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Tobacco packaging warning messages are health warning messages that appear on the packaging of cigarettes and other tobacco products. They have been implemented in an effort to enhance the public’s awareness of the harmful effects of smoking. In general, warnings used in different countries try to emphasize the same messages. Warnings for some countries are listed below. Such warnings have been commonplace in tobacco advertising for many years.

With each warning is an accompanying graphic, and detailed information on the back of the packet. In addition, cigar and loose tobacco packets show other, slightly altered warnings. These warnings target the misconception that alternative, non-cigarette tobacco products are less harmful.

“The pictorial warnings are in the process of notification and can be notified any day. There will be two types of warnings — for cigarettes and for smokeless tobacco,” Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said here on Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference to highlight two years of achievements of the Health and Family Welfare Ministry, he said the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS), India, carried out in 2009-2010 found out that 35 per cent of adults use tobacco in some form or the other.

“Among them, 26 per cent adults use smokeless tobacco and nine per cent are smokers. Smokeless tobacco is responsible for 80 per cent of mouth cancer while 20 per cent of mouth cancers are occurring due to smoking,” he said.

Based on the results which show that smokeless tobacco products like gutka are more widely used and are causing more mouth cancers, the government is bringing a “new policy”, Mr. Azad said, adding that “harsher” pictorial warnings will be brought in for chewing tobacco.

There are two existing pictorial warnings like scorpion and damaged lungs for cigarette, while a new and stricter one — a cancer-affected mouth — was to be depicted from December one last year. Such warnings are to be rotated every year. Many well known cigarettes are Davidoff cigarettes, Lucky Strike cigarettes and Viceroy cigarettes.

Tobacco companies have requested the Ministry to increase the number of years for implementing particular programmes from the existing one year to two to three years at least. Otherwise, they cannot sell the existing cigarette stock with the retailers, and this would cause huge loss to them.

While shifting the focus on ‘smokeless tobacco’, the Centre on Monday said that it would now work on improving the pictorial warnings to curb the use of tobacco. The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, which focused the most of the anti-tobacco campaign on the issue of smoking, for the first time, admitted that pictorial warnings were not so effective.

Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Keshav Desiraju said that people did not understand the message of caution. “We have had feedback that people don’t understand pictorial warnings on tobacco. If there is a picture of lungs X-ray, some people are not able to understand. In some cases, picture is not clear. Again scorpion is a sign of poison, but some are not able to understand,” he said.


Everyone is aware of the risks and costs of continuing to smoke. But we still are not able to quit smoking or get rid of the habit. There are several reasons for this, but they come down to these: an addiction to nicotine, and a weak will and lack of determination. If your determination is strong enough, you will overcome the need for nicotine, and move beyond smoking. It may seem like you are playing mind games with yourself, but remember that the mind controls the body.

What kind of mind games? Take this example: you have decided to quit smoking, but your resolve isn’t very strong. You have decided to go to your friend’s place, where you usually smoke a few while relaxing. The thought of sitting there and not smoking is torture just to imagine. You feel miserable and weak before you even arrive. And you are already beaten; you will light up before the evening is out, and you’ll kick yourself for being weak. It is simply your mind that has let you down.

Try setting yourself up like this – it only takes a little diversion to aid your determination. Just begin with these positive thoughts: you quitting smoking is a remarkable achievement, and your friends will be happy for you and supportive. You will be breathing fresh air and enjoying life, and your friends may even be a little envious!

If you find that you just can’t resist the temptation to smoke while you are there, then don’t go! Invite your friends over to your house that no longer smells of smoking. Or find something new that will occupy your mind.

Make a few new rules for yourself. Perhaps a non-smoking period of two hours after you wake up in the morning and the last two hours before bed. If you need to, start with one hour and work up to two and more. Another rule could be no smoking in the car. If you go on long trips, you could stop in every second (or third) town or after 100 miles. You are using your brain as a tool to control your smoking instead of letting the cigarettes control you.

This may be a good reason to spend more time with your family. Take the kids for a long drive. The quality time spent with your family should trump all the stress of hanging out with people whose habits can kill you.


E Cigarettes will make it possible for you to unwind WITHOUT health risks.

Maybe you’ve heard in relation to electronic smoking cigarettes still? Electronic smoking cigarettes include many rewards over the standard cigarette smoking. We should start by means of revealing what exactly a e cigarette smoking actually is — a electronic device typically fashioned similar to a cigarette smoking of which helps you inhale nicotine by using water smoke. These devices usually are fumes cost-free and do not call for lighting, meaning that you may rest almost anyplace you wish. These days you possibly can relax at the bar, at work, on university and perhaps with planes!

Seeing that you may have discovered, you will discover quite a few forms in addition to brands of electronic cigarette smoking offered. There exists this cigar, electronic, minuscule cigarette smoking and in some cases some sort of conduit you could choose. What type you ultimately choose is based your individual desired technique of cigarettes. However the designs are different, most electronic smoking cigarettes work in a similar way. Many people include a cartridge, atomizer in addition to power supply which help this electronic cigarette smoking work. This cartridge will probably include a fruit juice nicotine concoction along with a atomizer. This atomizer will probably warm up this fruit juice with a cartridge, creating some sort of vapor including smoke, that’s inhaled from the smoker. Countless will probably be able to consider other immediate advantages.

You don’t have inappropriate reason to obtain electronic smoking cigarettes. Many people include not any toxins, you can actually fumes everywhere and in addition they are much more affordable in comparison to regular cigarettes. People also will not have to help stress about smelling including fumes in addition to trashing ones clothes, house or maybe vehicle inner surface. Why don’t we face the item, customary cigarettes can certainly have many cost, particularly when people consider every one of the disguised. prices including such. Right now people really can certainly take pleasure in the joy connected with cigarettes free of some of the extended side effects. In case you are sole in addition to in search of someone to date, with the e cigarette smoking people shouldn’t get judged to be a smoking afficionado. This collection connected with benefits goes on and on and you will most likely consider numerous yourself.

People could possibly be thinking about trying electronic smoking cigarettes with the very first time or maybe you would possibly have already a couple of. Either way, you possibly can save yourself money by means of discovering this right electronic cigarette smoking website. I ended up saving just about 40 bucks upon the primary starter set by means of paying for the item on the net in addition to WHEN I will begin to investing in the electronic cigarette smoking supplies at this time there, just like refills in addition to eLiquid.


Cartomizers and e-cig cartridges explored with likely performance disclosed including two-piece and three-piece models characterized with typical costs.

Two Piece vs Three Piece

The first patented electronic cigarette model for electronic smoking consisted of three pieces including a cigarette battery with a LED light on one end, an atomizer and a cartridge. The atomizer slipped into the nicotine cartridge. The cartridge screwed onto to the cigarette battery on the other end. The atomizer is heated by the battery to vaporize the nicotine eliquid in the cartridge. The cartridge holds the nicotine eliquid. It is stuffed with a heat resistant filling such as nylon to absorb the liquid. The atomizer touches the wet filling causing the electronic cigarette liquid to be vaporized and inhaled. It provides inhaled doses of nicotine through a vaporized nicotine eliquid. When the body absorbs the nicotine, users exhale a water vapor looking like a puff of smoke. The vapor provides flavor and a physical sensation similar to inhaled tobacco smoke.

Two Piece Model

The two piece model was improved from the smokeless cigarettes advancement in developing an economical atomizer that could be enclosed in each cartridge. The two piece model consisted of a cigarette battery and a cartomizer. This removed the difficulty of experiencing electronic cigarette liquid leakage by improperly filling the cartridge with nicotine eliquid and the deterioration problem of overutilizing the atomizer. As a fresh atomizer is provided with each new cartridge. Two piece brands include Green Smoke, Smoke 51 Duo, and E Smoke.

2 Piece vs 3 Piece Pricing Comparison

Lets appraise the pricing of the constituents. Cartomizers costs two to three dollars each. Cartridges costs one dollar each piece. Atomizers costs eight dollars each. A 30ml bottle of electronic cigarette liquid and a syringe costs seven to nine dollars. A new atomizer is recommended for every ten cartridges.

The three-piece cartridge atomizer model is planned for the cartridges to be refilled. The costs for ten refills would be ten cartridges ($10), one atomizer ($8), one third bottle of eliquid ($3).

The two-piece model with a cartomizer are not planned to be refilled. They get forty percent more puffs than each cartridge. Therefore seven cartomizers ($21) are equivalent to ten cartridges.


One of the most difficult things for an individual to do is to quit smoking. These days, there are more and more products being offered to accomplish just that, but in spite of this, it is still easy for people to relapse and take up their smoking habits once again. Some people believe that smoking is more of a habit then the need for the nicotine and they could be partially correct. Research has shown that the body does becomes dependent on the nicotine that is in the cigarettes, but there is also the psychological part of the equation where the mind also becomes part of the addiction and that can be a very difficult situation to deal with.

So what are some of the best ways to quit smoking? Here are a few ideas to hopefully help you kick the habit.

Try a nicotine supplement. There are nicotine patches and nicotine gum that you can try that release small amounts of nicotine into your bloodstream. As you become less dependent and the withdrawal symptoms ease, smaller amounts of nicotine are released. This form of treatment works better with another form of medication along with the loving moral support of your family and friends. This technique does not work for everyone as it depends on several factors including your overall health along with your personality and how often you smoke. People who smoke less seem to have an easier time quitting then those who smoke more.

Join a therapy group for smokers or get individual therapy. This is a great way to get moral support because it lets you know that you are not the only one who is trying to kick the habit and there is strength in numbers.

You could also try hypnosis. This method is used to guide you into a hypnotic state of mind where you are conditioned to believe that you no longer have a craving for cigarettes and the thought of them is repulsive to you.

There are those people who can quit cold turkey. This method involved a persons decision to no longer smoke and give them up completely.

Another thing that you could try is an electronic cigarette. This device is not yet considered to be a smoking-cessation device, but it is becoming more popular. It looks like a cigarette and it has a heating element that vaporizes liquid which is safe to be inhaled.

One method that is used by smokers is to help quit smoking is to decrease your cigarette usage by one cigarette each week that you smoke. Just think about it, if you normally smoke ten cigarettes a day, in ten weeks you would be down to zero. The best way for you to quit smoking is to try the various methods that are available and use the one that is most effective for you. Do not get discouraged as some people have to try more then once before they are successful in quitting smoking. This will ensure that you will hopefully be around to enjoy life to the fullest with your family and friends for a long time to come.

I hope that you found this information useful and if you would like more information on ways to live healthy, then please visit my healthy living web site where you will find great information to help you live a long and healthy life.


Smoking seems to be a trend nowadays regardless of age, sex or who ever you are. Even kids as young as seven years old are starting to smoke. Indeed, smoking has become very famous, especially in this modern era. Despite its popularity and high demand, lies thousands of negativity. Lung cancer, brain cancer, asthma and paralysis, all of them are related to smoking. Still, people don’t seem to care about it. But there are a group of people who yearn to quit smoking. They try many times. Some succeed, others may not. Here’s a simple guide on the attitudes you need to have to quit smoking.

Before even trying to stop smoking, you must make a vow to yourself. It would be like a covenant that you will quit smoking. Only then, you will have a positive mindset to stop smoking. Many people fail because their mentality has not changed. They want to stop smoking but their goal is not there. In the end, they fail to stop smoking. Thus, if you really want to stop, make sure that you have that right state of mind or you will just be wasting your time and effort.

The next thing that is very important is to have a partner that does not smoke. The closer you are to that person, the better your chances to quit smoking, especially if you love that person. It could be you girlfriend, you boyfriend, you spouse or even your siblings. Encourage them to encourage you to quit smoking. With your effort plus your love for them, quitting smoking can be very simple indeed.

Having the ability to say NO is indeed very important. When someone offers you a smoke, would you have the strength to say no? Temptation is everywhere. When trying to quit smoking, there will be times where you will get the urge to smoke. You cannot quit smoking immediately, by try to say NO as many times as you can to that urge. With time, you will find that saying NO to smoking will be a whole lot easy especially when you a serious about it.
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Quitting smoking can sometimes make you tired. Giving up is always an option when trying to quit something. But then, you have control of what you think. With a positive mindset, you won’t give up that easily. In fact, if you have the strength and courage to move on without smoking, you surely won’t give up. Some people quit smoking for a while, and in a blink of an eye, they start smoking again. You must always be able to withstand the temptation.

To stop smoking is actually very easy. It’s all about a mind game. You have control over it, but sometimes we let things get the other way round. Instead, say NO to smoking. For those who are not smokers, be aware and always reject smoking.


Varenicline, marketed as Champix, is an oral prescription drug used to help smokers in quitting smoking. It works in two ways. Firstly it helps curb the nicotine cravings by binding the receptors in the brain that respond to nicotine and reduce withdrawal symptoms. Secondly, it reduces the pleasure received by the smoker on smoking a cigarette.

In clinical trials, around 44% of the individuals had stopped smoking after they were treated with this drug. It is an FDA approved drug and is used all over the world as a smoking cessation treatment. It is taken orally and the dosage is increased gradually. A dosage of 0.5mg is taken daily, for the first three days. It is taken twice a day from the fourth day to the seventh day. After that, a dose of 1mg is taken twice daily.

Quit smoking

Smoking is the most common cause of death all over the world. More than 50% of the people, who do not stop smoking, die of a smoking-related cause. Cigarette smoke contains around 4000 chemicals out of which 23 are carcinogens.

Quitting smoking has numerous advantages. People who stop smoking live healthier lives as compared to those who do not. Smokers have a risk of various types of cancers, stroke, lung disease and heart problems. Smoking impairs your vision and olfactory senses too. Smokers not only risk their own lives by smoking, but also damage other people’s health through second hand smoke. People around smokers will remain much healthier if they stop smoking. If a pregnant woman quits smoking, her baby will receive more oxygen.

What is smoking cessation?

Smoking cessation is also known as quitting smoking. Quite a frustrating task, it is not easy to stop smoking; most smokers quit at least 5 to 6 times before they are able to give it up finally. There are various methods and treatments, which help people in kicking the habit. People who stop smoking are at a lower risk of cancer and other diseases. Their sense of taste and smell returns and they experience better blood circulation. There are many ways to stop smoking. Some people stop “cold turkey” while others benefit from a systematic method. Counseling for smoking cessation is also available, which keeps the person motivated to stay away from cigarettes and other tobacco products. Nicotine addiction can be reduced by certain medications like Champix and Zyban.

Smoking cessation help

One of the best things you can do in your life is acquiring smoking cessation help. This may help you to quit smoking forever. If you are successful in stop smoking then you may see that you save a lot of money, which was previously used for buying cigarettes. You may experience an overall sense of well being and vitality with more energy than when you were a smoker.

Quit smoking now

Addiction to cigarettes causes mental problems such as anxiety and depression. A person who is trying to quit smoking faces numerous withdrawal symptoms, such as loss of appetite, anxiety and sleeplessness. You can decide, now or never.



The point in your life where you decide to stop smoking is a landmark step. It will stand out in your memories as the time you took control of your future, and made the decision to be in control of your destiny. In the past you obviously made the choice to smoke, but you may well find that this is a difficult decision to reverse. Having the knowledge you need to create a stop smoking program to stay smoke free is very important and you will have to take time to look at all of your options.

When making your plan to stop smoking, it may seem a great idea to quit in the future at a given date, you need to step back and make your stop smoking program, to give it a sure fire chance at success. If you a following a plan which involves a number of well laid out markers you are going to take a major leap towards success. Simply picking a date, and doing no more than that, may well do the job, but proper pre-planning will always produce far better results.

You should look up all the various methods and products that are available to help with your stop smoking program. There are hundreds of products that claim to help you quit smoking. Some may not work at all; some may be effective but only for certain folk. This has the possibility of causing you disillusionment if you are not in the category of smokers that the product was aimed at, you need to find a product, or method that it best suited to your circumstances. Because the product has helped many former smokers will not always guarantee that it is the solution to your stop smoking program.

You may need to get out your calendar and fix a date in the near future. This could help with motivation as you have selected the spot at which you become smoke free. You should view this date as the start of an amazing adventure, rather than the day you decided to put yourself under pressure to stop smoking. Looking forward to this date with positive anticipation, rather than dreading it will enhance your success rate. When you note this date on the calendar, make sure you also note the following day as your first 24 hours non smoking, also the first week, and the first month, they are all milestones in your quest.

Avoid people who will not support you, and knock your efforts. If you are surrounded by folks who think your aim is not worthwhile, your self esteem is going to be dented. In addition you own determination to go through with your stop smoking program may also take a hit, you may wonder if these people are right, you can’t do it. This will be a huge disaster since you above all need to believe in your plan to stop smoking for good. Making sure you are amongst folk who support you will give your morale an enormous boost, almost guaranteeing the success of your plan. Friends who encourage you will always be friends; those who put you down are maybe not such good friends as you thought.



What do you think about hypnosis? Maybe you’ve seen a stage hypnotist who gets people up on stage and gets them to perform crazy tricks to entertain the audience. These shows are very carefully staged. Some stage hypnotists plant friends in the audience to make sure that they are able to put on a show.

Others are less dishonest. They are very smart at picking people who are going to be highly suggestible. They will probably ask the audience in general to do certain things – like locking your hands together. Based on the response, they will pick their victims. Then peer pressure takes over and the show begins.

Hypnotherapy is completely different from this. Hypnosis is really nothing more than a state of compete relaxation. There is nothing mystical, or mysterious, or scary about being hypnotised. Almost anyone can be hypnotised if they want to be. And that’s the kicker. You need to want to be hypnotised. But given that it is a wonderfully empowering experience, why would anyone want to deny themselves?

Some people fear that they will somehow lose control if they allow themselves to become hypnotised, but that won’t happen. Another fear is that you will not be able to come out of trance. Again, this can’t happen. You remain in control at all times, and while suggestions made during hypnosis are very powerful ways of bypassing your critical conscious mind they are only suggestions. You decide whether to follow them or not. Despite what you may have seen on the movies, no-one can hypnotise you to do something which goes against your basic values.

Where hypnosis is really powerful is in helping to deliver behavioural change, by reinforcing positive messages in your sub-conscious mind. If you want to achieve change, you need to impress both your conscious and subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is a very powerful critic. So no matter how much you tell yourself something, if your conscious mind doesn’t believe it, then it simply won’t get through to your subconscious mind. So if you are trying to stop smoking, and you believe at any level that you have tried and failed in the past, then you will almost certainly fail again this time. That’s what your subconscious believes, so that’s what it will deliver. Hypnosis works by getting past the conscious mind and talking directly to the subconscious, letting you break through your limiting beliefs, replacing them with the positive belief that you will be successful this time.

So can hypnosis work for stopping smoking? You’d better believe it!



If you are like numerous people today that are trying to kick the habit of smoking you have probably tried numerous clever techniques to help you reach that goal. Some people try substituting something else for their cigarettes, such as gum or candy, like the readily available nicotine gum. However, other people have turned to smoking cigars instead of smoking that pack of cigarettes a day.

Many people believe that lighting up a cigar instead of a cigarette is a good way to overcome their nicotine addiction, and therefore quit smoking. On the other hand, the increased popularity of cigar smoking today can not only be contributed to this reason. There is an image that many people have when they think about smoking cigars, much like the image people think about when smoking cigarettes.

If you were to take a few moments to really look at the smokers around you, you may be amazed to see how many of them are actually smoking some type of cigar. This is especially true among the younger population, such as teenagers and young adults. What’s even more astounding is that there are numerous women that have taken up cigar smoking, due in part to the social status it can provide to them in certain circles.

Whatever the reason may be, there seems to be a general consensus that lighting up a cigar is far less dangerous to your health than lighting up a cigarette. Numerous cigar smokers also believe that this type of smoking will not lead to addiction. Their typical way of thinking is that cigar smoke is not inhaled the same as that of a cigarette so how can I become addicted? On the other hand, with a little research you may find that everything you have come to believe may not be as true as you once thought.

Cigar Addiction

Have you ever asked yourself if you can become addicted to smoking cigars? If not, you may be amazed by the answer. We all know that it is the nicotine in cigarettes that makes them so addictive. Studies have provided evidence that cigars can contain higher rates of nicotine than cigarettes. Therefore, smoking just one cigar a day can put you at risk of becoming addicted.

Health Risks
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As we have stated before, cigar smoke is not inhaled in the same fashion as cigarettes so this leads people to believe that they are not at risk for lung cancer from smoking a cigar. While the risk of contracting lung cancer is not the “same” as cigarette smoking, you may be putting yourself at risk for different forms of cancer.

Cigar smoke is typically held in the mouth for a period of time and this can put you at risk for contracting oral or throat cancer at a higher rate than cigarette smoking. The smoke doesn’t travel down to the lungs so it is absorbed almost entirely by the mouth and throat. What’s more, cigar smoking can lead to an increased risk of heart disease.

Cigarette manufacturers are required to put warnings on their packing, however cigar manufacturers are not. The lack of this warning on the label is what leads numerous smokers to believe they are not taking the same types of risks that are associated with cigarettes. However, if you take a little time to do some research you would find that lighting up a cigar in place of that cigarette can be putting you in as much danger, possibly more, of contracting cancer and other illnesses as that of cigarette smoking.