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Everyone knows the dangers of smoking as the health risks are everywhere even on a cigarette packet. However, many people find it very difficult to give up even when they know the damage it can do to their bodies. For most people the health risk is not effective in getting them to give up. To give up smoking you need to take responsibility and make a commitment to kick the habit.

Here are a few suggestions to help you quit:


Although quitting is up to you the journey ahead can be made a lot easier by having the support of family and friends along the way. Whoever you choose tell them what you are going to do and make it clear how important their support is to get you through this. There may be a point where a relapse is possible and at this point the support of family and friends can make all the difference by giving you the courage and belief you need to follow through.

Another way to prepare yourself is to speak to your doctor to get advice on nicotine substitutes to help you with the withdrawal systems. Also, check support groups in your local area as going through this with people in the same situation will be a great help.

Set Your Goal

Writing down your goals is a very effective method in helping you achieve them as it makes it clear in your mind what you need to aim for. Begin by choosing a date that you will decide to quit smoking and write it down and put it in a place where you will see it every day. The next thing to do is write down your reasons why. This could be better health, more energy, more money saved or even whiter teeth. Writing these down will reinforce your commitment to quit.

The process of quitting can be done in two ways. The more drastic option is to stop smoking completely and the other way is to cut down gradually. The first method will bring on the withdrawals symptoms much quicker and more intense so, you need to be sure you have the discipline to do it.


Cutting down on the cigarettes gradually is probably the easier option. If you smoke ten a day then smoke one less cigarette each day. Prepare by giving yourself enough distractions to stem the urge to light up. Use healthy alternatives like fruits, mints or gum. If you feel the urge to put a cigarette in your mouth use one of those instead.
The most effective distraction is taking regular exercise. It also has the added benefit of keeping you fit and helps you get rid of the toxins in your body.

If you socialise with friends who smoke then avoid them until you have successfully quit. Make sure you explain why you are doing it so they understand. Change certain habits for example, a lot of smokers have the habit of lighting up after eating a meal. If you have this habit and you feel the trigger to light up get up immediately from the table and do an activity that will distract you such as washing the dishes.

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