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The history of visceral manipulation can be traced back to the early centuries used by the people of Tibet and China. The therapy back then was used as a part of their alternative and traditional medical care. Although there were many different types of therapeutic massage present in China in the early centuries, this technique was being used due to its unique benefits to the client. It was also used in Europe as a part of their early methods in medical care during the earlier years. The manual manipulation of the internal organs was popular in the earlier periods especially in the Oriental countries due to the significant improvement in the overall health of the patient after each session.

The method was later on adopted by Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral who improved the whole therapy into something much better and more effective although most of its principles remained intact. Dr. Barral was an osteopath who became interested in biomechanics during his work in France. He was working in a lung disease hospital when he met Dr. Anaua who was known at that time as a famous lung specialist as well as a renowned master in cadaver dissection practice. His time with Dr. Anaua made him well educated in the human anatomy and made him familiar with the visceral system which he will later use in the visceral manipulation therapy.

In 1974, Dr. Barral began treating a patient who was suffering from a spinal condition with his articular and structural manipulation. However, the treatment was not very successful as he was expecting. However, his medical perception in natural treatment was changed after his preliminary examination on his patient who confirmed he was treated by an old man. The patient said that the old man did push something on his abdomen which gave his body great relief from his current condition.

That event poked his interest and belief in the connection of the spine and the abdomen. After many research, studies and practices on his newly found technique, he was able to develop the visceral manipulation therapy. This began the era of his treatment services as well as his teaching of the technique to other individuals who are interested with his method. He began teaching in the other parts of the world including in the United States in 1985. Eventually he was able to form his own teach of teachers who also began to train other enthusiasts of the visceral manipulation technique all over the world.