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The Real Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

Correction effect, success rate and surgical cost are all the deciding factors on whether a person chooses to have a LASIK eye surgery. If you are rich enough, you can refer to the most famous doctor in your location to do the surgery. While if you are not rich, you must consider your daily expenses, as it is necessary for you to choose the relatively cheap and skilled doctor.

However, the cost of LASIK eye surgery ranges from $300 to $3000 in the market, and we must be confused with the real cost of the eye surgery. If you want to get an appropriate doctor, you should make a careful investigation on the details about LASIK to balance between surgical cost and final effect.


Laser is the key equipment during the corneal reshaping procedure. There are many kinds of lasers applied in the operation, including Excimer laser, Allegretto Wave and intra laser. Excimer laser is widely used in LASIK as its versatility. Allegretto Wave is a new technique approved by FDA, though it is very expensive. Intra laser is the latest type of laser with extremely high price. These are all the commonly used lasers, and you can choose them all with reassurance.


The technique of LASIK eye surgery develops quickly with time going, while there are still some offices using the old surgical techniques. Advanced surgical techniques will surely cost you more, but it must have better guarantee.


Surgeon is the main factor of a successful surgery as it is the soul of the operation. Surgeon with excellent skills is more likely to do a satisfying surgery for you. Of course, the cost will be relatively higher. You can check the history of the surgeries he carried out before and check patient’s evaluation about him to determine if he is the best choice.


Geographic location is also one constitution of the surgical cost. You can make a comparison before the surgery in different zones. Though I do think it is more convenient to do the surgery in your place.


Except for the common cost, there are also some additional expenses on LASIK like the cost of drugs, treatment and monitoring appointments. All of these expenses should under your consideration.

LASIK is a great help to improve people’s eyes without eyeglasses and contact lenses, but the cost is high and not everyone can afford it. If you are eager to do the surgery with low price, you should know all the cost of the surgery, including before surgical eye treatments, common procedures and after surgical eye cares. Only in that way, you can find the best doctor and office to do the LASIK eye surgery for you.