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Autism is a very misunderstood condition that affects a surprisingly large amount of the UKs population. Until you have firsthand experience of dealing with somebody that you know to be on the Autistic Spectrum, dependent where on the spectrum they are you may be forgiven for not even knowing they are autistic. You are more likely to believe that they are just being rude.

The more you come to know about Autism you will realise that this just isn’t the case. Autistic people are just like the rest of us they just do things differently just as different cultures live by different rules. People with ASDs generally only have a single focus of attention and are UN able to multitask.

As an example if somebody with Autism is watching a particular program on the television that they really like you could be screaming and shouting their name and they could seemingly not hear you because they are so focused on the program they are watching. ASD people are excellent at what they are doing at that point in time and will not change that focus until they want to.
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Apart from this there are many other areas of an ASD that may present themselves such as sensory over load. A lot of ASD people cannot cope with their surroundings if it’s too busy as there are simply just too many things for their minds to process. Most of us wouldn’t notice all of these things going on around us but to somebody with an ASD this sort of environment can be very distressing.

This article isn’t intended to give you an overview of Autism and all its traits its more to offer some advice on a particular area that may affect some people with an ASD. Somebody suffering from a sensory issue, in particular aversion to noise, in the past would have probably relied on putting their hands over their ears, not going anywhere where they would come into contact with strange noises or even walked around with a pair of ear phones on.

Today there are at least two popular alternatives that can be offered. The first can help in two ways and is an iPod. iPods are very popular today and if the person wanted to go UN noticed as suffering from this particular trait and iPod would offer a good alternative and they can also pipe some music through it that they like. This solution works well on the move but in some situations just isn’t possible like in school classrooms for instance.

The way around this is the ever popular ear defenders. These devices can be custom moulded to fit snugly in your ear. They come in a whole host of different colours and can be worn as much as you like. Ear Defenders literally block out all the excessive noise allowing you to hear what is being said so your hearing is very focussed rather than all over the place. As an option if the person suffering with an ASD will wear them is probably the most suitable. Autism isn’t a condition to be feared it’s a condition that needs to be understood in greater detail.


Several years ago we started having people tell us that they thought our third son was hard to understand. It seemed like different people who interacted with him at different times would mention that his speech was really difficult to understand. I hadn’t really noticed it, but it was because we lived with him and were around him every day.

With the different comments I started paying closer attention. Then we started noticing that he wouldn’t eat with us and that he didn’t really want to be around people. He was showing some anger and that he didn’t want to listen to us. We started working with several different specialists to see what we could do to help him.

I had one person ask me if I had him checked for autism. Then I had a few other people tell me that they didn’t think he was autistic. It was difficult to weed through so many different things, but eventually we were able to get him the help that he needed and he ended up growing out of some of the characteristics.

At the time I talked to several of my friends that did have autistic children. It was very interesting to learn so much about autism and all of the different things out there to help with children that are autistic. Many of my friends strongly recommended that if he was autistic that one of the best things we could do to help him is to get him into a preschool that dealt with that so that he would get help early on.