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Increase sperm volume is a question that many men ask? The problem here is that some men who, after discovering that ejaculate, leaving virtually no sperm. This can cause concern and upset that there may be some form of disability with your doctor genitals, as it could be the case, there is probably a more common explanation.
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There are many things that can affect the sperm count of men, most can be corrected quite easily, others not. Hopefully by the end of this article you will understand the causes of low sperm count, and how you can increase it.

The list of the most common causes were: tight underwear, sitting for long hours, obesity, hot baths, smoking and excessive alcohol abuse, stress and constant ejaculation. Rare causes would include malformed sexual organs and the prostate gland infection.

So now you know a short list of causes, you are probably wondering how on earth you can help yourself. Well, there are many ways, some easier than others, then we begin to examine the list of causes ranging from how you can help yourself.

Restrictive underwear and sitting for long hours can cause unnecessary pressure on your testicles, which in turn reduces your sperm count. The obvious answer is to buy underwear that fits and try to take a break and walk around a bit. Even if you’re in an office, you can get up and go to the bathroom or take a drink, anything that will relieve the pressure of sitting on their testes throughout the day.

Obesity has the same problem. Fat layers can sag in their testes, causing the pressure again. It can also heat the testes. The whole point of having the testes outside the body is such that they can operate in a cooler as our internal body temperature is 98.6 degrees. That is why taking hot baths can also decrease sperm levels, as the temperature increases too so that they work properly.

Tobacco and alcohol are common culprits for infertile men. Pumping of substances harmful to your body can cause hormonal imbalances, and can in turn cause less sperm to be created. Try reducing the two to help increase your sperm count and prevent the total infertility.

Reducing stress levels can be a huge help. High stress levels will cause a reduction in their sex, which in turn will lower your sperm when you ejaculate levels. There are many options for you to help heal the stress, for example, before sex massages are perfect as they help reduce stress levels and at the same time, increase their libido through physical contact.

Constant ejaculation is an obvious one. Constantly ejaculating will cause fewer sperm to get out, simply because their testicles do not have enough time to create. Try taking a break from it for about 2 days, and then your sperm count should be restored enough for you to see a noticeable difference.
If none of the above reasons are affecting you, then you may have a medical problem. It is important to see a doctor about it; this may be an infection in his prostate. Do not hesitate much you could become permanently infertile.



Most men do not realize that we are slowly losing our manhood. Sure, they feel as excited as ever, but what they do not know is their sperm count is almost certainly substantially lower than their father and grandfather before them. Today the man facing lower fertility, reduced sperm health, sperm count and up to 40 of couples planning a baby will have trouble conceiving. In 26% of these “problem cases” the problem lies with the male, usually due to a problem with low sperm count. This means that millions of couples will experience infertility problems which are caused by problems in the sperm of man.
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Low sperm count, reduced sperm motility and malformed sperms are main causes of male infertility. Several biological and environmental factors that affect sperm count, motility and morphology. Many factors have been mentioned in ayurvedic texts. The causes of low sperm count are briefly explained below.

Numerous studies have been conducted to determine the effect of the aging process on male fertility. The decline in male fertility has been noted as age progresses. Maintenance of good health by following healthy lifestyle and diet slows the aging process. The rate of fertilization starts falling for men who are above 40.

Overheating of testicles:
Overheating of testicles due to high fever, hot tub, saunas, tight pants or under garments can cause low sperm count. The testes (two egg-shaped structures) remain in the scrotum outside the body, where the temperature is about 3 degrees C, cooler than internal body temperature. Thus, any factor that increases the temperature of testicles causes low sperm count.

Reduce drug sperm motility and sperm count by as much as 50%.
Smoking reduces the sperm count, sperm motility and also causes genetic changes. Smoking causes low sex drive, erectile dysfunction or impotence.
Alcohol can damage sperms. Hence alcohol intake should be reduced to increase fertility.

Diet and Life Styles:
The stress at work or in family, strained relation ship, lubricants or spermicides used in condoms and physical stress can temporarily cause low sperm count.
Malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies cause low sperm count. Deficiency of vitamin C, zinc, selenium etc can reduce sperm count.
Bicycling can cause low sperm count, as testicles and scrotum may get injured during riding.
Some studies have shown that obesity may be a cause of low sperm count.

Genetic factors:
1. Malformed tissues or organs in the male reproductive system.
2. Obstruction of semen carrying tubes.
3. Persons with 1 extra X chromosome (normal in man is 1 X and 1 Y chromosome)

Environmental factors:
1. Overexposure of toxins, chemicals and infections. Pesticides, hydrocarbons and mumps in adult hood can cause low sperm count.
2. Chronic exposure to heavy metals such as lead, arsenic or cadmium can cause low sperm count.
3. Radiations and X-rays affect sperm producing cells.