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Eyes Care

Eyes, being an very important organ of our body, are one of the most sensitive part of our body at the mean time; thus taking care of our eyes is a must task for anyone, or various eye problems will be caused, even a loss of eyesight. Here below are some tips concerning how to do eye care:

  • When reading books or newspapers, or writing, try to find of place which is bright enough, or use a table lamp. Using eyes in dusky environment is a stressful job for the eyes, nor is it good to use eyes under the sun and strong lighting. If your work requires long time reading books or writing something, you’d better wear contacts or glasses.
  • When going out, wearing a pair of sunglasses is a necessity. Sunglasses are believed to protect eyes from getting injured from UV rays and other harmful rays. If you are driver, you’d better to wear polarized sunglasses which are able to keep off glare reflected from water, mirror and so on. Besides keeping off rays and glare, sunglasses can also be used to protect eyes from foreign matter, in case that eye gets injured. If things do enter eyes, it is necessary to keep in mind not to rub your eyes, in case of permanent damage. What you should do is to wash your eyes; usually those foreign matters can be out. If not, see a doctor immediately.
  • When participating in certain sports, such as beach volleyball, you should be aware of wearing eyewear. Thus grains of sand are hard to enter eyes. In addition, when swimming, you also need to wear a pair of specific glasses to keep water off. As a matter of fact, goggles, helmets or visors are stipulated to be used as a rule in many types of sports.
  • When applying sharp objects like pens, pencils and knives, etc., and doing work using or handling dangerous chemicals, wear a pair of glasses or goggles and protective gear so that both your eyes and face can be protected.
  • You should take along eye drop. When your eyes get dry, a drop is believed to be a great help. Moreover, certain eye drops are good for eye health.
  • If you find any discomfort of your eyes, see your eye doctor as soon as possible, or serious problems may be caused.

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What listed above are the main tips of how to take care of your eyes. Although eyes have their own mechanism to keep themselves moist and clean, for example, eyes will get moistened when some foreign matter enter eyes, so that those foreign matter is able to effuse with the so called “tears“, it is inevitable eyes suffer from injuries because of lack of proper eye care or inadequate safety measures. Therefore making a habit of eye care to avert any types of eyes problems is of necessity and importance, which is actually a simple task, taking just a few minutes, even seconds.

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