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Therapeutic massage has dozens of health advantages for everyone of every age, but there are special benefits the elderly receive from hands-on therapy. I have listed just a few of the most important advantages, below.

1. Pain Relief
Massage increases circulation, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the tissues while also carrying away cellular waste. This decreases pain in the muscles and joints, reduces swelling and water retention and helps to boost the immune system. All equaling less pain and improved health.

2. Improved Flexibility
Often times, the elderly have more difficulty with movement and flexibility. Sometimes this is due to the natural effects of aging or to conditions such as arthritis. Massage helps to keep joints lubricated and the muscles loose and supple, helping to prevent stiffness and keeping the body more limber and free moving.

3. Enhancing & Uplifting Mood
The many life changes that seniors experience, such as daily pain, death of friends and family, decreases in social life and sometimes, isolation – can all lead to high stress and depression. Massage increases and balances hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins, the bodies ‘feel good’ chemicals. It also assists in releasing blocked emotions and allows the senior to feel and experience a healing, loving touch. Enhancing their well-being and uplifting their mood.

4. Faster Healing From Injury Or Surgery
As we age, our bones become more brittle and injuries can take place more often – sometimes requiring surgery. Massage eases stress related to the trauma, brings needed nutrients to the injured area for faster cellular repair and helps to alleviate the pain that comes with the injury or surgical recovery.

Physical, emotional and psychological changes take place during massage that can greatly enhance the quality of life for the elderly. However, there are also a few times that bodywork may not be appropriate. If you have any of these conditions, please consult your doctor before receiving a massage.

– If you are taking blood thinners or have a history of blood clots.
– If you have Kidney problems or heart issues.
– If you currently have any infections or contagious skin conditions.
– If you have or are recovering from cancer.

Massage therapy for the elderly is a tremendous healing tool with a great many health benefits, both physically and emotionally. Approached with care, it can truly be a huge boost in improving a seniors quality and enjoyment of life.


Today you are going to learn how to prevent pimples on your face. If you are sick and tired of acne ruining your day then you need to read this concise, yet informative, guide to stopping pimples and spots for good. Don’t put up with acne any longer; keep reading to learn what you need to do in order to stop pimples on your face.

The first step you must take is to improve your diet. There are two main areas that need to be focused on with regards to diet and acne. Sugar/refined carbohydrate intake needs to be moderated, and you need to also balance your intake of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids in your diet.

Let’s start by taking a look at the impact of high levels of sugars and refined carbohydrates on your skin. When you consume lots of this (which is easy if you drink soda/soft drinks, eat chocolate and candy, or enjoy things such as ice cream and energy drinks) your body has to react by producing large amounts of insulin, in order to counter the glucose spike that occurs within your body. This insulin spike then leads to the production of more hormones, and in turn results in more pimples and acne. Therefore, you need to reduce your intake of simple sugars and processed, refined carbohydrates in your diet.

Now at the same time you also need to balance your intake of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Both of these are very important to your body, but there is a problem in the modern Western diet insomuch as that the ratio of Omega 3 to 6 is now, on average, around 1:20. Historically it was 1:1, which is a healthy level for your body. If you eat lots of fast food, deep fried foods, use hydrogenated oil spreads (as opposed to traditional butter) or eat prepackaged cakes, cookies and snacks designed for long shelf-life, then you probably have too much Omega 6 in your diet, and not enough Omega 3. This can be very inflammatory for your body and its immune system, and will contribute to pimples and acne.
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If you want to prevent pimples on your face then you instead need to boost your Omega 3 intake. This can be done by eating more oily fish and leafy greens (as well as broccoli) Also try nuts such as walnuts for snacks. You can also supplement with Cod Liver oil for greater Omega 3 intake.

Now that we have covered the ‘internal’ side of preventing pimples on your face, it’s time to start discussing some useful topical treatments that you can use to help treat and stop further acne.

You need to be exfoliating and moisturizing your skin on a regular basis. Moisturizing should, in fact, be done every day; exfoliation should be done at least twice a week. By being consistent with both of these important actions you will help to keep your pores free of blockages, and you will assist your body at getting rid of dead skin cells from the face. Be careful not to use an oil-based moisturizer, nor an overly harsh exfoliant.

For stubborn spots apply some lemon juice, twice daily. Be careful to only apply it to the individual spot, and not a whole swathe of skin. However, when applied consistently lemon juice will help kill off pimples, and can also help prevent and treat acne scarring. Lemons are also very cheap compared to over-the-counter acne medication.

By following the steps above you will be able to cure and prevent pimples on your face. The secret to effective acne treatment is consistency; you have to keep up your regimen for quite a long time before you will notice the best results possible.


Unwanted hair has always been a bother to most people, and any type of hairremoval is usually painful and takes time. Permanent results would be the best, but most conventional methods don’t guarantee this. However, recent developments in laser technology have come up with the IPL hairremoval methods, which can take care of the hair problems, as well as greatly improve the texture of skin and solve various skin problems.

How does it work?

Intense pulsed light (IPL), is a technology aimed at producing light of high intensity during a very short period of time. It involves specific lamps together with capacitors whose rapid discharge provides the high energy required. The light is converted to heat energy that subsequently takes care of the unwanted hair. This procedure has been acknowledged as cheap and faster compared to laser hairremoval methods. Though it does not guarantee permanent removal of hair, manufacturers can guarantee permanent reduction of hair. This means that the hair can be removed to a certain significant degree, but not in its entirety.

The procedure may be a little uncomfortable, but not entirely painful. A cooling spray is applied to deal with this, and treatments can be repeated at monthly intervals for better results. In this way after 2 to 7 treatments, most of the hair shafts will be successfully treated. Any new hair growth then is treated as found fit.
Can you use IPL?

The use of IPL hairremoval largely depends on the type of machine used and the individuals skin and hair colour. Also remember that IPL hairremoval treatments do not permanently remove hair, rather it significantly reduces hair follicle growth. That said certain skin types are not suitable for IPL hairremoval; darker skins being the main culprit. This is because this particular skin pigment absorbs too much energy that may cause unwanted damage. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern skin types should also be taken care of, while blonde and light coloured hair may not respond to treatment at all. Generally, individuals with a history of sensitivity to light based treatments are at risk of causing more harm than good. Use of drugs and skin infections are other considerations that should be taken care of.

Before undergoing any IPL hairremoval, it is best you first consult a professional to get the risks and benefits of the procedure. Generally, this form of permanent hair reduction is cheaper than laser technologies, and can treat a larger skin area at a time. The number of treatment sessions will depend on your hair colour and skin type, as well as the equipment used.

IPL hairremoval method is a new form of cosmetic technology, and a good alternative while permanent hairremoval strategies for this method do not yet exist. Consult with a professional first before booking an appointment to ensure safe and secure hairremoval treatment.


This kind of fruit is black blue or dark red and seems very cute. Its name is bilberry. Bilberry origin in North America, and there are more than 130 species around the world, widely distributed in the northern hemisphere from the Arctic to the tropical mountain region.

Bilberry is a 16-inch tall shrub with pointed, oval leaves and small white and pink flowers which bloom between April and June. It has sharp edged, green branches and black wrinkled berries, which are ripe for picking in late summer. Its fruits are nearly round fruit. Blueberry is the world’s largest area of cultivation and it is a relative of blueberry, cranberry, and huckleberry, and its fruit looks and tastes much like the American blueberry.

The use of Bilberry as an herbal remedy stems back almost one thousand years to Europe, where it was mainly used to relieve diarrhea. Bilberry extract should be standardized to contain 25% anthocyanidin. The extract contains the highest percentage of anthocyanosides, making it the strongest form of bilberry.

Anthocyanidin is the primary compound in bilberry fruit, building strong capillaries and improving circulation throughout the entire body. It can minimize the risk of blood clots. I search the information from many articles, due to a substance that called tannins, bilberry fruit can stop bleeding. These two strange substances may equalize each other when the whole bilberry fruit is used for medicinal purposes.

Clinical trials have demonstrated benefits of Bilberry fruit preparations in vision care, including retinal conditions in eyes and the management of microcirculatory function. Modern scientific studies have linked Bilberry extract’s effectiveness to a group of flavonoids called anthocyanins.

In addition, Bilberry Extract can improve vision and prevent hardening of the arteries of the body. This natural cranberry is from the low evergreen shrub plant leaves in the cold Scandinavian mountain area. And the essences of its main ingredients are natural rhodopsin and flavonoid.

Maybe you don’t know the advantages of rhodopsin and flavonoid. Rhodopsin is the most basic substance to produce visual material and enhances the low-light sensitivity to adapt to the dark. Flavonoids contain the activity of vitamin P, which is the best material to protect the blood vessels.

Bilberry extracts are used in Europe to treat a condition that occurs when valves in veins in the legs that carry blood to the heart are damaged and according to some studies, all berries can help reduce the body’s glucose response after eating a high sugar meal.

With this information, we can see bilberry has a great deal of benefits to help people cure or prevent some diseases. Drink bilberry juice is one of the best natural ways to make your body get the bilberry extracts.


Macular degeneration AMD, also called as the age-related macular degeneration (AMD), is a chronic, painless and progressive eye disease that negatively affects the central part of the retina known as macula. The major cause of this disease is the deterioration of macula cone cells which finally lead to macular degeneration AMD. As soon as these cells get damaged, your ability to see things properly will be diminished. The objects that you were previously seeing clearly and precisely will be not so clear; one of the first signs are straight edges appearing wavy and eventually will often lead to a hole appearing in the centre of your vision. However, most people experience this problem in older age and that is why it is called age-related macular degeneration. However, there are two particular categories of this macula degeneration such as dry and wet.

Dry macular degeneration is the most common type and affects approximately 90% of sufferers. With this type of AMD the light sensitive cone receptor cells located in the centre of the macula gradually begin to break down which causes blurred central vision in the affected eye. As dry AMD worsens, a blurred spot in the central part of your vision may begin to appear and, over time, as less of the macula functions properly, a total loss off central vision will gradually set in. Usually, this macular degeneration AMD doesn’t cause the total loss of vision but it could lead to the more severe condition if left untreated and if it is not monitored properly.

Wet AMD is the more severe type of AMD and is usually experienced by approximately 10% of sufferers. It is caused by the abnormal growth of new blood vessels behind the retina which start to grow under the macula. They often leak blood and other fluid as they tend to be very fragile and this raises the macular from its normal position within the eye. This very quickly causes damage to the macular which, in turn, causes vision loss at a very rapid pace. It is because of this that approximately 80% of people who are suffering from wet macular degeneration AMD will eventually experiencing blindness.

There are several treatments available now to help people protect themselves from AMD. One of the vital treatments is the New Focus spray which contains zeaxanthin and lutein. These are the two carotenoids found within the eye and are both essential elements to maintain the macular pigment density within the eye. This layer within the eye effectively protects the macular from damage and prevents macular cell damage within the eye. However, there are many other tablets and capsules available on the market that claim to be the best ones but using a sublingual spray to take zeaxanthin and lutein is 900 times more effective than pills, tablets and capsules It is also by far the fastest delivery mechanism available; delivering these two essential nutrients directly to the eyes where they are most needed in just a couple of minutes. Thus, people must consider buying only those products for this case that contain zeaxanthin and lutein and make sure that they contain meaningful amounts of zeaxanthin as this is the most expensive of the two ingredients and so many manufacturers only include token amounts so that they can list it as an ingredient on the label.