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Among numerous types of pills and medicines, both OTC and the ones prescribed by your physician, antibiotics take the leading position as per usage and variety together with ED drugs and medicines to regulate blood pressure. For you to choose the most appropriate healing solution for your state check the most famous and trusted antibiotics offered in our Health&Care store. Besides, find out some facts about today’s delusion as for antibiotic treatment and why antibiotics should be taken with caution. Top 5 Antibiotics Canadian Health&Care Mall

In short, antibiotics have been created to deal with various bacterial infections. So the best antibiotic to treat your infection depends on bacteria it has been caused by. Unfortunately, antibiotics usage is not always correct due to the common confusion as for ‘cure-all function’ of this remedy. Many people still think that all possible malaises can be cured with antibiotics. As a result, contemporary medicine faces antibiotic resistance cases more and more often.

5 Best-Selling Canadian Health&Care Mall Products

Check top 5 products as per our research and customers’ feedback. Each product mentioned below is provided with brief description while details can be found on Canadian Health&Care Mall at

1. Zithromax is prescribed for adults to treat skin and mild respiratory infections and STD, or sexually-transmitted diseases. It can also be used for ear infections treatment.

2. Amoxicillin is recommended to deal with kids’ sinus or ear infections. Being a penicillin antibiotic it also copes with skin infection and STD.

3. Cipro helps people with chronic states, for instance, chronic bronchitis. It is also recommended for urinary tract infections treatment.

4. Ampicillin is a broad-spectrum agent usually prescribed to cure ear and skin infections, sepsis and is one of the top Canadian Health Care products.

5. Cephalexin is approved for usage by pregnant women and kids. It deals with common types of respiratory infections.

Caution & Don’ts for Antibiotic Usage

There are some basic recommendations regardless of antibiotics types you use. Canadian Health&Care Mall has prepared some cautions and list of don’ts provided below for your kind consideration:

• If you are prone to any kind of allergic reactions consult your physician prior to taking any pills.

• Patients with sensitive digestive tract should take antibiotic treatment with double care and attention. Besides, a diet soothing possible side effects is a must in such cases.

• If you are currently under treatment or are already using antibiotics, never mix or combine several pills at a time without checking if they are fine.

• The elderly group of patients has the highest risks of side effects. Health&Care medications for this group are usually prescribed with dosage reduction.

• Don’t take any medicine that is out of date or have left from previous treatment.

• Pregnant women and those who breastfeed should be extra careful with antibiotics.

• Never change the recommended dose.

• Don’t leave pills in places that can be reached by kids.