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Did you know that there are some effective exercises to reduce eyestrain and possibly improve your eyesight? According to scientific studies, a person could actually improve his eyesight and decreases his chances of needing eyeglasses and contact lenses. With regular eye exercises, he could keep his eyes healthy, just like how he works out for toning and improving the different parts of his body.

Here are a few simple eye exercises that can help reduce eyestrain and improve your eyesight. They are simple to do, even at work!


When your eyes are stressed, your vision tends to get blurry and hazy. This usually happens every time you overwork your eyes by staying in front of the television or computer monitor for hours. If you want to correct your vision and be able to relax your tired eyes during a fast computer break, palming is the perfect eye exercise for you.

Palming serves as one of the best exercises to improve your eyesight because it gives your eyes and your brain a break for a few minutes. You can do this eye exercise by taking a deep breath, closing your eyes, and covering them with the cup of your palms. Your fingers should be positioned in your forehead and your hand’s heel should rest on your cheekbone while doing this exercise. Refrain from applying too much pressure on your eyes because this could cause your eyes to become more tense.


Some people find blinking as a silly way to exercise the eyes. However, this simple example of a great eye exercise can actually give your eyes a break from focusing on your computer or television. Did you know that people blink less when they are focusing on a computer screen? With this simple exercise, you could relax your eyes and give them the amount of rest that they deserve.

You can do the blinking exercise by simply blinking every three to four seconds. After doing this for around two minutes, you will be amazed with how energized and refreshed your eyes feel.

The Figure Eight

The figure eight is an exercise used for strengthening and increasing the flexibility of the eye muscles. You can do it by imagining a figure of eight about 10 feet in front of you. After imagining the number eight, you should turn it on its side and trace the figure with your eyes. As one of the simplest exercises to improve your eyesight and reduce eyestrain, you should do it every time you take a break from staring at your computer for hours.

These are the simplest eye exercises that you can do to improve your eye’s flexibility and muscular strength. By regularly doing these effective exercises to improve your eyesight, you will be amazed at the improvement in your overall eye function.