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If you are suffering with sciatica or lower back pain, believe it or not the best thing that you can do to get relief is to start some gentle stretching of the tight muscles that are contributing to your pain. Now I know that the last thing that you think that you would want to do is exercise, especially if you are suffering with intense sciatica pain. But resting or lying in bed is actually more likely to make the problem worse rather than better.

Sometimes getting out of bed itself is difficult; let alone starting an exercise regime. In that case start your stretching in bed. I always found that bringing my knees up to my chest and holding them there for a steady count of 10 or 20 seconds starts to loosen things up. I would repeat this 2 or 3 times. If you can not manage both knees at once, start with one at a time. This should loosen you up enough to get out of bed and start some more adventurous stretching.

Getting out of bed can also be difficult to negotiate. So put your feet and legs over the side of the bed before trying to sit up. The weight of your legs will help pull you up and put less strain on your lower back.

When you first get a flare up of sciatica the pain can be excruciating and your instinct is to rest in bed or flat out on the floor. Older remedies have included the advice to lie on a board. But all of these suggestions of inactivity were actually not the best. Initially some rest may help to reduce the inflammation of the sciatic nerve and surrounding muscles and tendons that are taking the strain because of some underlying spine problem. But this rest should be coupled with some proactive action to reduce the swelling. Cold packs or ice packs will help and will numb the area to reduce the pain. Hot packs will increase the blood flow around the problem area and this in turn aids recovery as well as relieving the pain.

At this stage pain killers and analgesics are largely ineffective. Even the strongest pain killers are only likely to reduce the pain, not completely alleviate it. And don’t forget that strong pain killers do have side effects, like drowsiness and even possible addiction, if taken for long periods. Of course you also need to be careful if taking pain killers when you are pregnant or if you are taking any other medications.

So once you can move begin with your bed exercises, then get up and get into a routine that concentrates on loosening the Hamstrings and Piriformis muscles. The Hamstring muscles run down the back of each thigh and the Piriformis runs through the buttocks.

The most suitable exercises are sourced from Yoga and can be provided to you by your doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor. There are also numerous sites and videos online that describe and illustrate these exercises.


Okay, so you want to get healthy. You know you should but you don’t know where to start. You’re busy. You don’t feel like you can take the time to learn a whole bunch of new things and yet you know you should be watching your calories, watching your weight, exercising and taking better care of yourself. You hear about healthier living all the time from TV, the web, friends and family. You feel the urge deep inside to change your habits. But how should you begin this seemingly daunting task? It’s easy to become discouraged even before you begin. Change of any kind seems like a big deal.

But the truth is it can be quite simple. Your mind is your most powerful asset in helping you to become healthier. Good health begins in your head.

All plans, good or bad, begin in the mind. Personal change begins with an idea. If you cultivate the idea of health in your mind and you will find that your actions will automatically follow suit. Ask yourself: What does becoming healthier look like to you? What are the rewards? Instead of thinking that getting healthier is a problem; look at getting healthier as a solution instead.

You may disregard how powerful your thoughts are and you may think you have to do something to make change happen. You’re half right. There will be other things to do, but the first thing you need to do in order to begin a healthy lifestyle is to think healthy.
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#1) Take a few moments to recognize the beliefs and patterns that are keeping you from acting like a healthy person. Become aware of what your thoughts really are. Think out loud. Once you examine your thought patterns, start reversing them. Instead of grabbing for comfort food, make a new decision and take a walk instead. You know the things you are supposed to do, you just have to interrupt your automatic patterns and take steps in the right direction.

#2) Are words poisoning your thoughts? Are you talking to yourself, or is someone else talking to you, in negative ways? Are the words you hear, think and say about yourself downbeat and depressing? You can change that instantly. Tell yourself, and others, if necessary, that you’re only going to hear and say uplifting things about yourself. Talk UP not DOWN and you’ll quickly see what that simple change can do. This is absolutely one of the most powerful things you can do to effect change.

#3) Have you tried before and failed? Are you afraid the same thing will happen again? Give yourself a break: Let yourself off the hook for a moment and put your failure into context. Examine why you fell off course, allow yourself the slip, and get right back on track. Self-forgiveness is a great asset to cultivate. Be kind and forgiving to yourself and watch how you respond. Self-trust breeds success.

#4) Do you give up too soon? Change doesn’t happen overnight. If you get discouraged because results aren’t happening as fast as you would like them to, summon faith. Be confidant that you will succeed. Recall a time when you did succeed at a task, and remember how good you felt. Resurrect your faith in times of self doubt and keep moving forward. Remember what Albert Einstein said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Be intelligent. Use your mind.

#5) Still don’t know how to begin? Get help. Find a website, buy a tape, a book, or a program that you can use to assist you. Healthy living isn’t rocket science, you can learn some very easy ways to give your body the right nutrition, stay within your budget, explore new ways to eat and have fun at the same time. Join a group of health enthusiasts and allow them to help you along your path. You’ll soon discover that like-minds create a contagious synergy. In no-time you’ll be living the way you want to and then helping others to do the same. Good health begins with a healthy thought.


If you cannot resist your morning cuppa or the lure of your evening glass of Shiraz, you probably have discoloured teeth. And if you happen to be a smoker too, there is just no way your teeth can be stain-free. Having discoloured teeth can cause psychological problems leading to avoidance of social interaction and refusal to smile or talk without covering the mouth.

Teeth can also darken with age as the enamel becomes less porous leading to a marked change in mineral structure. Even the food we eat can cause bacterial pigments to form on the teeth. Antibiotics, especially tetracycline, is also said to cause staining of teeth.

With several new and successful teeth whitening or bleaching methods, there is help at hand. You don’t have to be stuck with those dark stained or yellowy teeth any more. In some cases, a simple professional teeth cleaning by a dentist followed by regular and correct brushing at home can remove the stains.

The only person who can tell you if you need teeth whitening is your dentist. So make an appointment and get your teeth assessed professionally. The dentist will make an assessment based on several factors: dental and general health background, clinical observation of soft and hard tissues, existing dentures and other restorations, and call for x-rays if any grave irregularity is noted on examination.

There are quite a few ways in which you can get your teeth whitened:

  • in-office whitening by a dentist
  • at-home whitening under the guidance and supervision of a dentist
  • by patient at home with over-the-counter whitening agents
  • at unregistered kiosks, salons, and spas

‘Power bleaching’ done by the dentist uses light energy to speed up the whitening process. Another process used by dentists is ‘bonding’ where a thin layer of composite material is applied over the discoloured tooth and cured with a blue light. Over the counter whitening agents include bleaching gel, pen, or strips.

The safest is to get a well-qualified and trained dentist to perform the teeth whitening for you as it is an irreversible procedure. If the whitening agents are applied carelessly, it can cause harm. In spite of it being applied professionally, you still run the risk of:

  • bleeding and irritation in the stomach and oesophagus (if the whitening agent is ingested.)
  • severe sensitivity of teeth
  • blistering and damaging of gums
  • weakening of the enamel

Also, if you already have fillings, veneers, or crowns, this may not be a good idea as these cannot be whitened and you will end up with teeth of different shades!

The moment you feel the need to whiten your teeth, fix a dental appointment and get your teeth checked thoroughly. Discuss all available options with your dentist and decide on what is best for you. You will soon have the radiant smile of your dreams!


Sciatic nerve pain is often excruciating and may leave sufferers desperate for relief. Several causes exist for sciatica, but most cases are caused by either lumbar disc protrusion and/or contraction of the piriformis muscle, located in the lower buttock.

  • Disc protrusions, also called disc bulges or herniations, occur from major traumas such as falls and auto accidents, as well as from repeated “micro-trauma” over a long period of time, such as sitting in a slouched position, or bending and lifting with poor body mechanics. In extreme cases, disc protrusions can progress to extrusions – full disc ruptures, which often cause sciatica symptoms so severe that they can leave the person almost totally incapacitated. Disc protrusions and extrusions can cause direct pressure on one or more of the nerves that combine to form the large sciatic nerves which pass through the lower buttock area and down each leg. Depending on the site and severity of nerve compression, pain and other symptoms such as tingling and numbness can extend anywhere from the buttock to the foot. In addition to direct irritation caused by disc material pressing against the nerve, disc protrusions often cause inflammatory swelling, which can increase pressure around the effected nerve.

Exercises to help reduce disc bulging and medication and cold packs to reduce inflammatory swelling will usually provide sciatic nerve pain relief within a week or two. Some exercises that are promoted for relieving sciatica should not be used in cases of disc protrusion though. For instance, the “Downward Facing Dog” yoga position required forward flexion of the spin which can increase disc bulging and make sciatic nerve pain worse.

  • Long periods of sitting or unusual exertion of the hip muscles can trigger contraction of the piriformis and cause sciatic nerve pain. The location of the piriformis varies from one individual to the next. In some people the muscle crosses over the top of the nerve, and in some instances the nerve may even pass through the piriformis muscle, making it susceptible to compression from contraction of the muscle. Stretching exercises and deep massage of the piriformis muscle will usually provide sciatic nerve pain relief due to muscle contraction.

Although sciatica can be extremely painful, the vast majority of sufferers can get relief without resorting to surgery. By identifying the underlying cause of symptoms, the appropriate home treatments can be employed, and sciatic nerve pain relief can be obtained relatively quickly in most instances.


Diabetes is a condition if our body cells do not absorb the glucose from the blood, the glucose accumulates in the blood resulted to a high blood sugar level.

The ideal blood sugar/glucose level should be in the range from 4.0mmol/L to 7.0mmol/L (72mg/dL to 126mg/dL). Reading above this range can cause health complications.

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Pancreas; a vital part of our body’s organs produces insulin naturally that is needed by our cells to absorb glucose in our blood stream for energy. The effects from the body’s failure to produce insulin naturally and a condition in which the cells fail to use insulin produced properly are most common among diabetic patients.

Diabetes is more a symptom rather than a disease; it is telling us that the immune system is confronted. The best treatment approach lies in the belief of getting back our immune system to natural state. It is important that our pancreas stay healthy through proper dietary and physical exercises and enabling it to reproduce insulin naturally again.

Now, let me share with you another foodstuff that is beneficial to Diabetics. “The Sweet Potato“. Sweet potato is edible tuberous root, found throughout the tropical climate regions. It is long and tapered and has a smooth peel whose color depends on varieties and range from red, brown, purple and white. Its flesh varies from white, yellow, orange and purple. Coincidentally, sweet potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance the glycemic index of diabetics.

The flesh tastes sweet and despite of having the name “Sweet”, it is a favorable food for diabetics. Preliminary researches have revealed it helps to stabilize Blood Sugar and lower insulin resistance.

Nutrition facts and Health benefits of Sweet Potato:
Sweet Potato has a Starchy flesh when cooked and is rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamin C, B and B6. Also, it contains great amounts of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium.

Chronic diabetes patients need foodstuff, which is rich in complex carbohydrates in their daily diet. The complex carbohydrates behave like a store for starch in their body system which only raises the blood sugar slowly comparing to foodstuff consumed with compound (simple) sugars.

Nutritious sweet potatoes are low in calories, on comparison with starch rich cereals. It contains no saturated fats and cholesterol but they are rich source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are essential for body metabolism.

Therefore, sweet potatoes are useful diet and they are highly recommended as a healthy food supplement for Diabetics.

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Mercury fillings, also called “silver fillings” in an attempt to subvert your attention away from the “mercury” component of the filling, became popular in usage back in the days of the Civil War because mercury was cheap and inexpensive to obtain, and mercury was not yet known to be poisonous. The use of mercury to fill cavities represented the most modern technology at the time, and they did save many people from having to loose their teeth. It served its purpose during a time when the only option was extraction if your tooth contained serious decay.

Have there been any advances in the dental field in the last 150 years since the Civil War? Of course. Not only have today’s dental materials, procedures and tools advanced to a far superior degree, but also we have advanced in awareness and knowledge of the human body and the effect of these materials on our health.

Mercury is now known to be one of the most poisonous substances on the planet. Mercury fillings are typically called “amalgam” fillings or even “silver” fillings, although they contain little silver. The fillings are composed of 50% mercury. So why are they not called “mercury” fillings? The main reason why is because no one would want the filling if they were aware that they were pouring hot molten mercury into their mouth to sit there for many years.

We were all taught as children not to play with thermometers or break thermometers because of the danger from the mercury. Even just the vapor from the release of the mercury can be dangerous. We would no sooner want arsenic or lead poured into our mouth than we would want mercury. Therefore, by calling it a “silver” filling, the public often is unaware of the nature of the substance that is being used in their filling, although public awareness is growing.

For this fact alone, the best Dentists avoid the use of mercury fillings, aka silver fillings or amalgam fillings, and seek instead the use of more superior and healthy modern materials. Here are some important facts that you should know regarding the use of mercury fillings:

  • Amalgam or silver dental fillings are composed of fifty percent mercury.
  • Mercury has been deemed as one of the most toxic substances on earth. In fact, there is a field of science that has developed called “mercury toxicology”. These toxicologists have learned that no amount of mercury vapor exposure is harmless.
  • OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They are a federal agency that enforces the legislation of safety and health. This organization has classified dental amalgam as a toxic and hazardous waste.
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) also has deemed dental amalgam as a hazardous material. Both the OSHA and the EPA require that all amalgam removed from your teeth has to be stored in a special container to prevent human and environmental exposure to mercury vapor.
  • Scientific research is available that demonstrates the damage of mercury, even in relatively small amounts, on the brain, lungs, kidneys, nervous system, glands, heart, hormones, enzymes and blood cells. It also has been proven to suppress the immune system up to 100%!

Mercury has been proven to pass readily through the placenta in pregnant women and cause permanent damage to the delicate developing brain of the baby. After placing an amalgam filling in a pregnant woman, mercury has been shown to appear in the amniotic fluid just 2 days later, and the breast milk is also laced with concentrated amounts of mercury after the mother receives a “silver” filling.

Mercury vapor is released continuously from amalgam fillings, and is increased up to fifteen fold during chewing, brushing, drinking hot fluids, and eating foods that are acidic. The vapor released by mercury fillings is absorbed rapidly by the body and accumulates in your tissue.

Studies by the National Institute of Health have confirmed a direct link between the levels of mercury in a person’s blood, stool and urine, and the number of mercury fillings they have in their teeth.

In studies of human autopsies, a direct correlation has been discovered between the amount of mercury found in the brain, and the number of amalgam fillings in the teeth. The brains of individuals who died with Alzheimer’s disease were found to have high levels of mercury in the brain.

Amalgam fillings (mercury fillings) do not bond directly to the teeth. This creates 2 problems.

  1. First, it means that a larger amount of healthy tooth structure must be drilled away in order to lodge the filling in place. This weakens the tooth unnecessarily.
  2. Secondly, it means that, because a tight bond is not created between the filling and the tooth, bacteria can more easily enter between the filling and the wall of the tooth, causing unseen decay to grow underneath the filling or alongside it.

Armed with today’s knowledge and advancements, there is no reason why modern day dentists should be stuck using 150 year old materials that are now proven dangerous. The best dentist today would offer and use the outstanding alternatives to mercury fillings that exist. They are far superior and actually look like real teeth. For smaller cavities, composite resin fillings that are tooth colored work excellently. For larger cavities, reinforced porcelain or even resin inlays or on lays are available. These are custom made in a dental laboratory. They are not only beautiful, providing a true restoration of your natural tooth, but they also are bonded directly to the structure of the tooth so that the final result is strong and more resistant to bacteria invading cracks.