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One of the most painful diseases that can affect the human body is arthritis. Therefore if there are arthritis remedies then the general public will rush to get them. It is imperative that the remedies are tested before they are put to the public because there is nothing more frustrating than investing in some medication and finding out later on that it does not work. The arthritis patients are in enough pain already without such shenanigans being imposed on them. We then have to look at the remedies in the context of the safety of the patient. It is imperative that the remedies do not increase their problems but instead give them some relief from the pain that they are suffering at the moment. That is the key to using arthritis remedies effectively.

One of the remedies that has been touted by individual members of the families of arthritis suffers is the super food supplement. There is no sufficient explanation of why it works but it seems that there have been people who have reported a significant reduction in their pain when they started taking this supplement. As one of the remedies, it tends to get very good reviews from the clients that rely on it and they are convinced that it is the reason why their condition has improved in the long run. With such recommendations it is hard to argue against the super food supplement. If it is available and affordable then there is nothing stopping the patient from trying to access it for their own use and comfort.

There are concentrated versions of the super food supplement which increase the effectiveness of any remedies in terms of dealing with the painful process of daily living. If the person finds that the simple version is not working very well they are free to look at the more complex and concentrated versions to see whether they can do the trick. There have been many touching testimonies from people who have been affected by arthritis. Often it is a very long process that requires them to deal with pain on an almost constant basis. The presence of the remedies is a blessed relief that can bring back sanity within their lives and ensure that they have a semblance of normality. Of course any decision to take the remedies should be done in consultation with the doctor.


Arthritis is one of the diseases that heated gloves are aimed to relieve. You see, according to the United States Center for Disease Control, arthritis is second to heart disease that cause work disability.

Why are these gloves better than other forms of treatments?

Traditional treatments of this disease include application of liniments, lotions and taking pain killers. But what if you are already immune with drugs and your skin is already sore? This is when heated gloves are needed. Powered by batteries, these gloves deliver heat to the hands of people suffering from arthritis instantly giving relief.

What are the noticeable effects of these gloves?

By providing heat ranging from 94 – 105 degrees Fahrenheit, these gloves reduce the inflammation of the hands. This in turn lessens the swelling of the joints in the affected area. Also, the pain is greatly reduced because of the warmth.

What are the benefits of using these gloves?

One noticeable benefit is that unlike other forms of heated apparel, these gloves are handy and can be worn night or day. This means that the patients arthritis can be treated at any time. Also, the need to take strong pain killers is lessened and future damage to the kidney or liver can be prevented.

Things that you should take into consideration

First of all, these heated gloves use batteries. This means that unless you aren’t going very far, it is ideal that you charge this up and keep it full bars most of the time. This is to prevent suddenly losing power when it is really needed. Also, never forget to regulate the temperature. Different people have different tolerance towards heat and pain. So choose the setting that is just right and comfortable for you.

What are some of the feature to look for in gloves?

If you look online, there are literally hundreds of variations of these gloves. All with their own set of features and materials. But, there are still a few things that make others shine better than the rest.

1. Material – The first thing that you should look for is the quality in the material used. Although some manufactures claim that their products are what you really need, you should take a look at what was actually put into the material. For one, some manufacturers use microfibers to make the overall glove sturdy and weather resistant.

2. Technology used – There are various technologies involved in the creation of heated glove. One example of such technology uses hair like alloys to transmit heat through the hands and palms.

Heated gloves are god’s gift to people with arthritis. So if you are one of them, it wouldn’t hurt to try one out.



Whenever a gout attack occurs the human body is unable to effectively discharge the uric acid that should be broken down in the blood and excreted by the kidneys. Uric crystal deposits forms in the body, usually accumulating in joints, causing redness, swelling and pain.

The level of pain experienced by the sufferers varies greatly from bearable to excruciating. Some are able to move about, but because gout starts at the foot and knee area, walking is severely impaired. The uric deposits can also accumulate the joints in the hands. In some instances, a slight fever is also present; going about usual tasks is greatly affected by this disease.

Food rich in purine content is often blamed for having gout. Some of the foods said to increase uric acid are beef and seafood; huge alcohol intake is also said to elevate uric acid level. But aside from these, there are other conditions that can make you more susceptible to this illness: obesity, high blood pressure, stress and old age. In addition, children with parents suffering from this disease are likely to be vulnerable.

Men are prone to be inflicted by this form of arthritis when reaching the age of 30, while the opposite sex gets affected after the menopausal period. Often, sufferers will experience an advanced stage of this disease as the early stages can go unnoticed because symptoms are not easily felt.

Gout attacks may happen once in a lifetime and never come back. While others with bearable pain opt to go about with the usual physical activities, it is best to take a rest when it strikes. This will help control the swelling; applying cold compress to the affected part will also do the trick. Applying severe pressure will worsen the situation. However, it is critical to seek medical attention as soon as it occurs to properly diagnose the disease. It’s important to note that an increase in uric acid level could mean an indication of a worst medical condition like kidney failure, among others.

An attack can usually last for up to two weeks and then go away without being treated. Taking medications prescribed by doctors can shorten the length of time and lets you go back to work in less than a week. Aside from taking a blood sample to determine the level of uric acid, doctors may need to extract fluid from the affected joint using a syringe for further scrutiny. This will help properly diagnose the disease and recommend the best medication. It will also require close supervision by requiring the sufferer to visit the doctor on a regular basis. The frequency will depend on the patient’s medical condition.

A change in lifestyle is best recommended to prevent and cure gout. This will include a modification on the foods eaten, making a conscientious effort to eat healthy. Although red meat, seafood and alcohol are not totally prohibited, they should be taken in moderation.



The rotator cuff is located in the shoulder and it helps with various arm movements. If you get tendonitis in the rotator cuff, it will be difficult to ignore. The pain can become quite severe and you may have a limited range of motion in the arm where you have the tendonitis. When you have problems with swollen and irritated tendons in your shoulder, you want nothing more than to find relief for the pain and discomfort.

Why Rotator Cuff Tendonitis is Common

Tendonitis in the rotator cuff is quite common because the arms and shoulders do a lot of work on a daily basis, yet they are a rather weak are of the body. Overuse is often the most common reason for this type of tendonitis. It is very common among baseball players, swimmers and weight lifters. However, it can strike anyone. Someone who has to lift heavy boxes at work or someone who has to reach files that are above their head on a regular basis are just as much at risk for tendonitis as any sports player.

The Importance of Proper Treatment

Rotator cuff tendonitis can be treated and treatments are often successful if the condition is caught early. If the tendonitis is left without treatment and allowed to advance in severity then treatment may be difficult and the condition could become permanent. This is why it is very important that you recognize symptoms early.
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The symptom that you will notice early is a pain in the shoulder area when you move your arm. It can come and go and may not be easily distinguishable. You might think it is a pulled muscle or some minor injury that will go away on its own. However as the condition persists the pain will become more intense and it will spread so you feel it over a larger area. You might notice that it becomes tender to the touch. You should not let this condition go without seeing your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Proper Treatment

One you realize that tendonitis may be your problem you need to start resting your shoulder. Try not to use the arm for anything if possible. Once you have been diagnosed, your doctor will then develop a course of treatment. The treatment will be based on various factors. The doctor will consider your general health, the severity of the tendonitis and how you will need to use your shoulder in the future.

Treatment usually starts with resting the shoulder. You may also be advised to take an anti-inflammatory medication that you can buy over the counter. Icing the shoulder and massage are also common treatments for less severe cases of tendonitis. You may be told to build shoulder strength either on your own using light weights or through physical therapy. Strengthening the tendon will help to keep the injury from reoccurring. In more severe cases ultrasound therapy, steroid injections and surgery may be the best treatments.


Physical therapy is the science that combines physiology with exercises, and then applying these principles to the body when an injury is sustained. The aim is to educate patients about managing their pain, accelerating tissue healing, and restoring muscular flexibility, joint mobility and spine motion. While most people think that this therapy is for muscle injuries, it can treat a wide variety of medical problems.

Arthritis is a condition that affects almost 46 million adults and 300,000 children in the USA alone. But it is not a single condition, the term arthritis can be seen as a term that covers a group of over 100 different medical conditions. This kind of therapy can help in relieving the pain of arthritis by using three different types of exercises. These being range-of-motion, strengthening and endurance. Together these exercises will help to maintain the normal movement of the joints, increase muscle flexibility and strength, help keep the tissues of the bone and cartilage strong and healthy, and also improve the patients endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

The range-of-motion exercises are really very important to sufferers of arthritis. This is because any movement will cause them pain, so as not to suffer from that pain they try not to move very much. However, keeping a joint in the same position for too long may cause permanent loss of mobility and restrict the ability to perform normal daily activities. Range-of-motion exercises help with this problem by increasing and preserving joint mobility and flexibility.

We all suffer from stress at some level or another. Stress becomes very destructive when it causes physical pain and emotional distress. Clinical studies show that the human body becomes more vulnerable to disease during times of stress. Any activity that either causes your muscles to relax or that uses a large amount of physical energy will cause you to feel less stressed. Techniques used by physical therapists are ideal for relaxation.

For example, aquatic therapy is wonderful for building physical strength and for relaxation. Even if you can’t swim, running in a pool, treading water, swinging your arms and floating all encourage muscle relaxation. Patients will notice that they are in a better mood, and they sleep better, and they may even lose weight.

Headaches, particularly migraine headaches, can come on fast and leave you feeling completely debilitated. Therapy can treat the cause of chronic headaches and reduce their frequency and intensity. In a therapy program, the therapist will target certain muscle groups associated with headaches.

Using this form of therapy for rehabilitation increases strength, endurance, circulation and flexibility. All of these are wonderful for promoting good health, so it’s reasonable to assume that it can address the symptoms of a variety of illnesses. If you’d like to try therapy, then ask your doctor for a referral, or speak to a therapist about the services offered.

However, be sure that you are physically capable of performing therapeutic exercises, or any other technique that the therapist requires. Together, you may be able to design a therapy program that is right for you. It will benefit your overall health.



There are many causes of this condition, some of which are controllable (such as your diet) and some of which are out of your control (such as a genetic predisposition to gout).

Your diet can be a contributor to gout through the consumption of foods that contain a high amount of purine. This cause of gout is within your control, but will take some discipline. So what exactly are purines and why do they lead to gout? Purines are an organic compound that is found naturally in the body and in the foods that we eat. Our body breaks down purines into uric acid, which then bonds to the lining of our blood vessels and keeps them from being damaged. However, when too much uric acid builds up in the blood it crystallizes and sticks to our joints and organs, which then become swollen and inflamed (a condition called arthritis). While it is important to have purines in our diet, there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing.”

Purines are found in virtually all foods, though not all purines are the same. Meats and seafood have a higher purine content and are associated with a greater risk of gout, while the purines that are commonly found in vegetables are not considered to be as much of a health risk. Purines in dairy products are also not considered a gout risk, and it is even claimed that the purines in dairy products may help your body fight gout.

If you have gout and it is determined that your diet is the main culprit, your doctor will likely recommend that you follow a low-purine diet. This means cutting down on fatty foods, white meats, beef, chicken and processed foods. It may also be advised that you cut down on certain vegetables such as mushrooms, asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, etc., as well as legumes (peas and beans). Beer is also a cause of gout as the yeast contains purine. Your doctor will advise that you reduce your daily intake of purine to between 100 and 150 milligrams, depending on your size.

Gout can be a painful, uncomfortable burden, but by identifying the cause of it, at least you can go about combating it. So if you suffer from gout, take a look at your diet and make the appropriate changes to help alleviate the problem.

If you are looking for a cure for gout in a pill form, look for one with the ingredient CM8, a breakthrough gout treatment found in select pills used for joint pain.



Depression is a most common side effect of osteoarthritis. This occurs when you start out healthy, being able to do things for yourself, but overtime you are less able to take care of yourself as the pains get worse. Research has shown that up to twenty percent of people with osteoarthritis are depressed at any given time, a percentage consistent with that found in other people with chronic diseases.

If osteoarthritis has left you depressed, there are a number of things you can do in addition to the arthritis treatment you get from your doctor.

1 Psychotherapy

This is often referred to as the ‘talking cure’, and it is used to treat mild episodes of depression.

2 Drug Therapy

This is the use of drugs to improve the symptoms of depression. The class of drugs used for this purpose is called antidepressants. It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any antidepressant because medicines used in treating depression sometimes have different side effects.

Psychotherapy and drug therapy are mostly combined to treat arthritis patients with depression, and this combined approach has advantages.

  • It reestablishes normal body patterns more quickly
  • It helps to ensure compliance in taking medication
  • It recognizes the dual influence of biology and environment.

3 Learn to cope with your condition
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Research has shown that those who cope best with any disease are less likely to develop depression, that is, those who deal with their osteoarthritis are less likely to sink into depression. Be proactive at solving your problem, and try to be as flexible with your daily activities as possible. Be ready to modify your lifestyle in a positive way, thereby winning the battle over depression.

4 Get Social Support

It is advisable for you to join a support group where you can find sympathetic ears and get some advice on coping with your condition.

5 Learn to Relax

Always find a way to cool off and reduce your stress. The best defense against stress is a positive attitude.

Stress itself may not cause depression but can make it worse. It signals certain glands to release high-voltage chemicals that can ‘shock’ the body and weaken the immune system, making your osteoarthritis symptoms seem worse while increasing your risk of getting some other disease.

Do anything you can to relax and shake off the stress- listening to music, meditating, or taking up a hobby. Getting enough sleep is also essential to reducing stress.

6 Touch Therapy

Research has shown that touch can reduce psychological stress associated with arthritis. And only a very soft touch is required as bear hugs may be too much for many osteoarthritis sufferers. A gentle, loving touch can be very beneficial in fighting arthritis.

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Several of us are aware of anti-inflammatory medications, but have you heard of pro-inflammatory foods? The foods you consume actually do have an impact on how you feel and will affect your health and body’s capability to heal. Pro-inflammatory foods increase inflammation, increase your pain from the inflammation and may even raise your chance for long-term disease.

Loading up on junk foods, high-fat meats, sugar, fast foods and fried foods will increase inflammation in your body. This is partially due to the unhealthy fats used in preparing and processing these foods, particularly trans fats and saturated fats. Processed meats such as lunch meats, hot dogs and sausages contain chemicals such as nitrites, which are linked to increased inflammation and chronic disease.

Saturated fats are found in meats, dairy products and eggs. Although these foods are an important source of minerals and vitamins, they contribute to inflammation when eaten in excess. These foods also contain fatty acids called arachidonic acid. Even though some arachidonic acid is important for your health, too much may make your inflammation worse. Opting for low fat milk and cheese and lean cuts of meat is very important, as they will not increase inflammation.

Vegetable oils that are high in Omega-6 fatty acid, such as safflower, corn and sunflower oils, margarine and many additional types of plant oils, will increase inflammation in your body.

When suffering from arthritis it is important that you maintain a low calcium to phosphorous ratio; if phosphorous content is high then additional calcium will be lost from your body, thereby aggravating your arthritis problems. Foods that are rich in phosphorous are red meat, red flesh fish, organ meat like kidney, liver, processed meat, and soft drinks. Red meat also contains high levels of uric acid, which worsens the condition.

Whole fruits and vegetables are important for their vitamins, minerals, and natural antioxidants. Yet some vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, pimentos, paprika, and cayenne, could actually increase your pain from inflammation. These vegetables are part of the nightshade family of plants and contain a chemical alkaloid called solanine, which commonly triggers pain in some people. Although there aren’t any formal research findings that back the claim about nightshade plants, many people report great relief from the symptoms of pain and inflammation when eliminating them from the diet. Green and sprouted spots on potatoes usually reflect high alkaloid content, and due to this should always be carefully removed.

Gluten found in wheat, barley, and oats aggravates arthritis for many people and it is therefore recommended to reduce their consumption. Researchers discovered that participants who ate a well-balanced diet, free of animal products and foods containing gluten, increased their levels of antibodies, which could protect against inflammation.


Removing gout crystals needn’t be difficult. There’s an easy way that is totally natural and painless. Discover here how this secret natural gout remedy can help you get rid of your excruciating symptoms.

As a gout sufferer you need to do everything you can to remove the gout crystals that have formed in your joint(s). It is your body’s natural reaction to these that causes your gout symptoms of swelling, stiffness, inflammation, redness, heat and very, very great pain.

When you go to your doctor, you’ll most probably be prescribed medication. And these can work for most people, except that they can have some very bad side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, etc., that put many sufferers off. So that more and more gout sufferers are seeking natural gout remedies.

And of all the natural remedies I’ve tried for my gout during my research, the one that I’ve found to be the most effective in removing gout crystals has been baking soda. No kidding! the stuff that you’ve probably had hanging about in your kitchen for ages, can help to alleviate your gout symptoms, and pretty quickly.

Otherwise known as bicarbonate of soda, this cooking aid has been found to be a very valuable gout home remedy. The key benefits are…

  • Helps to dissolve uric acid (gout) crystals to alleviate the excruciating pain you suffer during a gout attack.
  • Increases the amount of fluids in your body to help your kidneys process and flush excess uric acid out of your system.
  • Improves the solubility of uric acid in your blood which again helps your body to excrete it better.
  • Increases the pH of your urine in order to help lower the chances of you getting kidney stones forming.
  • Can be used in conjunction with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to help improve their capabilities.
  • How to prepare and take this natural gout home remedy…

    Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to 8 oz of water and stir until the powder has completely dissolved. Drink a cupful before bed, one first thing in the morning, and then, one cup every three hours between meals. But don’t drink more than 8 cups per day i.e. 4 teaspoons of baking soda. Repeat this on a daily basis until your symptoms have gone.

    Also, change over to a low sodium, or better still, a salt-free diet whilst using this remedy because baking soda is already very high in sodium. Plus, if you suffer from hypertension — high blood pressure — then please talk to your doctor before attempting it.

    As I’ve said, I’ve found this to be great for removing gout crystals and relieving the pain of an actual gout attack. But we can’t take this every day, so what happens in between gout attacks? What’s to prevent further gout attacks causing long term joint damage and even kidney problems?

    This is where you need to do what I did and start to focus on the underlying issues such as your diet, your weight, lifestyle, medications being taken, underlying medical conditions, family history, etc. These are typical issues that can affect your propensity to get gout. And now that you’ve had one gout attack, your chances of suffering more are considerably higher.

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    Gout is becoming like a pandemic disease! Despite the fact that it is not contagious, but it has shown signs and patterns of a pandemic disease. It is affect more and more adult males at a very fast pace and the affected age group is getting younger and younger.

    If I would to say gout is a pandemic disease, then what is the transferring agent that spreads this malicious illness globally, especially in the developed countries? Is it a virus, bacteria, or fungus? No! The name of the agent is… Lifestyle!

    Gout can be considered as a social disease, a disease where shows an analogical and significant correlation between lifestyle habits, especially diet and social development. Take a trip some not so developed countries where for the people living there, the luxury of having yummy meaty food can only happens in their dreams.

    If you ask among the adult males above the age of 30, how many of them or their friends and relatives are suffering from gout. You might get blank stares with puzzles wondering what you are talking about. Gout can be very rare in places like, so rate that most of the local citizens hardly heard of throughout their lives!

    As stated by Dr. Gillian McKeith in her popular book, you are what you eat! Gout is a result of what you put into your mouth. Gout is a benchmark of how much meat and alcohol you have consumed through out your life.

    There are many different theories on how gout comes about. Some say it is because of the lack of certain enzyme in to body that can help to get rid of the excessive uric acids. Some say it is because of the weaken kidneys that failed to excrete the uric acid through urine properly. Some even say it is because of family genetic inheritance.

    What ever the reason it may be, one thing for sure is that gout is proven to be a disease of a ‘rich’ lifestyle. As more and more people having good life as a result of rapid economy development, more and more people will join the rank of gout army.

    Gout might not be a deadly disease but the impacts it can bring to you and your family immeasurable. Not only it brings the unbearable torturing pain, it brings along emotional stress that can spread to everyone else in the family.