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Arthritis is one of the diseases that heated gloves are aimed to relieve. You see, according to the United States Center for Disease Control, arthritis is second to heart disease that cause work disability.

Why are these gloves better than other forms of treatments?

Traditional treatments of this disease include application of liniments, lotions and taking pain killers. But what if you are already immune with drugs and your skin is already sore? This is when heated gloves are needed. Powered by batteries, these gloves deliver heat to the hands of people suffering from arthritis instantly giving relief.

What are the noticeable effects of these gloves?

By providing heat ranging from 94 – 105 degrees Fahrenheit, these gloves reduce the inflammation of the hands. This in turn lessens the swelling of the joints in the affected area. Also, the pain is greatly reduced because of the warmth.

What are the benefits of using these gloves?

One noticeable benefit is that unlike other forms of heated apparel, these gloves are handy and can be worn night or day. This means that the patients arthritis can be treated at any time. Also, the need to take strong pain killers is lessened and future damage to the kidney or liver can be prevented.

Things that you should take into consideration

First of all, these heated gloves use batteries. This means that unless you aren’t going very far, it is ideal that you charge this up and keep it full bars most of the time. This is to prevent suddenly losing power when it is really needed. Also, never forget to regulate the temperature. Different people have different tolerance towards heat and pain. So choose the setting that is just right and comfortable for you.

What are some of the feature to look for in gloves?

If you look online, there are literally hundreds of variations of these gloves. All with their own set of features and materials. But, there are still a few things that make others shine better than the rest.

1. Material – The first thing that you should look for is the quality in the material used. Although some manufactures claim that their products are what you really need, you should take a look at what was actually put into the material. For one, some manufacturers use microfibers to make the overall glove sturdy and weather resistant.

2. Technology used – There are various technologies involved in the creation of heated glove. One example of such technology uses hair like alloys to transmit heat through the hands and palms.

Heated gloves are god’s gift to people with arthritis. So if you are one of them, it wouldn’t hurt to try one out.



Management of arthritis pain relief depends not only upon your specific arthritic condition, but also upon your age, lifestyle, and unique response characteristics. Arthritis is a complex disorder that comprises more than 100 distinct conditions and can affect people at any stage of life. Trying to live life with arthritis can be a real pain! The pain can be chronic and continue for 24 hours of every day — often people are woken up in the night because of it.

So, what is out there to help you get through the day(and night)?

The first and most important issue in dealing with arthritis is what is currently available for arthritis pain relief and what can be done to effectively treat the actual arthritis itself. There are so many pain remedies and over-the-counter treatments on the market right now promising instant relief together with doctors writing out millions of prescriptions just for the relief alone. With no other form of lasting relief available right before our eyes, it becomes easier to just accept a prescription remedy.

But, did you know that a well formulated and proven natural remedy can provide you with just as effective arthritis pain relief and treatment while avoiding the potentially harmful side effects of prescription drugs. If you’ve tried everything for your arthritis pain relief, you may want to do what many others have successfully done, and try a proven alternative natural remedy. Living with the pain is the most difficult thing to accept among sufferers of chronic arthritis and the initial speed of effectiveness of natural remedies does, however, depend on the body make up of each person using them.

Okay then, what are the alternative solutions that are known to work?

  • There are many well tested medicinal herbal extracts that you can apply to the affected areas or perhaps ingest orally to achieve relief.
  • Heat is a natural form of painkiller that induces muscular relaxation, but it is only acts as a temporary relief.
  • Liquid glucosamine is an effective natural treatment that has helped thousands of people deal with the pain and inflammation of troubled joints.
  • Massage therapy, even though regarded by some as controversial, is a popular way to manage arthritis pain. A gentle massage into the affected joints with warm olive oil is also very helpful in relieving the discomfort.
  • Acupuncture applied by a registered and knowledgeable practitioner can result in powerful arthritis pain relief while providing an alternative arthritis remedy for many sufferers.
  • Herbs commonly used to relieve the pain and inflammation from any kind of arthritis are aloe vera and tumeric.
  • Foods and supplements(capsules or tablets) containing effective antioxidants in the formulations have shown promising results in many scientific and medical researches in alleviating pain and inflammation.
  • Certain fish oil extracts have scientifically proven capabilities to help reduce the unwanted inflammation and this eventually helps greatly in arthritis pain relief.
  • A New Zealand green lipped mussel(shellfish) extract has also been recently proven to help ease the underlying inflammation in arthritis.

It has recently been claimed that deficiencies in certain healthy nutrients can lead to severe arthritis pain with that pain often increasing as the weather gets colder. Furthermore, as part of your daily diet, you really need to avoid excess sugar and salt containing foods.

To help with your arthritis pain relief, I would love to share a wonderfully effective natural solution I discovered recently

For over 6 months now I have been following with great success, a simple and safe natural program carefully formulated by a very helpful family company in New Zealand and to my great relief, I have not experienced any nasty side effects at all.

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