lukewarm water for dry hair. Using water that is too hot is not good for your hair (Parker, 2011). Stay tuned for more tips on hair growth.


Have you watched the movie Tangled? Don’t you just love the way Rapunzel’s hair move from left to right as if they have wings to fly? Indeed, we all fancy having the longest and the shiniest hair there is. We want boys to get attracted to us through our hair. But being able to reach this dream is easy because learning how to make your hair grow longerare all available online. Through simple searches, you can find the trick you’ve been waiting to try. Here are some of them:

  • Invest on a healthy lifestyle. Before you do other tricks on how to make your hair grow longer, it helps to start with the most sensible advice which is to eat nutritious foods to foster the development of health hair. Remember that the food you eat and drink have an effect on the way your hair looks like. It is important that you commit yourself to eating loads of fruits and vegetables daily. Drinking enough water is the trick too. Spend your time doing an exercise routine to improve your whole body’s health. You treat your body well because your hair grows directly from it.
  • It pays to use moisturizing products too. If you have black hair then there is a tendency for it to look dull always hence you need products which will replace the lost moisture. This is why you need good quality shampoos and conditioners specially made for dry and damaged hair. While buying these product do not mean that you should buy from the most expensive stores in town but finding good quality one should be your main concern. Conditioning is for the healthy hair so always buy good quality conditioners. You can even make use of leave-on conditioners if you like. Once in a week, you can grab deep conditioner which you can also do once in a month.
  • Stay away from heat as much as possible. Although you love the effects of flat iron, blower, and curling iron, you should take wary to use these on special occasions online. Do not place the heat too high. To better save you from the hassle of working with these tools, you may want to go for a hairstyle which will not ask too much heat.

Without a doubt, there are quick fix on you will be able to learn how to make your hair grow longer. So never feel too overpowered with your desire of wishing you will have your long hair soon. If you just work on your ways to reaching your dream of getting that Rapunzel kind of look then you can do so. So next time you feel as if you have the craving to have the best long hair in town then you can do so by following the tips and tricks above.


Winter Hair Care

As the seasons change you many notice the condition of your hair change as well. Between the low temperatures, arctic winds, the sun and the dry heat indoors your hair can become very dry. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle with a season full of bad hair days. Follow these preventative and protective measures and your hair should stand up to the coldest elements.

Indoor Heating
Heat produced from an indoor heating system is very dry and can dry out your hair. Using a humidifier to increase moisture in the air will assist the humectants with keeping your hair hydrated.

Reduce chemical treatments
This beauty process already damages hair regardless of the season. Instead of highlighting hair look into getting low lights or coloring your hair with ammonia or peroxide free treatments.

Conditioning your hair will keep it healthy and moisturized.
Select a conditioner that contains soy protein and panthenol, these ingredients attract and hold moisture in the hair. Also be sure to choose the correct conditioner for your hair type. You should deep condition at least once a week in the winter.

For thick or curly hair, deep condition with a thick, rich moisturizing conditioner. With these hair types, the hair’s natural oils tend to sit at the roots leaving the rest of the hair dry. So you may not have to apply conditioner at the scalp. In this instance you can apply the product about 2 inches away from the root.

For thin, fine hair use a regular conditioner after shampooing and follow up with a light leave in conditioner that won’t weigh down your hair.
Additionally, remember to increase moisture in the areas of your hair that tend to dry out the most often, like the older hair at the ends.

Static electricity
Well conditioned hair usually doesn’t have static electricity. Also brushing your hair with a natural boar bristle brush with a wooden handle can further reduce static.

Reduce exposure to heat
Another way to retain moisture is by reducing your hair’s exposure to heating tools.
Stopping all together might be better but I’m not sure if we can all do that. When you’re blow drying your hair use a dryer that has tourmaline and stop once your hair is dry. Tourmaline breaks down water molecules making the drying process faster and easier. Use the lower heating setting on all heating tools and after a curling iron has been on your hair for 15-20 seconds, it should be curled.

Wash your hair in warm water as hotter temperatures can dry it out. And don’t bother to give yourself a chill with a shot of cold water for added shine, it’s a myth.

Products to avoid
Steer clear of products that build up on your hair, like silicone (ingredients ending in -cone). During the winter months you should use clarifying shampoos less. The sulfates, cleaning agent, in them tend to dry hair by stripping away the natural oils. Instead of silicone to guard your hair from the elements opt for an oil such as olive or coconut oil to seal in moisture, but use in moderation.

Fight the elements
Protect your hair from the sun and cold elements. This can be done in a couple different ways. You can style your hair up or at least cover it with a scarf or hat. Stain or silk material (or lined inside the hat) is recommended to reduce friction and further moisture loss. Also, always use products with sunscreen. The sun can be damaging to hair and skin all year round.

Follow these tips and you should be able to maintain healthy and hydrated hair during the iciest time of the year.


Did you know that the main cause of hair loss in men and women is partly caused by the male hormone testosterone? Testosterone along with the enzyme, 5 alpha reductase, will produce DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This DHT hormone will attach to a hair follicle. By doing this, it blocks nutrients from getting to the hair strand and the hair follicle. This will eventually cause the hair strand to fall out and the follicle to die. This type of hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness (MPB) and/or female pattern baldness (FPB).

In men, testosterone is created in the testes. This production will begin in the fetus at about the eighth week. This hormone is responsible for the development of the male’s deep voice, and the growth of his hair, muscles and bone. Also it is the key hormone responsible for a man’s sex drive.

In women, testosterone is made in much smaller quantities in the ovaries. It is mainly responsible for a woman’s sex drive

Controlling Testosterone And Hair Loss – In my research I did not find any medicines or drugs that targeted testosterone to stop MPB or FPB. Most of what I found targets the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme. This enzyme is produced in the prostrate gland and adrenal glands.

I found that two herbs, Saw Palmetto and Pygeum will block DHT. Saw Palmetto is probably the best known of the two. It is believed to act in two ways. First it lowers DHT by blocking the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme. The second way it helps with controlling androgenetic alopecia, is by blocking receptor sites needed to absorb DHT.

Pygeum comes from the African continent and is the bark of the African evergreen. It acts by inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, thus helping to stop the development of DHT.

If you are going to use either Saw Palmetto or Pygeum, you will have better luck in stopping MPB or FPB by using the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved drug Minoxidil. This is approved for use by both men and women dealing with MPB or FPB.

Another FDA approved drug is Propecia. This is taken in pill form, but is not approved for use by women since it may cause birth defects.

Conclusion – Testosterone plays a major roll in causing MPB or FPB by interacting with the enzyme, 5 alpha reductase. This creates DHT which blocks nutrients from reaching the hair follicle and hair strand. Those herbs and drugs used to control pattern baldness do not attack testosterone but mainly the 5 alpha reductase enzyme.


Hair loss is one of the common issues that many males face. Younger males experiencing balding are often embarrassed by the experience. To provide solution to the image disturbance problems of several young individuals undergoing balding, a lot of hair loss therapy for males are already available within the market. There are many types of remedies that could be used to provide solution to hair loss.

Some males do not want any treatment on their hair loss. They choose to stick with having one type of hairstyle to conceal their bald head. A total shave haircut is one of the greatest styles to hide hair loss. Some try different styles especially when they only have small bald areas on the head. Hair styles cannot get rid of baldness and it could be tiring to maintain. Therefore, some men still select treatments for their baldness.

Males who want treatment for their bald head undergo surgical procedure. But not all could be a candidate for a surgical procedure because you will find Factors before one can qualify to it. The Factors consist of age, nature of baldness, type of hair, and many more. Two kinds of surgical procedure typical for hair loss are available in the medical field these days. The two typical surgeries are scalp reduction and hair transplantation.

The primary type of surgical treatment is known as hair transplant. It is carried out by extracting healthy hair follicles in an area of the head with abundant hair. It’s then transferred and planted to the region where balding occurs. After a period of time, the follicles will start growing hair and cover the bald region.

The second surgical procedure is known as scalp reduction. For men with some bald areas on their head, this is the best treatment for their issue. The scalp on the area of the head where there is less or no hair growing will probably be surgically eliminated. The remaining scalp will then be pulled and sutured to close the area.

Aside from surgery, there are other hair remedies for hair loss. You will find natural remedies available in the market that one can use. Natural treatments are derived from the environment and examples are herbs and plant extracts.

One natural hair loss therapy is Saw Palmetto extract. The extract helps inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. When this enzyme binds with the male hormone testosterone it creates Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. As the chemical binds into the receptor cells of some hair follicle, it prevents vitamins and minerals in reaching the cells. This may make hair follicles malnourished and later on will probably be the cause of hair fall and hair loss.

An additional type of therapy for baldness is medication therapy. Many medications are manufactured by various businesses with promises to treat hair loss. The correct medications to take are generally prescribed by physicians. The Food and Drug Administration determine which drugs are secure for treatment use. The drug prescription for baldness is given by the proper physicians.

Hair loss among males isn’t a major issue nowadays. It’s because a number of hair loss treatment for men are already out. One will just have to select which treatment is safe and suitable for them. Consultation from an expert on hair loss is the best step to take before selecting any treatment.


Hair loss is something millions of people suffer from year round. If you are experiencing this awful condition then you need to keep reading. There are so many simple things you can begin doing right now that will help stop it fast. All you are going to need to do is follow these tips.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you are taking better care of your hair. What this means is no more washing, curling or blow drying your hair every day. The reason why is due to the fact that what all those do is end up causing more damage than good to your hair. And it is very important that you give your hair enough time to soak up the natural oils your scalp gives off. And those are something which will help keep your hair strong and healthy longer. So if you start washing your hair every second or even third day instead it will help your hair stay healthy. And will even help prevent and stop hair loss fast.

Another simple thing you can do to help get rid of hair loss is by watching what you eat. Sometimes a lack of vitamins can trigger certain health problems, hair loss being one of them. So in order to stop this from happening what you can do is begin eating healthier than you have been. This means you are going to want to start eating more foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low fat dairy. Those are the sort of products that are going to help you stay healthy and make sure you get those much needed vitamins. It might also be a good idea to take vitamin supplements as well. Doing so is another great and easy way to make sure you are getting those recommended levels each day.

One other way you can help stop hair loss or thinning of hair is by cutting back the amount of time you wear hats. Wearing hats can in fact cause hair loss believe it or not. So what you will want to do is make sure you start wearing them less. Even though most have small holes in them it is not enough to bring in the amount of oxygen your hair and scalp need.

So if you just simply begin using tips like the ones above it will help stop that terrible hair loss fast. It does not matter how bad it is or how long you have been experiencing it for.



Men are mostly prone to hair loss. It is normal and obviously, very popular for men. This is actually due of the sensitivity to androgens or male sex hormones in some parts of the scalp. Surprisingly, from generations to generations of men can experience hair loss. Even though most people now would like to have bald heads because it is cool, also some regard it as shameful and undesirable. This is the reason why there is a search for the most competent solution to minimize this kind of problem.
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Normally, there are men who have very sensitive scalps. When blood cannot circulate well in a man’s blood, the hormones that produce hair follicles shrivel. When they become so small, they cannot restore lost hairs anymore. Though the follicles are still there, they are not already capable of executing their task. This starts when men reach the age of twenty to thirty. This starts and follows a pattern. First, a retreating hairline grows, and slowly the hair on top of the head begins to thin. In the end, the balding areas meet and make a normal U- shape around the back and sides of the head. The remaining hairs are normally thinner and do not grow as rapidly. In addition, because men hair loss is in truth genetically determined it no one can deny it. Hair loss is in fact as normal as breathing so accepting it would not hurt much. It actually could help a lot when a person is not in denial because applying more medical solutions would just mean more unwanted side effects.

But then again, like almost all the problems in the world, we can do something to minimize its dreadful effects. Moreover, like all medical solutions in this world, a person should spend some pennies in order to have a good replacement for a balding head. There are number of treatments with medications that are available. Furthermore, one of these is the minoxidil lotion which is applied twice regularly to the scalp. This helps regain the strength of the hair. Actually, minoxidil was at first a cure high blood pressure and the growth of the hair is just a side effect, later on it proved very effective so it is now widely accessible today. Good thing is that it available over- the- counter so you do not need to have your doctor prescribes it. Second is the finasteride. This is in the appearance of a tablet. This is an anti- androgen because it stops the results of the hormones. Unlike the minoxidil, this can be available if you present a private prescription. Besides, once you start using this, you need to have sustenance to have the best results.
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Lastly, plastic surgery for men hair loss is also an option. This is the most efficient way to replace lost hairs. Examples of this hair loss remedy are transplant, scalp reduction and flap- surgery. The three can be suitable for men with matching hair types and hair situation. Therefore, before deciding what one to have, you need to examine how severe your hair loss is.