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It is difficult of pinpoint one single bacterial vaginosis home remedy which is the best and works for all women. Home remedies work differently on each woman and there is no single remedy which is effective for all. Usually these remedies based on natural ingredients take time to produce results. However they provide certain cure and are one of the best ways of bv treatment.

In this article I am going to describe 5 simple remedies for bv treatment which is normally found in most homes.


Lactobacillus acidophilus contained in yogurt, helps in restoring the acidic balance in the vagina. 2-3 cups of yogurt containing live acidophilus cultures can be consumed orally. Alternatively inserting tampons soaked in yogurt into the vagina is also an effective remedy for restoring the vaginal flora.

2. Gentian Violet and Beta-Dine

Betadine is an efficient bacterial vaginosis home remedy which should be avoided during pregnancy. Gentian violet is an efficient antifungal stain which is effective in relieving the BV symptoms. However it tends to leave stains. At times use of these remedies results in some form of allergy also.


Boric acid douche is an ideal way to acidify the vaginal pH. However some women are oversensitive to boric acid and must avoid use of this remedy. Summer’s Eve medicated douche, containing potassium iodide is also good for lowering the vaginal pH. Another effective bacterial vaginosis home remedy is to use a vinegar douche containing a mixture of one tablespoon of vinegar per quart of warm water.


Foods which must be avoided till all the symptoms of vaginosis subside completely include food containing yeast like cheese, sugar, vinegar, alcohol, soy sauce, chocolate, fruits and fermented items.

5.Warm Water bath

Spending an hour in a tub filled with warm water is known to be an efficient bacterial vaginosis home remedy since it soothes the genital tissues.