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Usually the acne types that you will be suffering are blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, papules, (inflamed, red, tender bumps that have no head – tip, do not squeeze these it will end up leading to scarring) and pustules (this is your normal red circle white or yellow headed zit). Everyone of these acne types end up being a self-esteem killer.

However below I am going to give you five tips to try to help you out.

1. You can go the topical treatment route for your acne type, they can come in the form of lotions, or creams and contain salicylic acid, sulfur, or benzyl peroxide, as the active ingredient.

2. Now this one is just for the ladies gentlemen sorry. Birth control! This may seem weird to some, however a girlfriend I had in high school had almost every type of acne and could not get rid of it. She went to consult a doctor, and this is what she recommended. It helped, it cleared up her skin in a matter of a month.

3. Antibiotics are another way to approach acne. Essentially when you have acne it is an infection and this is what antibiotics are prescribed for. They also make antibiotics that are geared directly towards acne. You will want the antibiotics to contain minocycline, doxycycline, erythromycin, and tetracycline.

4. Here is a common approach to treating different acne types, Isotretinoin, it is taken orally and does have great results. Isotretinoin can help with the overproduction of sebum, inflammation, and clogged pores. Like antibiotics you will need to obtain a prescription for this method to help. Now with all great things there are usually drawbacks, and this medication is associated with depression, hair loss, headaches, and more. It is also not advised that pregnant women take this medication.

5. This is another good method with a bit of a drawback, that drawback being money. This is a bit on the expensive side, but can work well. Aesthetician (basically someone who studies beauty) or a dermatologist (skin doctor) can help by giving different kinds of treatments. These range from microdermabrasions, (a resurfacing of the skin) corticosteroids, (an adrenal steroid hormone) or chemical peels are a few of the things they can do. Usually with around 5 or 6 sessions you will start seeing a difference in your acne. This depends on the type of acne and the severity of the acne.

BONUS 6th Tip

6. Proactive. This product has been endorsed by some of the biggest celebrities out there. Now I am sure they get paid and get paid well to do the endorsements for proactive, however this stuff works. If it did not work the stars would not back it. They would lose creditability with their fan base and that in turn would hurt business for them. They do not want this. I for one have seen results of people using proactive and they have all been good. Now I cannot say this is definitely the route you want to go, but I have seen it work. It also works on everything from mild types of acne to severe acne types. It is not super expensive, and they also offer a 60 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose trying it out.

Rounding all this out I am hoping that you have learned a little bit form this article about your type of acne as well as a solution that ends up working for your acne.

Thanks for reading!

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Acne is a major problem for teenagers. It’s that time of their lives when they start getting unflattering pimples at the exact stage in their life that they want to look flattering.

What causes acne?

The sudden spike in hormones is the major culprit of pimple breakouts. This is why the condition occurs during the teenage years, because this is the time when a person’s hormones are starting to generate, thus catching the body unprepared.

This hormone spike ultimately leads to the skins over secretion of oil which builds up in the pores and causes blackheads. Add a bit of dirt in the equation and you get yourself a large, attention grabbing pimple.

How to Treat Acne

There are various ways that acne can be treated ranging from the natural methods, pills, laser treatments and direct skin application. What would be discussed now is how to treat acne using products directly applied to the skin, the correct order that they must be used and why.


As mentioned above, what causes acne are the clogged pores in the skin that are irritated overtime. With the help of cleansers, these can be unclogged, removing the dirt, dead skin cells and minimizing the oil on the skin. However, when buying a cleanser, make sure that the one you choose contains salicylic acid. Currently, this is the top ingredient that works best with pimples. Cleansers should be used every day, preferably at night prior to going to sleep. For teenagers who are at the peak of their pimple breakouts, cleansing twice a day is also an option. However, this may depend on the intensity of the cleanser used.


Exfoliating basically removes the dead skin cells, allowing the new ones to appear and generate faster. There are actually various types of exfoliators in the market today. What you should be looking for is something that would do the job without irritating the skin. The ingredient to look for here are alpha and beta hydroxyl acids since they are capable of sweeping deeper into the pores. The two basically comes in cream forms although facials masks and facial scrubs are also considered as excellent exfoliators. Unlike cleansers, daily application is not necessary. Three to four times a week should be able to do it for you.


When it comes to skin care, toners are basically used to tighten pores and thus prevent further clogging of dirt. It can also double as a cleanser as well as an exfoliator and comes in different types with liquid form being the most common. Since some cleansers and exfoliators today are also capable of toning the skin and vice versa, then what it boils down to is finding the right product for the skin.

What to Avoid

Don’t use products that contain oil or are too abrasive to the skin. For example, when looking for cleansers or facial scrubs, find one with small grainy materials rather than large ones. This would seep better into the pores, cleaning them properly while abrasive ones would only cause more pimples to show.

Also, make sure to follow the instructions of the cleanser that you bought. Don’t over use the product in an attempt to speed up pimple healing. Too much usage may rob the skin of the right amount of oil it needs, hence making the skin overcompensate by producing more oil and thus starting the acne problem all over again.

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