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Hunger heals. If you suffer of rheumatism or another disease, you can recover by hunger. It shall be pleasant to you while hungering. Hunger detoxifies the body, pores open and breathing becomes deeper. Hunger brings more light to mind. Since ancient times people were treated by hunger.

You shall fast to restore your health and care Pharmacy Canada, enhance the vibrations of your organism and your life.

Once a young man came to me and told me that he fell ill of an incurable disease. He was dying when he came upon a book for treatment through hunger and he began to hunger. He told me about the experience, which he had during the first day, the second and so on days until the 22nd day, and the result was that the disease disappeared. This person applied fasting for 22 days with faith in his mind and his heart.

I recommend to ill people at least 2-3 days of hunger, after which you can eat a little broth of plums (2-3 teaspoons), in a few hours – again, but with a little bread. When the patient gets stronger, I will give him a nice apple with the rind to chew it well with it to take all juices, and only after that he shall proceed to ordinary food.

All the misery is in your eating. If people knew how to hunger, they would have prospered.

If you are ill, you shall fast. It is necessary for you for a day, for two, and three.

There are physical, mental, and spiritual fasts.

To get rid of his heartburn, one has to wash the stomach several times by warm water. If that does not help, let him fast for two or three days. Fasting cleans the stomach, relieves it from excess heartburn.

When a wound occurs in the organism, it is well one to put himself to an absolute fasting for several days. – buy viagra New Zealand online.

Fasting is a method, by which a person solves great and difficult tasks. You shall fast not one, but 40 days, during which time, you shall clean your mind, heart and will – you shall not leave anything unclean in yourself. Someone has fasted for 10 days and thinks that he has done something. He has not eaten roasted chicken and has not drunk wine – what kind of fasting is that? When you start the fasting, you shall take the old notebook and eliminate something each day. You shall forgive all people. You shall fast and pray.

By fasting one strengthens his will and gets rid of the fear that he will die of hunger. Hunger heals. Rheumatism is treated by hunger. Hunger detoxifies the body, pores open, breathing becomes deeper, the light of the mind increases.

It is good from time to time to eat only raw wheat. I will give you the following experience: those of you, who have weak stomachs or bad chests, let them put themselves to a wheat diet for one, two or three months at most. During that time no other food shall be eaten, nor bread. Only well cleaned and washed raw wheat shall be chewed. This experience shall be applied only by those, who are nervous and indisposed and want to be treated. If you think that one month is too much, make the experiment for a week. You shall soak in the evening 100 g clean wheat in water and divide it into three equal parts: you shall chew in the morning, at noon and in the evening; if you get thirsty during the day, you can drink as much as you want. If you had put yourselves to that diet earlier, you would have had healthier teeth and your nervous system would have been better regulated. If you feel something disharmonious while doing the experiment, stop it.